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How do the moderators monitor the forum

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This has probably been answered before, but just exactly how do you moderators monitor the forum. Do you log on daily, weekly? Do you actually review the members' posts as they come in? Do you know each and every moment a member logs on?


I have no complaints, just curious.

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A few things to consider, the Moderators have never met as a group, there is the "secret" Moderator section but the last time span between opening threads on that section is 12/20/06 and 3/25/07


I look for issues of langauge/vulgarity/obscenity which I realize may seem funny to others as I sometimes cruise just this side of that line, if I wander over, I know I will hear about it as I should. When posts become a series of two people going back and forth I may try to send PM's or then lock the thread. Just because I disagree with a post doesnt mean I will change it, I may challenge it, but then I did the same thing when I wasnt a Moderator.


I post on some forums were the moderators are rather rigid. If you wander from the topic, 2-3 moderators warn you about it and then they lock the thread quite quickly, I see that as overt censorship. I have taken the stand that once a thread is open, its direction is often like Forrest Gump's feather, it wanders where it might. Threads with a strong connection to what people think and feel will stay on course.


Moderators view the Forum the same you do, Scouter-Terry has given is access to the admin button at the bottom of each post where we can sign-in anf then change the section the thread is in, edit or delete words, or delete post. We dont see any administrative details such as who is signing on, when, or anything like that. We dont have access to email sent to the contact us option on the page.


If you want to compare notes look up posts by WHEELER, I just shuddered as I typed that, sorry.


A poster who has since left the forum, or at least doesnt post anymore certainly effected me. He would always say about a person who exhibited a disagreeable posting style that allowing him to post was preferrable to denying him the right to post for in posting he either proved the certainty or the inanity of his position. We have always welcomed opposing views, well maybe not welcomed per se, but as long as they are not vulgar/obscene etc they can post.



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