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OFFICIAL NEWS RELEASE: Girls as Youth Members, All Programs

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Not really sure how the decision was made.  I have a hunch it was by the camp director/camp ranger in response to requests to bring sisters to Cub camps in the past years.  Having volunteered quite a bit there over the last few summers, I know that parents having to balance a daughter's need for care and taking a son to Cub camp for 3 days can be difficult. I lived the problem for 5 years myself. I think the session for sisters to come was to help with accessibility. The session isn't listed in the regular Cub camp flier. It may be listed as a council family opportunity. I haven't gone surfing to find it. But it was confirmed when we worked a Halloween event about a month ago.

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20 hours ago, bsaggcmom said:

Different note - spring recruiting around here for Cubs is in May/June. 

I heard that was at least one of the recommendations sent up to national. Respectively, female units in place by early 2019, maybe even late 2018, to be prepared for AOL Crossover.

Not sure of the outcome yet.

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