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  1. Pack didn’t have anything scheduled but I took BALOO. Nothing groundbreaking, but always great to spend a weekend outdoors and talk scout stuff. Next weekend we’re cleaning a section of shoreline at our local lake for Scouts Trash the Trash Day.
  2. I’m a reserve admissions officer for the Air Force Academy. Several years ago I heard from Admissions that the only statistically significant predictor of success as a Cadet was if they were an Eagle Scout… not sure if that is still the case, but we’re building strong citizens. A toast to Captain Ross.
  3. I was on an ill-fated backpacking trip out of Camp Buffalo Bill 20 years ago… https://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/wyoming/texas-boy-scouts-head-for-home-after-being-stranded-overnight/article_93767415-3367-5b9d-bfae-fd2f0e8386fc.html The situation was more due to physical limitations of some of our adult leaders, but a wild one for sure. Beautiful country and the highlight of my youth Scouting experience!
  4. We are already +1 Tiger and +2 Lions in our Girls Den just off siblings/word of mouth recruiting before we even make it into schools.
  5. Not that my opinion is worth anything, but here’s the way I see it... A Scout is Loyal. We should be loyal to our brother Scouts who were abused under the auspices of the BSA. They deserve some measure of restitution for what they suffered. We should be loyal to the current Scouts who benefit from the program. This will require creative solutions and a different program in some ways, but it’s understandable that many don’t want to lose what they consider to be key pieces. Maybe they shouldn’t be expected to lose them to keep the program alive. We should be loyal to
  6. You keep saying this but, having worked for one of JPM’s competitors in the real estate debt asset management space, I just find it incredibly hard to believe there was massive fraud. You’re alleging front page of the Wall Street Journal for weeks, huge fines, people are going to prison fraud. JPM’s legal and compliance departments would have seen it. Outside counsel would have seen it. Their third party asset manager would have seen it. Is BSA upstream from Arrow WV and have equity to lose from a forced sale? Maybe. Does JPM have a priority lien? Maybe. Did JPM make a
  7. Agree on them running small- I’m usually somewhere between a small and a medium, and the small was tiny through the chest. My cynical theory is that the change in the organization name tape to the “BSA” embroidery is so that you can just cover it up with a patch for a post-bankruptcy successor organization. Still like the shirt though.
  8. This is the periodic reminder that “millennial” means born between 1980 and 1995, not just younger people you don’t like. “Boomer” doesn’t just mean conservative... I know a lot of Gen-Xers who think they are Boomers. I’m a millennial, an Eagle Scout, a veteran, and a girl dad. I work 50 to 60 hours a week to support my family, serve in my church, and am a military reservist. I get home after 7 most nights and log back in to my day job or reserve work after dinner. My wife works part time from home, does a ton of volunteer work, and keeps our world from being total chaos. This is wha
  9. Isn’t that where the value is though? I would imagine COs like First United Methodist Church of Smallville don’t have much more than their building and maybe a parsonage on their balance sheets. Philmont and the Summit have secured creditors. Local councils may have camps without mortgages, but they could be restricted gifts or held in trusts. Flood the market with former scout camps and their value drops even more. These are all difficult to pursue from an operational and practical perspective. The insurance companies and the LDS are the golden geese. It’s a cynical game, but
  10. I'm a Circle Ten guy... The council has a lot of claims, but it's huge, old, and has absorbed a couple other councils over the last hundred years. A quick skim of the council executive board includes a congressman, a state senator, the wife of an oil billionaire, and the most recent Dallas Chief of police... and those are just the names I recognize. I get the impression that the council office is relatively sophisticated and has access to the resources to do what is in it's own best interest. I would be surprised if other councils aren't doing the same. Shouldn't be a shock to anyon
  11. We were out at Cooper Lake State Park last night and had the same lovely neighbor... perfect night otherwise!
  12. I went with the latest version of the uniform shirt (with my late-90's CSP and early-00's lodge flap from when I was a scout). It's comfortable and looks pretty sharp. I used my REI member coupon on a pair of the Sahara convertible pants in "army cot green."
  13. West Point still has gymnastics as a core PE requirement for all cadets (although they call it "military movement") and they have the infamous Indoor Obstacle Course Test that is essentially a series of gymnastics events. I have to assume the inclusion in the Master-at-Arms badge came from that same school of thought.
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