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  1. You and others have provided so much information, knowledge, and perspective on this forum. I can never thank you enough. I hope this does not come off as disingenuous but I hope so much that you and all the survivors can find peace. I do know this….your courage has protected other children from being abused in the future. Blessings to you.
  2. Thanks for the post! I will check this out. How did the PWD go?
  3. We attended Scout Sunday today. We are so fortunate that our CO is solidly in favor of Scouting and that it provides so much support for the Pack and Troop.
  4. I agree with you 100%. Also, in some respects I think it is good that most of our local leaders really don’t know what is going on with the BK. They are just focusing on providing the best program for the scouts. There is such a dichotomy between what is going on at National and the local units. I think the troop that I am involved with is about to complete its best year of Scouting in years. It has been a joy to watch.
  5. My district has had some truly bad DE’s over the years but we have had some really good ones as well. Our current DE is probably the best I have ever worked with. He has been able to walk that thin line between unit/program priorities and Council priorities. A great DE makes a world of difference for district operations.
  6. So at this burn rate the BSA has 6 months (5 if you count September) not withstanding any liquidity added due to this recruiting season. Seems to me this is a huge issue.
  7. I am fortunate to be involved with a unit that is in a strong council (at least I think it is strong). I am no expert but it just seems to me that National is out of money and has no legitimate way to earn its way out of the crevasse that it is in. If scouting is going to survive it is probably time to call it as it is and liquidate the BSA. Allow the survivors to receive as much as possible and then allow the councils to negotiate settlements. Some simply will not survive and there will be gaps in where the program is offered. It’s awful but I think we are at the point that we have to decide
  8. I am at the point of thinking there is no way National survives now. Sure hope that LC’s are discussing some sort of confederations that will allow Scouting to continue.
  9. I also wonder if the BSA runs out of money before every issue is worked through. I have to believe that strong LC’s are making contingency plans to survive on their own or in some sort of confederation.
  10. This doesn’t look good to me…I am not close to being educated on this though. I think my LC could survive setting its claims. Maybe it is time for other LC’s to break away.
  11. At what point did the BSA discontinue allowing new hires to take part in the pension program?
  12. Just finished watching it. Just truly heartbreaking but I do hope all Scouters will take the time to watch it. Lots to process but a couple of lines near the end standout to me. I think it was Glazer who said (paraphrasing) “I used to be a commodity trader. When you purchased a ship load of grain you knew that some of it would be bad. It was collateral damage of doing business. The BSA treats boys as commodities and they just accept that some boys will be collateral damage”. Gut punch.
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