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  1. PragerU or Prager University is NOT an academic institute and is nothing more than a very conservative mouth piece. It has been called out multiple times for stating opinions or propaganda as facts, although none are backed but any academic-level research. None of its research or writings meet the minimum academic standards.
  2. This may be one of the most concerning things I have ever seen on this site. There are multiple studies, academic or business related, that illustrate the value and importance of diversity and inclusion. There are countless successful leadership philosophies the herald the importance of diversity and inclusion. Honestly, I think you have made up your mind and are not interested in anything actual proof of the values of diversity or inclusion to an organization, a leader, or to an individual.
  3. Good point. But with today’s political division, they were in a no win position.
  4. Why? They were trying to recognize success of women to the highest court in the land. Regardless of your political leading, there have only been 5 female justices. It is wholly within their mission to provide examples that women can do Anything they put their mind to. That is a positive message for young girls and women as they grow,
  5. most of our focus is on how to work on cooking. With the advancement and Cooking MBs requirements, have not totally broken the code on group cooking.
  6. The best advice I heard about leadership was from my department head when I was a brand new Ensign. He told me to get a small black book that fit in my back pocket. One one side, write all the leadership traits and styles your admire and the on the other, all the traits and styles you don’t admire. That passive collection of leadership and management techniques taught me more than any classes or seminars. And over 20 years in, I have given that advice to many a young officer or sailor, and now to scouts. regarding authenticity, while still an Ensign, I quickly realized that the sailo
  7. I too hope that the President and the First Lady, as well as the two Senators and others who work in and around the President who have tested positive, only experience a mild version of COVID and recover soon. The country needs them to recover. It would be easy to take a potshot at the President in this era of partisan politics. But politics aside, we have to remember that the the President has significant responsibilities to the defense of this nation and its well being, and we need a healthy Leader. It makes me think of the line in the Scout Oath, “to do my duty to God and my Countr
  8. We have been very successful conducting SM conferences and BoR using zoom and other platforms. While not perfect, These events are not required to be conducted in person. We can still provide an outlet to Scouts who are motivated or looking for an activity during the period. Our experience has been positive, from the scouts and their parents.
  9. This thread gets no where. BSA has explained its position “We wholeheartedly mean exactly what we said – that we support Black families and Black communities and that Black Lives Matter. This is not a political issue or an endorsement of an organization; it is a human rights issue and one we all have a duty to address. We stand with efforts to address racism and injustice and to promote equality and inclusion.” but then this thread devolves into a political discussion, not at all addressing racism and what the words and intent of BSA are. i come here to get away from the constant ag
  10. I think Bryan does a fine job explains the BSA position: “We wholeheartedly mean exactly what we said – that we support Black families and Black communities and that Black Lives Matter. This is not a political issue or an endorsement of an organization; it is a human rights issue and one we all have a duty to address. We stand with efforts to address racism and injustice and to promote equality and inclusion.” he is talking about human rights, equality, and inclusion. Why would anyone have a problem with that? is BLM perfect- no. Are riots ok - no. Is instigating or
  11. Correct, we should be very interested in a foreign (Russia, China) power is. trying to impact our country. And they are not stopping at the 2016 election, they are trying on this election, did on the 2018 election, and will continue to try to divide this country. They have done it in other counties, most notably France. The intent of my post on this was to point out that what you read is not only biased by our media, but but external influences who are trying to further divide this nation.
  12. I can see how you might think that had I made a reference to the previous post, but I did not. my post was about Russian (and Chinese) efforts to divide the American populous as a whole. But you obviously do not agree with that as a real threat. , right. Us intel community is clueless? Your too smart to fall for it?
  13. When you are looking at reporting on such issues as protest and BLM, I would ask that you do keep a sharp eye on what is being reported. This is a great article by NYT on Russian disinformation and an attempt to widen the gulf btwn the political parties. We have issues in this country, lets not help Russia (or Chinese) attempts to bring us down from within. Question the reporting, even if it is confirming your own bias. About three years ago, when it was BLM versus Blue lives matter in the press all the time, Twitter was able to track the post made by russian trolls and how they would
  14. Sun-Times is Left Center. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/?s=chicago+sun
  15. Interesting - I read the actual Sun-Times article, and it attributes the quote to Ariel Atkins, 29, who is not identified as a BLM organizer Where it is attributed to a BLM organizer is, The Sun, the Washington Times, the NY Post which are all "strongly biased toward conservative causes" based on Media Bias/Fact Check. And she obviously does not understand how reality works and is a fantasy land about how reparations work.
  16. But if BLM or PP were accused of the same crimes, it would be ok to go after them. Sorry, but The NRA puts itself out there as defending our most valued right in the the second amendment. But that is wrong, the most valued right is the first amendment, which BLM and PP both try to protect.
  17. You do not think there is a difference in conducting a reenactment with some authenticity such as the confederate flag and someone displaying it at work or on their car/NASCAR/on a shirt?
  18. One way to look at the current unrest by blacks in this county is to think that if a majority of this group, which makes 13% of our nation, is disenfranchised due to how they are being treated, then maybe this is worth trying to understand, looking at how to solve some of the racism they are encountering, if I can. There is also the option of thinking this is not my problem, or it’s not that bad, or even to outright dismiss them and accuse them of being trouble makers. Who are “they”to make a fuss. These people are exceptionally narrow minded and are absolutely part of the problem. It is
  19. There is debate on the actual “alliance” with anarchist. There are elements on the extreme left AND right who are using the protest as an opportunity to fan the flames and creat riots. BLM has a responsibility to try to distance themselves for sure and not get “co-mingled” with these groups. But again, BLM protest does not equal riots and violence. but to your original post that I responded to, BLM not advocating turning over the government. And to this point, BLMmis not advocating riots and violence, and destruction all over the country.
  20. Right, but you can protest it and bring attention to it. Not all protest are riots. Most are not, most are peaceful.
  21. Where are you seeing BLM advocating replacing our system over government? I just looked all through their site and do not see anything about a revolution or changing any of the principle documents of government. Do they think that there is a significant racism issue in this country, yes. But I do not see them pushing for a new constitution, maybe just ensuring they get the rights that the constitution affords them. You cannot legislate away racism.
  22. I did not realize Stone Mountain was a tribute to horses. Being funded by the KKK and all. Opening the anniversary of Lincoln’s Assassination. Maybe should have just left the people off of it. Anywhere I can read more about Stone Mountain as a tribute to horses. The sites webpage says nothing about this.
  23. I am only quoting the cession documents presented to make the case of the states who joined the Confederacy. If that is historical revisionism, what document from the time should if use. I mean, they were written by the states themselves. You don’t have to believe me, You find a copy here: https://www.battlefields.org/learn/primary-sources/declaration-causes-seceding-states
  24. I do not agree with the taliban on anything. Which is why I spent many years hunting and killing them. but for this, You are You saying you are ok with Stone Mountain? What it represents, what it honors?
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