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  1. https://generalliabilityinsure.com/small-business/youth-groups-insurance.html


    Abuse and molestation exposure is very high due to activities being focused on children. No coverage is available to the abuser. While there is some coverage available in the standard market for the youth group where the abuse takes place, it may be very restricted.

    More complete coverage should be purchased through specialized markets. The youth group must take all possible care to protect children from predatory adults and older children through criminal background checks, training, monitoring, and supervision, and report all allegations of abuse to the proper authorities.

  2. 5 hours ago, FireStone said:

    I'm not but I'd like to look into it.

    Yes, indeed.  Any issues you have in Scoutbook with log ins, accounts, multiple IDs, etc., go there, start a new topic (most people put them in Scoutbook Bugs, although they aren't bugs), and post.  Someone will answer you within a few hours, and you will get an email notifying you.

    Recommend you read through a few posts of issues to get a flavor for how to ID the problems.  Never post personal info.  That should go without saying, but some people will post enough stuff on there that you could use to seriously mess with them.

    CAUTION:  You are not anonymous on that forum!  People who know what they are doing can find out who you are and what council and unit you are associated with.  Do not post anything you don't want tied back to you easily. 😜

  3. These must be bad peanuts at my local grocer, $3.00...

    Planters Lightly Salted Cocktail Peanuts 16 oz E-Commerce Front

    Wait...how about I buy the peanuts I like...support my local economy, and then donate $22.00 to a local Pack?  Yeah, that's the ticket!!

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  4. 7 hours ago, fred8033 said:

    Yeah, but cookies are sought and wanted versus the lame popcorn.

    C'mon man!  Who doesn't like a stale bag of chocolate covered pretzels for $50?

    OMG... 12 oz of salted peanuts for $24.99.  What a bargain!! https://www.trails-end.com/productDetails/1c58a99b-a40a-11e9-846b-0e41cfdb28ba

    With $18.24 donated to local council?  Hmmm...lemme think... how much do the kids get??

    product image

  5. Here's another one...

    Fully support sending kits to the battle zone.  But, how much money is the council making off of this per kit?

    If you aren't getting any, SAY SO!  If you are taking in money off of this, SAY SO!

    But, Caution!:  If you are making money off of this, be prepared for a backlash.  Is it immoral to make money off of someone else's misfortune?






  6. On 3/29/2022 at 11:57 PM, InquisitiveScouter said:

    And your stats are misleading.  Those 350 million aren't really the sample population; they aren't outdoors in a thunderstorm.


    Funny, I just checked the references, and BSA has dropped this pub from their Safety Moments site.  Was up just a few days ago... that's actually quite suspicious.

    I wonder if there has been a lightning death, or it was reported up the chain in our council?  Think we got some attention with the thread???

    For posterity and future lawsuits: 


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  7. 8 minutes ago, Eagle1993 said:

    I'll argue they do far better than BSA in K5 - 5th grade.  6th - 12th grade GSUSA faulters unless you have some great Troop leaders.

    Also, talking with several of my den leaders who are also GSUSA leaders .. GSUSA is much cheaper AND simpler to run than BSA units.  Most of our GSUSA Troops have thousands in the bank by 5th grade.

    I wonder if BSA should consider the GSUSA model for K5 - 5th grade and keep the Troop model for 6th - 12th.  

    I thought this was interesting as it happened yesterday.  My daughter just took her annual GSUSA survey. They asked ... what would you say to a friend who isn't in GSUSA about GSUSA.  She answered that all of her friends are already in Girl Scouts (which is true).  Then they asked what would be one thing she would change with the program.  She wrote ... let boys in.  


    Agreed.  My daughter was in GSUSA through 8th grade, earned her Silver Award.  I encouraged her to go for her Gold Award, and she started with a Troop when we moved here, but the entire reason for existence of the Troop here (it was only older girls) was to pursue Gold Award.  No program whatsoever.  Existence on paper to provide a venue for Gold Award signatures... blech 

    I encouraged her to gut it out, and support her Troop anyways, but she refused and took other venues...  Venturing Summit, Congressional Gold Award, Eagle Scout  (DAD BRAG!!!)

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  8. 1. The Order of the Arrow is Scouting's Honor Society.  Tell him that your Troop can use this opportunity to recognize your best Scouts.

    2.  Tell him that he has a great deal of influence in the process:  The Scoutmaster must approve all candidates for OA.  That is, even if a Scout meets the rank and camping requirements, the Scoutmaster (not the Committee or the COR) can say Yes or No to letting the Scout enter the selection process.  There is danger here for the Scoutmaster!!!  My advice is that he should not show favoritism, and always strive for consistency in selecting candidates.  Over the years, I have learned to trust the Scouts.  If there is a Scout who is not "worthy" of the honor, the members of the Troop know it and usually (not 100% of the time) select accordingly.  Tell him that he can select those Scouts who he believes would carry out the purposes of the Order of the Arrow, which focus primarily on the unit.  "An Arrowman's first duty is to his unit." https://oa-bsa.org/about/mission-purpose

    3.  Tell him, that Yes, it is possible he will lose Scouts to the OA.  But, have him ask himself why they would leave?  What does the OA offer that your Troop isn't?  And why isn't your Troop offering that?  There could be many reasons...I won't list them here.  

