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  1. What was his departure from the other two troops like. Was it amicable?
  2. If you are accusing me of being intolerant about people who refuse to admit that there are race issues in this nation and staying the course, doing what we have always been doing is enough - guilty as charged. I support the BSA's effort to shape the minds and develop today's youth to lead tomorrow. Tolerance, diversity, and inclusions are concepts that I wholeheartedly support. I also wholeheartedly support an organization that is willing to take an honest look at itself and admit it can do better. That is part of an organization I want to be part of. I'll leave this last note becau
  3. Yep. Intolerance is nothing more than unwillingness to accepts views, beliefs or behaviors different than ones own.
  4. I did not imply anything. I am not black, never have been. But what I did do was try to understand the challenges my peers have undergone. Men and women who I know well and respect. It was eye opening what they have gone through. Is there something wrong with that concept, something we don’t want to teach our scouts about understanding and empathy? It’s far easier to just think there are no problems, to think there is nothing more you can learn, to say “don’t have that problem here”.
  5. it is a meritocracy. However, as every service chief has clearly stated, there is still racism in the military, and an order or regulation cannot erase it. And much like the statement and purpose of the BSA statement, there is much that needs to be done, and that everyone need to take a look, have a conversation with those experiencing racism to better understand it, and be brave confront it when you see it. there is no room for intolerance - be it due to color of skin, religion or political belief.
  6. I too am a military member with as many years in the service (and still serving) and completely disagree with you. The US is decidedly not a military state. There are reasons that military wear (camp pants) are frowned on to be worn at account events. BSA is not about training youth for military, but for developing leadership, resilience, confidence, and Overall contribute to society as adults. While this is much like that military offers, BSA is not a military organization. What Liz says is fine, and I have concern with your lack of tolerance with people who disagree with you.
  7. BSA is not saying they will teach intolerance or rioting, the exact opposite. Rioter are going to riot, for what ever reason, same with looters. But protesting an injustice, and continuing to portent is as American as apple pie. And it’s not diversity first, it’s in addition to. Nothing is binary here.
  8. That the guy they have also attacking women on video, before he uses mace and then shoots a guy during a protest. You are right, that is not scouting.
  9. I have decided to look at this current situation and look at myself to see how I can work to make change, to do my part not to support or tolerate racism. I am adamant that the status quo is not enough. It obviously is not. It has not Contributed to changing the situation, and we have a significant number of our American population who are disenfranchised because racism is tolerated. I applause BSA for being willing to participate in the confersation, knowing that it has a national presence across this great country and can make a difference, and not just bury it head in the sand and refu
  10. Two thoughts, First based on your website - "Police killed 1004 people in 2019. Black people were 24% of those killed despite being only 13% of the population" Second, and the most important in my mind - this is not about systematic racism or police bias. That is what some of the protest are about, but it is really about stopping racism in the entire country. This is not a new problem, it has been part of this nation since its start. It did not end after the civil war, it did not end with civil rights legislation, it still exist. That is what the MB and the scouts can help st
  11. Two thoughts, First - MBs are only a check in the block is the scouts leadership lets it be. If you teach scouts standards and the need to meet them early, you can instill in them the same outlook on standards throughout their lives. You let them pencil whip it or ignore it, what is the lesson they learn. And you can control this. Second - if this is what you see in the value of scouting and the ability to impact a scouts life, why are you doing this? For some, we are the primary influence. For some, we may be the only opposing view of that they learn or hear at home. And I firmly think
  12. Regarding Baden-Powell, to quote Bear Grylls “Baden-Powell may have taken the first step in creating Scouting, but the journey continues today without him. We know where we came from but we are not going back." (I added emphasis). The organization and the leadership can, must be stronger than one man. It does not mean tossing out all his ideas, it means keeping and strengthening the right ones. Regarding a pamphlet for family discussion - racism is a learned behavior. The racism that Blacks in this country have been experiencing is not a new problem, and if we want to be part of the s
  13. I do not agree that merit badges are useless, so I can see why I did not follow your logic earlier.
  14. I am not tracking your logic - BSA also put out a statement and then a decision to take positive action to educate Scouts on racism and discrimination. The UK put a statement out and that is more proactive? This is an opportunity to educate scouts on racism and discrimination, to have a difficult conversation about this subject, and hopefully develop young men adn women who can add to the conversation and elimination of this scourge. Statements alone are no enough. This is a chance for scouts to be educated and informed, and become the future leaders of this nation this program is designe
  15. If there is a merit. Badge which discusses racism, discrimination, and how it is able to perpetuate, and how to see it and react, why is that a bad thing?How does that not help? Racism is learned, not an innate belief.
  16. I think we are both trying to say the same thing. I agree with everything you say and was not trying to imply otherwise.
  17. I do not see the restrictions due to COVID on businesses and families and the seemingly disconnection with the protest as related. Governors are caught in an interesting dilemma- Public health, economic development, and protest due to civil injustice. All three are pulling at each other and none are necessarily supportive of the other. from a scouting perspective - look at the conversation we can have as part of Cit Nation, Cit Community, and Public health. How restrictions and wearing masks are helping the greater community. And how protestors are so upset, they are willing
  18. This works for K-12, where all the students are from one area, and the COVID trend is declining. They are also taking precautions like reduced class sizes, alternating days, and other cautions. Schools are not opening in the more impacted areas. all this is accomplished through understanding the health of the students and teachers, and deliberate risk mitigation efforts. In short, this is not a viable model. Unless BSA were to somehow limit Philmont participation to those areas where there was declining or no COVID growth, account for safe travel (?) - maybe only within xx miles
  19. For government purposes, I get why there ins concern with zoom and China, but for scouts? Do we really understand how the internet works and cloud storage?
  20. what are the safety concerns you have? If you set it up with a waiting room, you cannot be zoom bombed. Is it because the servers are/were in China? I think that has been changed recently.
  21. What makes Scouts a successful program is having standards and holding the adult leaders and the scouts to them. If the standards are dropped, then what the ranks mean drops. This is the same reason that SMs or MB counselors are not to pick and choose the requirements they want to teach. Either it means something, or it does not. Some of these changes are OK and make some sense, but some are just ludicrous.
  22. The hand shake survived the 1918 Spanish Flu, so why would it not survive this? It may take time, but..
  23. Double secret conditional charter, obviously
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