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How do Tags work on this Forum?

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A few months back, MattR suggested tagging topics as a way to cope with the inability of the Forum to easily implement new sub-forums.

I've been trying to be better about tagging content, but it's often frustrating to me because there are MANY cases where I would love to add some tags to a new topic, but the option to add tags is simply not there.

Why is it that sometimes you can add tags, but often you can not?  Is there some rubric that would help the poor Forum user to predict when tagging might be supported and when it won't?  Is it only available for some Forums, but not others?  

Wish somebody could help me understand this because if I scratch my head any more, I'm going to be balder than Steve Harvey.

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I suspect that you can add a tag when you create a thread but that option runs out after some amount if time, just like how long you can edit a post. The reason for these limitations is to prevent spammers from posting something respectable, waiting until after the moderators decide it's not spam, and then going back and adding links to, porn sites, ads, and all sorts of other garbage we see. 

Anyway, I think moderators can add tags at any time. Send us a PM and we can probably help you. I added the tag "tag test" to this thread.

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