    4.  Tell him that this is not a "once and for all decision."  He can decide next year, or the year after, etc. to turn it back off.  Tell him he can speak to the entire Troop and tell them this.  That is, he can find a way to tell the Troop, that if they turn this into a "popularity contest", or something that does not meet the purposes of the Order of the Arrow, then he can shut if off again.  This would send a strong message for the members of the Troop to not abuse their privilege of being able to select OA members.

    5.  Tell him that the Troop can use this opportunity for adults as well.  (NOTE: adult selection is based on a different mindset... see page 19 of https://oa-bsa.org/uploads/publications/GOA-202103.pdf

    • Selection of the adult is based on the ability to perform the necessary functions to help the OA fulfill its purpose, and not for recognition of service, including current or prior achievement and positions.

    • The individual will be an asset to the OA because of demonstrated abilities that fulfill the purpose of the Order.

    • The camping requirements set forth for youth members are fulfilled.

    • The adult leader’s membership will provide a positive example for the growth and development of the youth members of the lodge.

    So, the committee gets to select the adults...and there is a nomination form.  The lodge/council decides whether to accept adults.

    Hope this helps...

    In the Wimachtendienk,



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  9. 4 minutes ago, jscouter1 said:

    Ah I think thats what my SM is trying to avoid, he thinks the arrow steals scouts. I am willing to bet I am the only scout in a very large troop who actually knows what the arrow is. I get the sense he is okay with me joining the arrow but wants to keep it under the rug so other scouts dont try and join.

    Many adult leaders have experienced this.

    If you are selected by your unit, and then you do not support your unit, and, instead, go and support only lodge functions, then you and your Troop have chosen poorly.

    An Arrowman's first duty is to his unit.

    To avoid this situation, many unit leaders choose not to use the Order of the Arrow in their unit program.  That is their prerogative.


  10. 3 minutes ago, jscouter1 said:

    As far as the election goes, do you have to run or is everyone qualified included.

    Everyone who is qualified, and approved by the SM is on the selection list (not really a ballot).  All candidates get, basically, a Yes or No vote from their Troop.  If you get 50% Yes votes, you are in.  A few other criteria must be met, but that's down in the weeds...

  11. Option 1:  Ask your Scoutmaster if you can make the arrangements and organize a unit OA election.  If they say yes, come back here for more instructions.  Then, if you are selected and complete your Ordeal, ask the SPL if you can be the Unit OA Representative.  If your SM says No, go to option 2 or 3.

    Option 2:  Become a multiple member of another unit that does use OA in its program.  Get selected (elected is the wrong word for what this is, these days...)  This could be another Troop, or a Crew.  Being a multiple is free (membership fees-wise)

    Option 3:  Change Troops

  12. Mandatory viewing???

    Equity, nationally, would also be:

    - Paternity leave equal to maternity leave allowances

    - Women must register for the draft

    - Equity in court judgements for men in family courts and criminal sentences as compared to women

    - No physical standards for men different than women in military units, police, firefighters, etc.  Define the requirements for the job, and anyone who can meet them is qualified...  (a lot of people won't like that one)

    etc., etc., etc.

  13. 1 hour ago, Eagledad said:

    It's just a way for the BSA to check the progressive. box. I'm not sure what population you are speaking of, but this requirement isn't going to change it. The BSA has been working to get into other demographics like inner city, but the effort is a challenge that requires a lot of resources. 


    Here's a simple fix that could be implemented across the country...

    Cut the average SE by $50K and BSA C-suite executive salary by $100K (Easily done, with virtually no impact to actual local BSA services (yes, that's an opinion).).  Use that money to HIRE a Scoutmaster for your council's specific "underserved" population, and fund camperships to Summer Camp until the SM's can inculcate a culture of earning your way. (see page 101 at the link...)


    You could instantly create 300+ jobs (some councils need more than one new unit), and provides opportunity for 6K+ youth (assuming a modest 20 Scouts per unit average reached).


    1 hour ago, mrjohns2 said:

    The issue is that the BSA has been irrelevant to certain populations in the country

    That's not because of "diversity"

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  14. @qwazse is right on the money with ticket ideas...

    Here are a few others:

    - Give a roundtable presentation on the religious awards program

    - Complete the requirements for American Cultures MB with a registered counselor, then become a counselor yourself.


    - Complete the requirements for Indian Lore MB with a registered counselor, then become a counselor yourself.


    - Complete the requirements for American Heritage MB with a registered counselor, then become a counselor yourself.


    - Complete the requirements for Fingerprinting MB (YES, Fingerprinting!!), then become a counselor yourself.  When it finally changes to Biometrics MB, keep with it.  (Fingerprints are the ultimate mark of diversity, but if a person does not have fingers, what biometric markers make them identifiably unique?)


    - Pick any of the requirements in the merit badges above and give a presentation to a unit or at roundtable. (Market your MB!)

    - Learn about and give a roundtable presentation on various (or just one) BSA adult recognitions for working with different communities:

    Asian American Spirit of Scouting Service Award, Community Organization Award, George Meany Award, Messengers of Peace Award, iScouting!… Vale la Pena! Service Award, Special Needs Scouting Service Award, Torch of Gold, Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Award, etc.

    SOOOOO many different avenues you could take with this, to identify initiatives BSA has had around for years and years to support "diversity"

  15. I have found that treating people as unique individuals who are created in the image of God to be the most useful take on developing relationships with them, helping them explore their challenges, hopes and dreams, and working with them to reach for their potential.

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