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  1. I'm not completely sure why the Eagle Scout gives a gift (I guess its just a Thank You really for helping the scout through scouting and his Eagle project) in my troop but its something that all the Eagle Scouts have done since I've been there so I do feel obliged to continue it. I have heard suggestions saying to get a gift reminiscent of the project so I might try to think of something along that line. My project was pretty much all painting so not many things there to give but I might can think of something. I'll be going to the Scout Shop soon to look if they have any small things I can give as gifts. Like I said though, its never any expensive kind of gift. Just something small and inexpensive.
  2. I am having my Eagle Scout Court of Honor soon, and in the ceremonies I have been to, the Eagle Scout gives a small gift (like a pen or flashlight)to everyone who helped with his Eagle Project. Within the past couple months, however, Scouts in my Troop have given pens and flashlights as gifts, so I feel like I can't really give those, otherwise I would be copying them. Does anyone have any ideas for small gifts such as those that I can give to everyone? Thanks!