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  1. 100% relate. As a boy, I'd look for any opportunity to put anything I had on it too.
  2. I actually don't find the WB beads too awful if worn with the necker. The tuck around keeps them pretty unobtrusive and I do like how the turks head woggle actually holds everything together without slipping off. I don't bother with wearing them on their own though.
  3. For me, it is really aesthetic. Not all unofficial flair will make an ugly/cluttered/ridiculous uniform; but UP approved uniform, in full compliance with the guide to awards and insignia, will almost never look too bad. I don't have much artistic or design ability, so I stick to a simpler uniform. I don't even like temporary patches much because they are either a pain to sew on and off or they are dangling things that can get caught on stuff. Same reason I don't like the powderhorn or emergency preparedness insignia- more stuff to catch, clang, remove before washing, and put back on a
  4. Cool that my guess kind of came close, but for youth capstone awards
  5. So Mrjeff, how did you decide to narrow down your top 6 from your 13? I needed to come up with some rational for my decision.
  6. There is no formal order of precedence of square knot awards, but mine are starting to accrue in an unattractive way. It got me thinking about how to sort and rank them for the purpose of shaving them down to the ones I would consider most important. 6 look good. 9 looks OK. 12 is starting to get questionable and past that the shirt starts getting stiff and uncomfortable. That being said, I completely support everyone making their own decisions about what to wear and in what order, but I am curious what everyone thinks of my system of determining order of precedence and what to wear.
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