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  1. If units do not adapt and remain connected to their scouts, then yes, this will happen. Sure, scouting is about being outside. But it does not stop because cannot get outside. This to shall pass and the scouts will be able to go back to camping and backpacking. When - who knows. But we will. And I am willing to bet that the units that are able to adapt and remain connected with their scouts at this time will see the scouts return. At a minimum, virtual meetings provide an opportunity for some scouts (and their parents) to do and learn something. A great way to weather this storm is to
  2. We have been using Zoom - with the a fore mentioned limitations. MS teams also works, but not everyone has it. Our schools provide middle and high students with Chrome Books and come with google hangout/meet. So may use use. We are just starting and prefer Zoom in that you can share your screen as well as have an ongoing chat at the same time. 40 minutes also makes us be efficient.
  3. Totally concur - it is OK to have partials. Because when the social distancing ends, and it will, the scouts will be able to get out and complete the requirements they need to accomplish physically or in person. Get the mundane or "talking"portions of advancement or merit badges done now. We all have the time. Lets absolutely not do that when we can all meet physically and get out and hike/camp/climb/swim/etc. Well, maybe a short safety refresher..... Perfect time to work on parts of CitNation, CitWorld. Not to develop ways around them, but work on the parts of MB, like family life,
  4. looking to do the same in my area - finish up some Merit Badges that can be accomplished over a virtual environment, and then look at those that can be partially accomplished virtually. I a thinking small groups (3-5) to keep them engaged, not just listening. I am looking at platforms like Zoom (others are MS Teams, Chrome Meeting maker, and others) where you can host multiple people at once, share your desktop to show illustrations, slides, etc. Probably in the evening, as in our district, the kids still have school work they are working on at home.
  5. With schools closing and moving to on-line teaching, and groups gathering sizes being limited, how do we sustain interest in and maintain advancement, where we can, in scouting? Virtual troop or patrol meetings on platforms like Zoom, trail to first class discussion in a chat room? Emphasize some merit badges (reading) over others? Interested in thoughts from the community.
  6. At the council for San Jose area, some leadership training and a University of Scouting event were cancelled.
  7. Article does not indicate anything about Girl Scouts - you have some insight on why they were not included?
  8. I am not sure you are reading it right or maybe in totality. It does not specifically say parents are not required for wolf and bear. It also says “ Den leaders, pack leaders, and parents are expected to accompany the youth on approved trips. https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss/gss03/
  9. Any response and continuation of this line of thinking would probably be more applicable in a different thread.
  10. Interesting argument - you are essentially saying that it is OK for a CO or a MBC to openly and actively work counter to the efforts, the goals, and the mission of Scout BSA. Wonder why there may be issues is Scouts BSA. I cannot help but look at this and think about the message that the scouts in troops like this are receiving and learning. And then to look at the purpose behind scouting and what it hopes to instill in youth.
  11. Good comment, thank you. I would strongly urge any MBC working with youth to err on the side of caution. Be it a male or female scout.
  12. I cannot fathom a reason that a MBC would not want to council a female scout. At least so long as the MBC is meeting all the Youth Protection requirements.
  13. Interesting article, thanks for posting it. Made me wonder when there was a push to bring African Americans into scouting - seems about this time. Interesting times indeed - maybe part of the motivation? https://aaregistry.org/story/the-african-american-boy-scout-movement-a-story/
  14. seriously, Within reason. If a scout has his eight elective badges, and wants to earn another one, and there is a willing MB counselor, why not. What is the scarce resource being expended? if the scout wants to go to sea base and has already been, well common sense is to give another scout the opportunity. But that is not they same as saying that the scout has meet the minimum, so no more. And that is exactly how I read the intent of your comments. imthink we should encourage the scouts to learn and explore as much as possible. The idea of using a MB to expose scouts to a new abi
  15. I could not disagree more. Scouting should encourage the scout to develop a lifelong interest in learning. That is exponentially valuable to the scout and the community. And will continue to be of value for the lifetime of that scout. So long as scouts are learning, and it is about learning, not just getting a patch. There is goodness in all of this. i guess if you look at it from a cost perspective, then why encourage scouts to do more. Although what is the cost? A buck to two for the badge and blue card? Continued involvement in scouts? No, cannot see your point on this a
  16. Eight elective merit badges is the minimum - are your espousing that scouts should learn that the minimum in life is what they shoot for. Regardless of if there is more they are interested. The purpose for merit badges is not to simply meet the minimum, but to explore subjects to determine if they would like to further pursue them as a career. Or am misreading your post?
  17. I think people will read into what they want on the issue, depending on what they see as value in scouting. There is probably as much on family camping, mainly focused on Cub Scouts aged kids, as not family focused. Since there are age restrictions on who can go to Philmont, maybe encouraging the younger scouts to go with families is a good thing. As in not to discourage them when all the older scouts in troop go (as is the impact In my son troop). And if it not hard to find core scouting articles - there are two articles on snow related adventures In reading the posts and the
  18. Depends what the lapse is. There is a ton of vagueness in your comment. And I have concerns, with this individuals background that this could be either more than just a lapse, but a bell ringer that he should have nothing to do with youth or the female sex. His actions are both an indicator of what his sense of right/wrong is as well as what he things is ok behavior. And it is not behavior that should be anywhere scouts- Male or female scouts.
  19. So you think the accused is being wrongfully accused? Why?
  20. Honestly did not read anything after the first line and glad I did not after the last line. At the end of the day, the US civil war was a war about slavery. And where does that apply to scouting? It does not.
  21. Beauty is in the eye of The beholder. I see nothing of value in a statue of a southern general. A memorial to those who caught and died, ok. But for a failed general who was a traitor to his nation and Fought for a cause that one human was worth less than another - no. And regarding destruction of monuments, go to Germany and look at all the building and statues that the Nazis created. While buildings remain, the emblems of the Nazis are gone. And nothing is buried - the Germans make all students see the horrors that the Nazis performed and ensure they understand how it came to be. M
  22. At least I agree with the second half of your sentence on Lee. The civil war was fought at a level of brutality unseen at the time and only surprised by WW1. History is not statues glorifying a false narrative of Southern sons fighting for states rights. History is being willing to accept both sides of the story based on actual accounts and sources. and interesting comment about B-P. Never knew that.
  23. I do not think it is about erasing history, but not celebrating the history of this ideals, actions, or men of beliefs that have been found not worthy of emulation or celebration.
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