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  1. Yes, we all want that. But that is the point. Fewer are growing up. We are a nation of children.
  2. Because the underlying motive (I perceive) in many youth, and their parents, is to aim for freedom from responsibility, rather than freedom to choose your responsibilities, and then living up to them. I hope I am wrong.
  3. Depends on your intended use. With ground radios, line of sight is always an issue, particularly in mountainous terrain. You may consider renting satellite phones for your trip https://www.bluecosmo.com/iridium-satellite-phone-monthly-rentals.html
  4. There are no paragons (save one, but that's a religious discussion). There is no "normal guy." I'm sure, being human, you have as many deep flaws as I do... It is still "cancel culture" From the link @CynicalScouterprovided, "By retaining his name as ours, we associate too closely with his entire legacy, including his racism, imperialism, colonialism, sexism." That's a lot of "...isms", and belies a deeper self-loathing associated with the "woke"
  5. Wow, are they taking this step to distance themselves further from BSA? BPSA marketed themselves as "traditional scouting" They'll probably be changing their pages soon. https://bpsa-us.org/
  6. OK, you are fired! Now, fire me, too, please!!🤪🤪
  7. What is the real mission here? Parents, you keep the revenue stream open (membership and fundraisers), and we'll keep your Scouts advancing. Versus: Parents, we need your support to focus all resources and efforts to "... prepare young people [your Scout] to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law."
  8. I imagine they have significant scar tissue from the backlash it caused...best to let sleeping dogs lie for the moment.
  9. All your observations are spot on! (and no school!) Run your program during the summer. Have a blast!
  10. That's not a knife... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSnosk4tWrg&ab_channel=TomasTree
  11. I think many have been putting out resumes and doing interviews just to hedge their bets.
  12. I have never seen Scouts (youth) wear ponchos during outdoor activities and stay dry. They (the Scouts and the ponchos) require a good deal of management to stay unsoaked. And you still need something for lower legs and boots... Ponchos do work great when sitting still, waiting for the rain to pass. But, " a boy is not a sitting-down animal." Your mileage may vary.
  13. Here's the entry for rain gear in our Troop blog that we encourage new Scouts and parents to read and heed: ---------------------- Rain gear: Don’t get a poncho, please. Ponchos are nearly useless. The best rain gear for Scouting is a two piece rain suit. Buy a set a size too large, as your Scout may need to put on extra layers underneath to stay warm. Frogg Toggs makes a good entry level set for about $25. Please choose a subdued color. Bright colors aren’t really suitable for our adventures in the woods. ----------------------- As mentioned above, Frogg Toggs are somewhat
  14. In the not so distant future??? Jimmy, building a fire: Mr. Scoutmaster, will you sign me off on the requirement for building a fire? Me: Jimmy, there aren't any requirements to sign off any more. The Boy Scouts of America no longer exists. Jimmy: Uh, OK, may I still build the fire? Me: Sure, have at it
  15. Our unit practice is that the adult leader in charge (and there is always only ONE designated) must review all AHMRs prior to an event for "Prohibited Adults" and allergies. At show time, each person with a rescue inhaler or Epi-pen must produce it, or not go. (But we do not do this for meetings...)
  16. That's why there is a section on the AHMR which says "Adults NOT Authorized to Take Youth to and From Events" The burden is on the parents/guardians to inform the unit. It would have never held up in court
  17. When we came to the Troop five years ago, the 'behavior agreement' was about three pages long... yuk. We shortened it to this: ------------------------------------------------------------ I will behave appropriately during all Scout activities, living the Oath and Law, and demonstrating Scout Spirit at all times. I understand that misbehavior and inappropriate activities will not be tolerated. I understand there will be consequences if my behavior is not acceptable. I understand consequences can and will include warnings, sitting out during an activity, parent conferences,
  18. We do not do masks in any aquatic activity. You go in the water with one on, and your breathing is immediately impaired. Not a good idea, IMHO.
  19. I have been thinking about sending them a response like this (with their parent cc'ed...) --------------------------------- Hello Scout! Thanks for your email. But, I am not going to answer it until you send it to me again and include your parent. One important component of Youth Protection is that there are no private electronic communications between adults and Scouts. Please help our Troop with this. I'm looking forward to seeing your request again soon! The Scoutmaster ----------------------------------
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