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  1. Absolutely - Engage the scouts and let them understand why hats, slogans, etc, can be interpreted differently, why some people take umbrage at symbols. Is this not what we want the scouts to be - is this not why there are the three citizenship merit badges. Don't we want the scouts to grow up thinking, being able to critically examine an agreement, not mindlessly provide what they have been told. However, if the debate devolves into a two-sided argument that is not constructive, than it is time to step in. there is a reason that in the Navy, three topics not to be discussed over th
  2. I think it is a stretch to assume that the boy does not love his country or that he disrespects the flag or the US. As I have mentioned before, he would have learned that the flag is a symbol and not a holy relic. It is a symbol of a great country. Also, that being a good citizen includes speaking up for those who have no voice. Again, the Webelos took a position, now let’s let him explain it. I think being able to discuss it makes him, and his den, a better scout(s).
  3. To the point of what did it accomplish - it has been successful - people are talking. If I think about it, not sure that Scouts should have a definite definition on if a protest is ok in uniform. It is quite right to explain the action of one is not the position of the organization, but the Scouts is about developing thinking men and women. And if this boy can explain is reasoning, there is great value to be gained here.
  4. A few thoughts- as a 5th grader, he would be learning about his roles and responsibilities as a citizen as part of Building a Better World. I would hope that Den Leaders include the role to stand up for their rights as part of the conversion. I did with my AOL Webelos. Maybe the boy's Den Leader followed this up with the boy explaining what the Pledge of Allegiance means to him - it is part of the Scouting Adventure. what an opportunity to discussion and understanding what the pledge is about (not just rote memorization). This is an opportunity for the boy to explain his actions
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