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  1. Well this is a wasted opportunity to have a non-political discussion about how some people are disadvantaged because racism exist in this country. It’s an opportunity on how to recognize racism and step up and live up to the values of the Scout Law. my biggest concern is that the approach you are mention will make some scouts think the issue is a blue lives matter vs diversity and racism. And it’s not. There is a part of the population of this country who are disenfranchised based on they way they are engaged based on skin color, religion or maybe their sexual leanings. This is an oppo
  2. maybe because some leaders intend to pencil whip (aka fake) the merit badge and disregard what BSA is trying to do.
  3. Wow. I guess civil discourse has truest gone the way of the dodo. Please let me know what your preferred agreements are in favor of your position so I can just feed them to you.
  4. To state that this merit badge will kill of scouts is quite dramatic. If scouts survives the child abuse, admitting homosexuals, and girls, this should not be the last chapter. However, Jordan Peterson is only one voice in this discussion, and one with a very limited and pointed perspective. He is the darling of of the conservatives in the media when discussing diversity. And if we welcome his point of view, should we also then not include the opposite side of the conversation?
  5. Without knowing what the definitions are of diversity, equity, inclusion, and bigotry, you call this offensive. Why? Why are these principles offensive? or are there other specific parts of the draft requirements that are offensive?
  6. I agree that everyone should be polite, but we do not life in a utopia. Look at politics now. We have a general break downs in basic courtesies in this country.
  7. But that is exactly why this is an important opportunity. What should a scout do if he/she meets someone who is gay (and they will)? Ignore them, pretend they do not exist? Pick on them, bully them? Or maybe accept them as a person with a different view. This is not about changing anyone’s mind, it’s accepting people for being different than them.
  8. When Adults try to use this to to push one agenda or create obstacles to the MB being implemented, I can not help but wonder why. What do they have against the basic premise or Diversity and inclusion? Not the liberal or conservative interpretation of the terms, but the idea of treating people fairly, with respect, with equality. Maybe they also need to earn the MB.
  9. There is talking about someone’s sexual orientation or their gender identity sex Ed. It’s not, this is about respecting their choices. If the scout wants to learn more, then they need to talk to their parent.
  10. Which requirement includes discussing any form of sexual conduct or gender identity other than welcoming them or that generalizations or stereotypes are wrong?
  11. I do not think it is too hard, but that is OK. the challenge will be how it is led. If MB Counselors take a laissez faire or dismissive/negative tone while leading this, then it is not only a wasted opportunity, but could actually strengthen counter-DIE efforts.
  12. Based on the comments on this site, I think BrianWylie1, who asked the question, was pretty clear in why they looked at a small group on how to implement the merit badge. I would not assume that the leadership has not seen the response on sites like this and others.
  13. That is one definition from a scholarly article. Not the normal definition by any means. Another is the definition Ford uses when they discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion. And Ford is not a Marxist company. ”Equity seeks to ensure fair treatment, equality of opportunity, and fairness in access to information and resources for all. We believe this is only possible in an environment built on respect and dignity.” fair treatment, equal opportunity, and fairness are consistent with how BSA operates and the scout law and oath. There is no reason to believe this definition is not c
  14. There is nothing to indicate the CRT is what the badge will be based on. Maybe an open mind?
  15. I do not even know where to start. Equity is not the idea that everyone should get the same outcome. Wherever you got your definition, it is a corruption of the idea of fairness and having an opportunity - as in everyone should have the same opportunity. Same with your definition of inclusion and diversity. BSA has pretty much already articulated what their intent is and how it is absolutely inline with scouting. There is nothing Marxist (or socialist, or communist). And if BSA was turning into a Marxist organization where everyone is made Eagle, I would think adding a new require
  16. What part of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion would people disagree with? They would disagree with the ideal of creating a culture that welcomes and respects diverse perspectives? Do we not want Scouts to be an organization that creates a sense of belonging and builds communities where every person feels respected and valued? Should scouts not denounces racism, discrimination, inequality and injustice? This is what BSA is saying when they talk about the principles behind the new Merit Badge. And I would say that if a scout or a scouter does support all these principles, then they ar
  17. At no point did I degrade the comradeship of seven boys on a patrol camp out because they are all white or male? But if they excluded scouts based on their skin or religion, then I call into the question the leadership of that patrol and troop, and do call into the question the lessons those scouts are learning. Because then they are not friendly, courteous, or kind. i am confused by you need to add an ethic slur, even if you are of that ethnicity. It is neither numerous or of value to the discussion. More does the use of the term black sisters, unless your intent was specifically
  18. But diversity and inclusion is not saying you need a black friend. It means that you are willing to work with or be friends with someone who is not just like you. It is not about quotas either. In no way is it about attributing value because of their group identity. what do you think diversity and inclusion means?
  19. We do not need to make the concepts of diversity and inclusion hard. Break down diversity for an adolescent: diversity is recognizing the people with different backgrounds, schools, areas of the county or world bring different point of views and ideas. It’s like why a person from the south mayneat one meal for the holidays where someone from the Midwest may eat something else. Or why coca-cola is called soda in some parts of the country, but called pop elsewhere. and inclusion is simply allowing others to participate, regardless of their background or where they are from. It al
  20. I find it crazy that when I don’t agree with very conservative beliefs I am accused of being a liberal or in this case, “drinking the lefty cool aid,” when I am any hit go but a leftist or a conservative. I strongly believe in giving people opportunity, listening to them if they have good ideas, and building inclusive teams for results, specifically not excluding them if they are different than I am. I am a believer it some of Patton’s concepts : If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking. And have diversity of background, education and thought is a very effective way to no
  21. You are right, you never claimed that it was an academic institution. But Prager attempts to come off academic institution, which is obvious, based on its name. We find ourselves in an era of internet based "facts", and understanding the bias within the source of these facts is often just as important as the facts themselves. And PragerU has a very strong right leaning bias. That means it is not neutral in its statements or videos, but promoting a specific agenda. And in this case, it is against the ideas within diversity or inclusion. So much totneh point, that is has distorted the idea
  22. Diversity and Inclusion are not leadership qualities. Leadership qualities are decision-making, empathy, character, and integrity, to name a few. There is no "diversity" quality in an individual. Believing in and utilizing diversity and inclusion are very effective approaches or beliefs to lead and manage teams and organizations. They are not some left wing agenda item, but based on the idea that individuals have value, and their value is based on their past and experiences, such as how they were raised, education, etc, and that by bringing them in and developing them as effective members
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