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Update 1/27/2022: Calling the Boy Scout-owned Deer Lake Camp a “magical” place, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., promised to help get federal funds to head off private development of the 25

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4 hours ago, Eagle1993 said:

Camp Freeland Leslie

A patrol cooking camp.  No pool. No ATVs.  Just a private lake in the middle of Wisconsin.  Great staff and a fun program.  Will be missed. 


This will be a sad list, but interesting. For example, this is the first time I have heard of camp property being transferred to the Trust. In retrospect, I'm sure that must be established aspect of the bankruptcy process for real property, but it does make me wonder if it's a potential opportunity. My hypothesis is that if dozens and maybe even hundreds of large camp come up for sale at roughly the same time it will depress prices. It might set up a situation where some entity like the National Park Service could make a combined offer for multiple properties with the goal of preserving some of them.  

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Camp Indian Trails

JANESVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) - Camp Indian Trails will be sold to help pay for the settlement reached as the result of the organization filing bankruptcy.

In a statement to NBC15 News, the Glacier’s Edge Council stated it would sell Camp Indian Trails, “to ensure we are best positioned to continue serving youth, families and communities for years to come.” According to its website, the facility has served as a scout camp for more than 70 years.


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Follow-up Glacier Edge Council email regarding Camp Indian Trails sale:

Camp Indian Trails is council’s largest asset and valued between $750,000 to $1.2 million. The sale would contribute at least $580,000 to Victims' Fund (by August?) and pay off a $400,000 line of credit. "It has been a Scout Camp since the 1940's and has served hundreds of Scouts since it began.  It continues today as a prime Cub Scout Summer Camp and hosts many other Cub Scout events throughout the year as well as serving Scouts BSA Troops for unit campouts. "

The $580,000 amount "was determined by the national organization based on the number of victims in the area, available assets and when the abuse occurred, among other factors".

TCC attorneys found at least 95 claims against the Glacier’s Edge Council.

Council "does not have that much cash on hand and funds in its endowment are restricted; selling the council headquarters on Manufacturers Drive would not raise enough funds, and the council would need to rent office space."


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Might as well add Lake Erie Council, Camp Stigwandish to the list. It was sold last year for 1.6 million and I am sure all the proceeds will go to the lawsuit as they have 450+ claims. The sale was supposed to support two other council camps and program needs.

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The Suffolk County Council (NY) announced this week it would sell its 14,400-square-foot headquarters in Medford to help fund the settlement.

"The building is the largest unrestricted asset we have and is debt-free," David Hunt, president of the council, said in a statement. "We are confident of our ability to secure replacement office space for council operations that will allow us to continue all our programs uninterrupted. The sale proceeds will hopefully allow us to meet the needs of the bankruptcy settlement."



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Mar. 25, Maine — Pine Tree Council President Jack O'Toole told scouting parents this week that the council is selling Camp Gustin in Sabattus and Camp Nutter in Acton to raise money for its share of a Boy Scouts of America fund for victims of sexual abuse.

 O'Toole wrote. "We have been informed that we will be responsible for a very large cash contribution to go into a 'victims fund.' To put it into perspective, the amount the council will need to contribute will be much more than the total amount that Pine Tree Council has raised in a year."

...more at source link:



Separately earlier this week, a deal to purchase a third Pine Tree Council property, Camp Bomazeen fell through. Back in July, Pine Tree Council decided to sell Camp Bomazeen to raise funds to keep the council afloat. The council’s vote grew from an emergency task force’s recommendation to sell the property to raise money to help address the council’s bleak financial situation, which was made worse by the coronavirus pandemic forcing the cancellation of many Scout activities and fundraisers.



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On 3/25/2021 at 10:12 PM, RememberSchiff said:

Mar. 25, Maine — Pine Tree Council President Jack O'Toole told scouting parents this week that the council is selling Camp Gustin in Sabattus ...

“We (Gustin family) ask once again that the council judiciously consider not selling Camp Gustin and that the council look elsewhere for financial securities to support the grossly sexual scandals that have resulted in BSA bankruptcy matters,” Thompson wrote.

Back in 2010, when selling Camp Gustin was first debated, the Gustin family got the advice of an Auburn attorney that “the language in the deed appears to be language of a ‘condition subsequent,’ which means that if breached, the heirs of the grantor have the right to take the premises back,” she said. “However, it’s not our families’ desire to take possession of the land but to keep Camp Gustin as its original full intention to be used as a campsite and for camping by the Boy Scouts as stated in our grandfather’s deed.”

More at source:


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1 hour ago, Eagle1993 said:

Scouting University

How was Scouting University used? They produced the online trainings there? I have also heard they did professional training there. What were the other uses? How long did it exist? Can someone explain what is being lost?

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