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  1. I definitely see how this could be really helpful
  2. So should I just forget about this idea... seems like people don't really like the idea. 😕
  3. Hi there! I think that would be a good idea too, but after reading a lot of the comments here about wanting less of an independent google search to find answers, I think something like that may also limit the counselor-scout relationship and a scout may be be more focused on using those websites solely to learn from. I am getting a few mixed responses which makes it seem like a combination between learning independently and with the counselor is best. So, for example, a scout can learn with the counselor and test their skills with the app or use it as a bit of a guide while working with the co
  4. The hope is that the app will be either free or a very low cost. If it does end up costing a small amount, then there will definitely be a functionality for group logins at a discount for larger troops.
  5. For sure! I'll work on making the prototype for the first aid merit badge Thanks!
  6. I believe I do understand your view on this. However, when I ask myself whether or not this will help or hinder us, my thoughts are that any aid such as this is going to be a help because it can only add to the scout's experience. I definitely do not want to take away from the merit badge counselor because I do know, like you said, that a Scout and the counselor need the one on one experience that they create while learning about the new topics in a merit badge. My goal for this app would be to only aid this experience and allow the Scout to have only another option to learn while keeping the
  7. In my opinion, I think that creating the app would provide an additional aid to the merit badge and rank requirement process. Since I know that you disagree, what would you change about it to help you see that it is something that can become useful to troops and scouts?
  8. There to help on requirements with their expertise and guidance if you need it. I don't think you have to receive help from a counselor if you are knowledgeable in the topic. This is something else I found: "A scout decides they would like to earn a specific merit badge. They obtain approval to begin the merit badge from their Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster identifies possible merit badge counselors. The scout identifies another scout, buddy, or family member that will be their partner to attend all meetings with the counselor to follow safe scouting guidelines. The scout then contacts the
  9. Thanks for the welcome Hm it just seems that here: https://www.scouting.org/programs/scouts-bsa/advancement-and-awards/merit-badges/ the way you should complete merit badges are to pick a merit badge, find the counselor, and they are there to help if needed and if you don't need any specific help just to start working on the requirements. Says that when you are ready you should then call the counselor and discuss it with them and get it signed off (In my opinion, this seems very similar to what I was saying). From what I understand, counselors are another resource that you can use
  10. Unfortunately my troop does not do this and maybe if they did, I would not have felt the need to come up with this idea. I think it honestly might just depend on the troop. Mine and others might not have this kind of process but others might.
  11. I think there might be some slight confusion on the purpose and goal of the app so I can try to explain in more detail what one of the guides could look like. When Scouts sign in, they will choose what they are working on and see a guide that they can follow which will provide more detail of what is expected. For example... in the emergency preparedness merit badge, you must describe how to prevent, protect, mitigate, respond, and recover to a list of scenarios. Rather than directly stating what the answer to each of these are, we can describe what each of the terms (prevent, protect, mitigate
  12. So maybe direct the app more towards solely being a resource? The problem I see is with how scouts are being taught: in my troop, scouts must learn the requirements mainly by themselves. I think the same idea of a replacement of adult association can be seen with the scout book and merit badge pamphlets. A Scout can sit down and copy from the scout book or pamphlet each requirement and then show it to a leader and have it signed off. If the only idea is to focus on adult association opportunity, I do not think we should have the scout book or merit badge pamphlets at all. But these things shou
  13. I definitely understand the need for content creators. There is a large number of merit badges and rank requirements but thankfully a lot of leaders in scouting are also merit badge counselors so they are knowledgeable in the topics. I do not have many connections out side of my troop and my parent's friends who could be helpful in creating content for the app, so I came to this forum in order to try and find people who are willing to help, in any way that they can, so we can make this more than just a concept. I know that leaders already might have their own way of teaching their individual t
  14. I totally agree! I think something like this would be best used as a tool and supplement to things like the EDGE method and research; not a replacement.
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