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  1. Heard this report on NPR this morning: https://www.npr.org/2022/05/06/1097065417/a-ruling-is-expected-soon-in-a-bankruptcy-case-involving-the-boy-scouts-of-ameri Pretty difficult to listen to what happened to a survivor and his friend.
  2. That’s awesome! He will be an older scout given guidance to a youngster before you know it.
  3. Just curious what types of things your units are doing to get outside. Would love to read about their adventures.
  4. The crew’s survival is an incredible story. After they left the ship they made it to an island with very little protection from the elements or food. Shackleton and another crew member took a dingy to St George’s Island, climbed over a mountain, and hiked to a port to get folks to go back and rescue the crew.
  5. RIP young man. Thank you for your lifetime of service.
  6. The listing are in the the classified section of the local business journal. It is a journal that comes out weekly….I think most metro’s have a version of it. Would rather not list the state but will say it is in the southeast.
  7. Thank you. I appreciate your advice on this!
  8. Looking for thoughts from this group - I am involved in leadership at the district level in my council, especially in FOS. Over the last few weeks I have been seeing more and more listings for lawsuits against the local council and what I assume are chartered partners. I assume this is in regards to the sexual abuse claims. Here is what I am wondering - Is it reasonable for local leaders to get some kind of explanation about these lawsuits? What if I am talking to a potential donor and they ask me about it? Maybe the right answer is that the council can’t talk about it because it is being sued
  9. Can someone give me a quick rundown of where the BSA bankruptcy proceedings stand at this time? I try to follow on the other threads but get lost in the legalese and tangents.
  10. So Michigan Crossroads has a ton of claims and get’s hit with among the smallest amount per and, others like my council (we have our share of claims also but nothing like MC), get hit so much harder. I guess it for the greater good. We are in a pretty healthy financial situation and a property that we really don’t need so that is probably the reason.
  11. My council is getting hit pretty hard. I thought I was under the impression that we didn’t have as many claims….relatively speaking. Going to be interesting.
  12. It sounds/looks like Hurricane Ida is hitting Louisiana hard. Prayers for all in its path. Be safe! I hope our country is ready and able to help quickly.
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