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  1. Our camps have been canceled for all the the lower penninsula of Michigan for the summer and no in person meetings/activities until further notice. On a different but related note, 2 dams in mid Michigan failed 2 nights ago after the region received 8 inches of rain in less than 2 days. The staff and neighbors of Camp Rotary loaded most/all of the camps beds for summer camp into trucks and took them to the flood zone for shelters to use. See the link below for more info. Summer camp may not be going here in the lower mitten but the beds are going to good use. https://www.themor
  2. My council has a disabilities troop. The young men in that troop are mostly Down's Syndrome and other mental disabilities. The troop has turned out quite a few Eagle Scouts over the years. Some of these gentlemen were in there 30's or 40's when they finally finished up Eagle. The troop goes camping, to summer camp and works on community service projects. They are a really neat group with some of the most dedicated scouters I have ever met. What really impressed me with this group was watching a scout in his 30's guide a younger guy maybe 20 something thru an activity on a community service pro
  3. Not quite an answer to the question, but something I thought I'd share. After I finished reading this thread I went looking thru a box of scout memorabilia in my son's room, I was looking for a particular neckerchief, anyway I found my father-in-law's 'I survived Philmont' plaque. Dad went to Philmont in 1956. Do individual trek members still get their own plaque or is just a crew plaque now?
  4. Let's look at a couple of things regarding this young lady. If my memory (which can be flaky at times) serves the scout in question completed her Eagle Scout project prior to Feb. 1. If that is the case then she did a service project not an Eagle Project as one must develop, have approved, lead and complete their Eagle Project while a Life Scout. Said scout couldn't be a Scout until Feb. 1, let alone a Life Scout, so if the approval/completion dates on the project are before Feb. 1 it doesn't count. No camping nights can be counted from before Feb. 1. Whether she was a Venturer or not no
  5. For those bashing Frogg Toggs, were they the full suit for $20ish or the $50 each piece ones? Frogg Toggs has 3 levels of fabric/suit. A cheap, and I would agree with the disposable comment, rain suit that may make it thru a weekend camp that sells for about $20. These pieces are very thin and flimsy and tear if you look at them sideways. This is the level that ScoutStuff sells (or sold when I worked for National Supply). Then there is a level that sells for about $20 per piece jacket or pants. These pieces have much more body to them and last fairly well. The $20 pieces are no frills, no poc
  6. I can highly recommend Camp Rainey Mountain's Whitewater KR program. Eagle son and his Eagle best friend did this camp as their last ever youth summer camp. The CRM staff was awesome in helping two Mitten State Eagle Scouts fit in with mostly southern campers. They really made the boys feel special for travelling such a distance to camp. Believe it or not they weren't the farthest away campers. There were scouts from Texas and Florida that traveled further than they did. The guys raved about how great the rafting was and how much fun they had. There only complaint was the quality of the f
  7. My kids worked in the B-52 mosquito hatchery for the last 4 years, AKA a Cub Resident camp on a shallow and somewhat swampy little lake. A great little Cub camp in the non-mosquito season, but not a great place to live your summer. We sprayed their clothes, hiking boots, tennis shoes, and the outside of their sleeping bags with permethrin before staff week. We also sprayed the mattress pads for their beds (they slept on sheets and used the sleeping bags as quilts or for hammocking) and the rug for beside their beds. It greatly reduced the attacks of the mini vampires. They didn't have any adve
  8. Putting a little spin on this thread. My daughter arrived at the PTC today to start her summer job at the Craft Center. She thought she had everything she needed before arriving, but NO!! She's been there 12 hrs and I have a 'please send me list'. Namely she needs a folding step stool - she and her tentmate are too short to reach the light switch on the light in their tent. Go figure 5'6" is too short to reach the switch. To everyone going to Philmont this summer, either the Training Center or Trekking, know that your staff has/is arriving and working hard to make your trip one to remembe
  9. The young man in the photo must not be taking advantage of the back of his sashes for badges. When my son was in Scouts we got 58 (rows of 3 until the point, then 2 or 1 in a row) badges on the front of his sash. By extrapolation a large sized sash (personally I feel these are the only ones that should be sold, but that's another topic) can fit 116 badges and still leave a strip at the top of the shoulder for a sash pin.
  10. What I want to know is how Ms. Ireland got into Scouts Canada? We live in a border city and I was not allowed to enroll my children that are half Canadian in Scouts Canada. I was told by the local council, provincial council and the National office that kids living in the USA weren't allowed to enroll in Scouts Canada due to reciprocity agreements between Scouts Canada and the BSA. The only way my kids could enroll was to be residents of Canada. My daughter wanted to be a Scout so bad she could taste it in first grade. There were no GSUSA troops in our area that would take her. So I call
  11. My son's first troop was an Eagle Mill/Factory in the true sense of most definitions. Troop meetings started with the SM handing the SPL a sheet of paper with the announcements for the the opening. After the opening the troop broke into 2 groups and went to MB instruction for the next hour. One of the 2 badges was an Eagle required and the other was usually an elective. Sometimes there would be 2 Eagle required badges running at the same time. All scouts that had not completed the Eagle required badge were required to attend that session. The only way a scout could attend the elective badge se
  12. Our council banned this skit a few years back citing that it glorified bullying and hazing both of which are not allowed in scouts. My guys (cubs and scouts) used to loved JC Penney and centa-peed. They can't do them anymore. It's ashame adults have to ruin kids fun. Kids think bodily functions are hilarious, too bad the up tight PC adults won't let kids be kids. We're raising a generation of hypersensitive kids, I'm scared of the thought of these soon to be adults running the world in my old and grey days.
  13. My son the former camp lifeguard recommends a good pair sandals. Think Chaco, Teva, or some other sturdy, hard soled, arch supporting sandal and don't use them as shower sandals. The dock can can get hard and hot. He also said a good pair of water shoes, think aquatic tennis shoes, will come in handy especially if your beach has a rocky bottom. He wore those when he worked boating. He also said have multiple bathing suits and change them regularly, dry them thoroughly and wash frequently. He changed his after polar bear swim, after lunch, and for evening flags. He learned the hard way that ch
  14. My kids found the following things helpful sometimes indispensable while camp staffing for 4 summers. They had the time of their lives at camp. Daughter is staffing Philmont PTC this year and son is staffing a snowboard camp on Mt. Hood. You never know where a camp staff job will lead. Have a great summer. Large plastic tote boxes with tight/snap on lid - keeps stuff clean/dry and reduces critters in your snacks battery alarm clock - cell phones don't always charge or stay charged, have a back up phone charging brick - for above, you can get them cheap and cheap ones work
  15. Not doubting you, he's your kid. But in my experience as a severe allergy sufferer for decades and the mom of an Eagle Scout with asthma I have never seen an allergy attack cause a fever. Not even a low grade fever. After 14 years of scouting what I have seen is a kid(s) that may have seemed fine on Friday develop a cold/flu while at camp over the weekend and end up sick by Sunday afternoon/evening. I had one mom accuse the troop of poor sanitation because her kid got sick after every campout. It wasn't until she keep her scout home from a campout, so he couldn't have caught it from camp
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