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    Challenges Overcome

    Hello all: I apologize for the slightly off-topic posting. I operate a scouting uniform bank. I was looking through the box of uniforms this weekend, and ran across a custom-made shirt. This is official BSA issue, from one of the contract tailors they use. The shirt is an adult small, short sleeve with velcro up both of the sides and along the arms. I imagine it was tailored for a person who has limited dexterity to close buttons. If anyone has a Scout that would benefit from this uniform, please contact me and I'll get it out to them. I do ask for a small donation to cover my costs and postage. If this is a hardship, I can work with the family. Thank you. Keep on Scoutin' Ora
  2. ExperiencedUniforms

    Looking for vest patterns, material

    Hello Scoutnut: Thank you for your reply. JoAnne did at one time carry GSUSA material for uniform projects, but they seem to have discontinued the line. Brownies wear brown colored vests, and Girl Scouts wear green color vests. Red is more for Cub and Boy Scouts. If you find a source for brown or green material in GSUSA colors, please let me know. Thank you. Keep on Scoutin' Ora
  3. ExperiencedUniforms

    Looking for vest patterns, material

    Hello all: A leader contacted me asking if I have any vests. I suggested she try making some out of the material found at sewing stores. She says that Joanne here in Albany, OR no longer sells the material or patterns. Does anyone on this list have any vests, material, patterns &/or resources they could share? Thank you! Keep on Scoutin' Ora
  4. ExperiencedUniforms

    Who may initial requirements in a Scout's Handbook?

    Hello all: Thank you for your input. I am a Unit Commissioner, and I attended a Troop Committee meeting for the troop I serve last evening. One of the discussions related to the fact that the boys would not have an opportunity to have their books signed, as neither the Scoutmaster (SM) or Assistant Scoutmaster (SA) would be able to attend the campout. I asked if this was a troop policy, or Council thing, as I had never heard of it in the past 20-so years of Scouting. The Committee Chair (CC) said that it is BSA national policy, and was backed up by the SM. CC said that the boys may teach skills, but the SM or SA had to sign. No members of the Committee may sign, as they do the Board of Review. I felt it prudent to drop the subject in front of the group, but wanted to get some additional information so that I could discuss it with the CC or SM further. Both of these Scouters are very dedicated, have all the books, and the CC is trained, the SM is attending training this weekend (reason why he can't be on the campout). The troop is comprised of aobut nine Scouts. There are half a dozen yearlings, and two college-bound Eagles on the roster. I think the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) is 15~ish. They expect to recruit, well receive anyway, about five crossover WEBELOS Scouts this spring. All of the yearlings are
  5. Hello all: Who signs off on the line when a Scout passes a skill test? In the handbook, it says that the Scoutmaster or someone designated by the Scoutmaster may sign. Can the Scoutmaster designate an older Scout (Patrol Leader, Junior Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop Guide), or does it have to be an adult? Does anyone have a reference in writing? Keep on Scoutin' Ora
  6. ExperiencedUniforms

    Powderhorn Badge

    Greetings TP: Have you tried http://www.powderhorn-bsa.org/ or writing to Signe at Hikin_Grammy@cox.net? To check the obvious, have you called your local catalog outlet, or the national catalog at 1-800-323-0732? Keep on Venturin' ora
  7. Hello all: I'm looking for a contact in a Crew or Ship in or near Sibley (near Kansas City), Missouri. Anyone on this list know of any? Thank you! Keep on Venturin' ora
  8. ExperiencedUniforms

    Patrol patches

    Hello LauraT7: These are some great sites that have other ideas for patrol patches: http://www.gilwell.com/patrolPatch/ Note the "Custom Design" and "Homemade" patches. A great one is the racoon patrol turned upside down, then stitches looking like tire tracks across the animal. These are called the "Roadkill" patrol. This is a good reference for Austrailian Patrol patches: http://members.iinet.net.au/~oneilg/scouts/patrol.html . My favorite is the Wombat patrol. Note that the Austrailian patches are woven, not embroidered, and are slightly smaller than USA patrol patches. The place to order Austrailian insignia is from Snogum: http://www.snowgum.com.au/ . Shipping for a large order is actually more reasonable than ordering from BSA supply, even though it comes from Austrailia. Remember that the prices listed are in AU$, not USA$. If you are looking for other non-traditional patches, try http://www.streamwood.net . Chris has some very nice dinosaur as well as other unique patrol emblems. These spoof patches are slightly larger than BSA issue. I agree with NLDScout about having the boys create their own insignia. If you can get them to do it, it is fantastic. Maybe an all-white patch for the "snowstorm patrol," or a tan patch with a horizontal line for "the desert patrol." Keep on Scoutin' ora
  9. ExperiencedUniforms

