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  1. BDPT, I am not sure why you think the 3/4th bead policy is not in print. It is all spelled out very clearly in the 2011 NYLT Draft Syllabus.
  2. BDPT00 Wrote: "Let's not forget our friends in NYLT and NAYLE". Good looking out BDPT00! When I was originally asked to serve as NYLT Course Director I decided there was NO WAY was I going to puruse or accept the 4th bead recognition. I was a Wood Badge purist, and if I was ever going to receive a 4th bead, by golly it was going to be through Wood Badge! Then I met a few great Scouters at the CDC who had earned their 4th bead through NYLT. Furthermore, I thought about all of the other people I had run across who should have exemplified the principles of Wood Badge like "Leading Ch
  3. Shortridge, The assumption that the mandatory training rollout will require more trainers is somewhat of an erroneous one. I specifically asked Chris Smith of the National Office if we will soon see all Leader Specific training online like Cub Scout training is currently and he told me yes. Therefore, we will likely need the same or fewer trainers to meet our objectives of trained leadership. I'm not saying that we won't need any trainers, but a good majority of folks will opt to do Leader Specific online.
  4. If it were to be included, Wood Badge probably should be included in the "Performance" section of the Den Leader Awards instead of the "Training" portion. This is how it is for the Scouter's Training Award, and would make more sense.(This message has been edited by GMitch)
  5. We didn't do it formally, but I was PL twice and have the Bobwhite Patrol book sitting here on my shelf. Perhaps as the Day 6 PL I am the permanent PL?
  6. In the early stages of the centennial numerals, they would not make them with the veteran unit bar. I'm sure by now they are doing it. Our troop is at 46 years. When I ordered the new numerals without the bar, since they would not make them for us at that time, I figured we would wait and make a big splash for our 50th and reorder them with the bar at that time.
  7. Wood Badge is over, Im working my ticket, If I could do it again I wouldnt pick it Id act a bit more cheesy, write up something real easy Get my beads and woggle, on my neck I would stick it.
  8. As a COR who functions on the District Committee, I believe one of the key ways to strengthen the District is to strengthen the individual units. I think COR's who actually function and hold the Scouters in their units accountable for running a quality program is one of the primary ways of helping units. Yes, Commissioner Service is another, but that is secondary assistance to the unit. Real life numbers in our District are probably just like all of yours. I held a COR Leader Specific course at our Fall training. In addition to the usual promotion of the event, I sent personalized lette
  9. I timed my visit well. "I used to be a Bobwhite and a good ol Bobwhite too, But now I've finished Bobwhiting, I don't know what to do, I'm growing old and feeble and I can Bobwhite no more, So I'm going to work my ticket if I can Back to GILWELL, happy land! I'm going to work my ticket if I can GMitch I used to be a Bobwhite WE3-27-08(This message has been edited by Gmitch)
  10. Sounds like you are on the right track Al, and they have the right guy as COR. I just conducted a COR training, and I really emphasize that saying in the training "while it is a position of honor, it is not an honorary position, there is work to do". Too many CORs think all they do is sign paperwork for adult applications. I believe a non participating COR is the one of the first step towards a unit's deterioration, and a good COR is one of the first steps to unit revitalization. I agree with you that if you are not COR for your sons Pack, a different uniform for the CM position is appro
  11. Eagle here's another twist on it. A COR's sole purpose is to represent his unit(s) at the District and Council level. Naturally I have favoritism for my units, that is my primary job on the committee as a COR, to represent my unit, though I have secondary responsibilities that I have taken on the training and membership subcommittees. You guys are probably correct in the no numerals for COR thing....... technically speaking. However, if one sees a COR patch and no unit numerals because "we are district and council level Scouters" then one has no idea what CO he or she represents. Unit numerals
  12. Thanks guys. Your answers are right in line with what I was thinking, with one exception. AlFansome said the COR should wear no unit numerals. Well, all 4 of my units have the same number, so I feel it is totally appropriate to wear the unit numerals with my COR patch. In your case Al with 5 units and presumably different CO's, I can see that no numerals would work best for you. I even got the aftermarket COR patch for my Venturing uniform since National does not make one, which is silly. http://www.sageventure.com/store/patches.html
  13. I am a registered Chartered Organization Representative with a Pack, Troop, Team, and Crew. I am also a participating member of the District Committee. As an active District volunteer, I wear the silver shoulder loops. However, what color would you suggest a COR wear if he or she was not participating in the District or Council? Keep in mind all CORs are voting members of the District and Council by the very nature of their role. If a COR only has a Pack and Troop, what color should they wear Blue or the new Green? I say they should still wear silver shoulder loops since their position i
  14. I wear White's Boots Smokejumpers in the outdoors. They are a handmade boot and comfortable enough for firefighters to wear in the mountains day in, day out fighting fire. I have a steel toe and soft toe pair of Smokejumpers. I also have a pair of White's Packers. They are 13, 10, and 2 years old respectively. I've never had to "break in" a pair of Whites, as they are naturally comfortable, except they are so supportive in the arch they are weird at first if you have never worn them. The White's are all 100% factory rebuildable so it will be the last pair of boots you'll ever need. No, t
  15. Thanks emb, they do still have them. They are not free, and they tried to rip me off for $7.50 shipping. I tried to talk them into a $.42 stamp and an envelope to no avail. After complaining rather sternly about the amount of money I have spent with them and the regular order volume coming to my place, I convinced them that ripping me off for $7.50 shpping on a $2 item was bad business. Somehow the girl agreed and I paid $1.70 shipping. I'm not sure on Eagle's input on the color being off with the strip, but we will see. This Exploring shirt is new with tags and has never been washed. I h
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