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  1. You can get a "general list" of Troops in the area by using the BeAScout.org web site. As far as finding one that is youth-led, experience says that unless you visit and see it in action, it ain't there. So that would be my suggestion.
  2. You're looking for a Type 3 Robbins, which looks like this: http://www.sageventure.com/scoutingcentury/eagle/robbins3.html Note that there is no BSA on the front of the medal, and that the back detailed (not the "flat-back" or "half-a**ed" Eagle). You may want to email: info@eaglescoutbadge.com as they indicate that it is fairly common medal, and they have one for sale.
  3. Your recharter date is determined by the BSA. Normally, all units in a Council will recharter at the same time. (Historically, you rechartered in the month your unit was founded - this was discontinued in the 90s.) Of course, the online recharter system was open in early November (around the 3rd) for units that rechartered 12/31 -- so that certainly is a lot of advance time you could do your recharter (talking like 8 weeks).
  4. Of course - you all realize this is how many LDS units function now. One committee, one committee chair, one CoR. The SM is basically the senior adult leader for all programs (GSM). Young men move seamlessly between programs - to the point that Varsity & Venturers still refer to themselves as "scouts".
  5. The General Commission of the United Methodist Men started a program called Scouting Ministry Specialists to help develop and oversee scouting programs (girl scouts, boy scouts, camp fire, 4H., big brothers/sisters): http://www.umc.org/site/c.lwL4KnN1LtH/b.1847121/k.6B61/United_Methodist_Men/apps/s/link.asp And we have not been informed of this. Not saying it is not happening, just saying, the folks who are the front-line links to the Scouting ministry in the Church have not been informed.
  6. I liked my garrison cap as well, really struggled to accept the red beret. But then again, keep in mind that the US military was primarily using a garrison cap at the time as well. (This message has been edited by UCEagle72)
  7. @Roadkill -- two of the four did not change names ... Great Lakes is also still Great Lakes. And here in Southern Shores we have the SE from the legacy Southwest Michigan Council, not an outsider (in fact, I don't think there are any "outsiders" in the 4 SEs). Right now, the economy is such, that selling camps will not bring in as much money as it could. So I would not be surprised if camps are not sold. But let's think about this for a minute ... I am a Camp Visitor, I was at a nice camp that was barely at half-capacity, good program and all, but in a 25-mile radius was three o
  8. I could have sworn that if you needed T-2-1 skills (pioneering, knife/ax, lashing, knots, etc.) those were skills specifically addressed in IOLS (Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills) - a local course - required for Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches and Assistants. We also taught most of these in the old Scoutmaster Fundamentals class (which was one course, covering both classroom and campout). Honestly, I have told many new ASM to get a copy of an old BS Handbook (late 60s, early 70s) and "work" the requirements for T-2-1 - and get a copy of the Fieldbook from t
  9. BTW - as a UC this year, especially, at recharter you will be asking for EVERYONE to turn in email addresses, so they can possibly be selected to participate in the "Voice of the Scout" program which rolls out nationwide in 2013. As a Commissioner is a participating Council this year, I can tell you, there is some really "interesting" comments coming in from Cub Parents, Scouts/Varsity/Venturing members 14 and older, Chartered Organizations, and District & Council Volunteers on how well the BSA is doing at running the program.
  10. @Sqyire21 -- What we have done, is return to the way it was before 1987. I proudly earned my Cubmaster Key, after three years as a Cubmaster, since it really "matched" the work I had done already to earn my Scoutmaster Key, and Commissioner Key. I received mine in 1987, and when I heard of the changes that were coming, I contacted my District Training Chair and asked him if I could complete my "key" instead of receiving the Cubmaster Award, since time was on my side, that did happen. Honestly, I see far too many scouters looking like lost foreign generals - I much prefer t
  11. Keep in mind, S-L-E is still valid for young men who are (1) under 18, (2) earned 1st Class in a Troop prior to joining a crew. (As are Eagle Palms.) Also, yes, the report from ScoutNet is "broken" - this has been a l-o-n-g ongoing discussion for several years now.
  12. From Scout Wire: http://scout-wire.org/2012/02/29/new-commissioner-award-honors-unit-youth-retention/ "The training requirements are the only areas that are retroactive. All other requirements had to been earned from May 2011. The square knot will be available from local council Scout shops/Supply for distribution in May 2013." I know one of the task force members, and he had mentioned this to us on the LinkedIn Commissioner Forum -- but I knew I had seen the same information "in print" somewhere. So, I dug through the back issues of "The Commissioner", then moved on to Scout
  13. For those of you who need an "official" source (sorry that you seem to think that those of us who get info at PTC may have "heard it wrong") -- this was published 8/2 on "Scout Wire" (the news service for professionals): http://scout-wire.org/2012/08/02/one-oath-and-law-proposed-for-all-bsa-programs/ (This message has been edited by UCEagle72)
  14. SP -- Not to stir the pot too much ... ;-) My Venturing daughter received a survey from Harris a year ago ... the whole context of the survey was; should Venturing aged young women be able to earn Eagle, complete merit badges, etc. My daughter called her Eagle Scout dad and asked, "How should I answer these?" My response was pretty simple, "Answer how YOU feel about the questions, they are asking YOU, not me." And I have no idea how she answered - although she did let me read all the questions before she submitted the survey.
  15. Well, I do believe that the tenure requirements was two years, and that was based on the award introduction date (set to June 1, 2011) -- so, my guess is, there was no "rush" to have the knot ready before June 1, 2013. (We were told the *only* thing that could be backdated was training.) The BSA, in general, is looking at the awards that are available. And while I don't think the award itself will go away, I think the form the recognition takes, will change. We are moving "back" to using "devices" and less separate knots (I have a Scouters Key with a Cubmaster, Scoutmaster & Comm
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