    Shoulder loop proposal

    Hello all: Nice thread. Green on green or tone on tone is what it's called. I think it's KEWL. I also like the running lights on the squids. I don't know about white loops. There's two kinds of dirt in the world; light dirt that gets on dark clothing, and dark dirt that gets on light clothing. White shoulder loops would get dirty quick. I know of some Venturers who resent the buttons on the shoulders of the shirt as they dig into your shoulders while wearing a backpack. But, there are those who say; who would wear a uniform shirt while backpacking? Add a metal pin to the shoulder, and youll quickly discover real pain while wearing a pack or heavy jacket. Easiest solution when wearing the greens is to not wear loops on the (shoulder) epaulets, unless it is silver or gold. Above the left front pocket on the blue uniform, is the words BOY SCOUTS of AMERICA in gold thread. Above the left front pocket on the khaki-tan uniform is BOY Scouts OF AMERCA in read thread. Above the left front pocket on the green uniform is VENTURING, BSA. Heres my query; to what program do the wearers of the blue shirts belong? Keep on Scoutin ora
  10. ExperiencedUniforms

    adult leader

    Hello lamulapescadora: Have you found your uniforms yet? I suggest you start with your local Council and District. Call the Council and ask if they have a uniform bank. Take a look at http://www.geocities.com/o_sheffler/experien3.html#finding for additional suggestions. If you don't get anywhere, send me a note (click on "send private message), and I'll see what I can do to help. Keep on Scoutin' ora
  11. ExperiencedUniforms

    Looking for old Webelo Badge

    Hello Bob: Thank you for the correction. The catalog says that the vest is "not for use with badges of rank or office." I was looking for an alternative so the boys would have a place to display old awards. I was never aware that you could not display old rank awards on the vest. I guess the boys can sew them on a blanket. Keep on Scoutin' ora
  12. ExperiencedUniforms

    Looking for old Webelo Badge

    Hello rluz: I believe that LDS units do not use the new oval patch, so the WEBELOS Award diamond should be still available from national supply. If not, send me a private message, and I'll see if I can round some up for you. I would strongly suggest to you and your den that you make a bigger deal out of the new oval badge, especially if your boys are wearing the khaki-tan uniform. Convince them that the new badge is an honor, and that they are closer to Boy Scouting than Cub Scouting now. Tell them that the Cub Scouts don't get to wear oval rank badges, and that they should set the example for the pack as leaders. The other diamond patches can go on their red vests. If they are wearing the blue uniforms, they SHOULD NOT wear the oval WEBELOS award. Keep on Scoutin' ora
  13. ExperiencedUniforms

    Seeking to network uniform banks

    I am looking for information on the uniform exchange in Oregon state that was open one day a month or something. Does anyone have any information about this exchange? I cannot locate the page any longer, and can't find it in my bookmarks. Any help is appreciated.
  14. ExperiencedUniforms

    Seeking to network uniform banks

    Greetings all: I am assembling a network of uniform banks that would be willing to mail uniforms to Scouts & Scouters who request them. If you have a uniform bank for your unit, district, or council, I invite you to join the network. Having more resources will enable more boys to have the opportunity to attain a uniform. Our goal is to have every Scout in uniform. Being an affiliate member will also give you access to bulk quantities of uniforms, insignia, and accessories, as well as expertise and support. One of the affiliate members has access to dry cleaning solutions, and has moderate success at removing glue residue from uniforms. Another member is an armature tailor who can repair or alter uniforms that may not otherwise be salvageable. Most affiliates only charge actual costs, or postage for uniforms. Some will even donate uniforms to Scouts with a genuine need. It really is difficult to tell people that there are no uniforms available, when there are so many requests. Uniforms sitting in a box on a shelf or hanging in a closet would be better if worn by a Scout. There is a high demand for larger size uniforms that isn't being met. My ultimate goal would be to have an affiliate in every Council to primarily serve the local population, and have a resource for filling needs that can't be filled locally. I would also like to provide a location for Scouts to donate uniforms that are outgrown, rather than having them donated to thrift stores or discarded. As of this posting, I have about five contacts that are part of the uniform exchange. You may reply to this bulletin board or to me directly if you are interested. Thank you for your time. Keep on Scoutin' ora
  15. ExperiencedUniforms

    Resources for cheap/used/etc uniforms...

    Greetings South Pole Scout: I run an online uniform bank, and am slowly assembling a network of other online uniform banks. If you are looking for low-cost unused and used uniforms, insignia &/or equipment, take a look at http://www.geocities.com/o_sheffler/experien.html You can also find some links to uniform exchanges right here on the Scouter bulletin board at http://www.scouter.com/compass/Scouting_Organizations/Boy_Scouts_of_America/Uniforms/ Keep on Scoutin' ora