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  1. The UC did not 'visit' very often so when he did, it wasn't questioned. The man is revered in out District. However, he was silent for the other BORs that evening and the stark contrast in his behavior for my Scout's BOR was noted and questioned.
  2. This happened more than a year ago, however my Scout is now in the middle of his Eagle service project. The COR just mentioned that he needs to be around for my Scout's EBOR because there are concerns. This prompted me to post an update because honestly, it feels like there will be repercussions AGAIN. Of course I am very worried, and will take your advice to ask the COR to document what transpired at the Scout's Life BOR with the District and Council. Thankfully he is no longer our Unit Commissioner or a BSA volunteer due to health issues. However, I do have concerns about my Scout b
  3. I know this is from a long time ago but it deserves an update: Would it surprise anyone here to learn that the Unit Commissioner from the old Unit was the very same Commissioner for the new Unit? And guess who paid a visit to the new Unit on the very same night my Scout was to have his Life Board of Review? Our Commissioner does not visit the Troop. I sat on the other BORs for the night and our Commissioner was silent. However, when I excused myself for my Scout's BOR, the Commissioner took over the BOR (even though the Troop's COR and Advancement Coordinator were in attendance) and h
  4. Thankfully he is happy in his new Troop, which is run very differently. What the Council does with all of this information is out of my hands, and I doubt I will ever find out. We are in the same District so clearly I am concerned about my Scout being with some of these Scouters (from the old Troop) at events.
  5. @@Col. Flagg - The demerit program was not in place when he joined the Troop. Glad my son has moved on!
  6. @ Stosh - The rank was revoked after the BOR as punishment. The Troop had not submitted the advancement papers to the Council. The rank has now been awarded after several months, with the original BOR date. Council examined the Scout's book and noted the multiple sign offs (in different handwriting and ink colors!). They also had a discussion with the Scout. In short, representatives of the Troop lied to cover the actions of their Scoutmaster, who revoked the rank. Rather than admit his wrongdoing, a cover story was crafted. Very, very sad.....
  7. Stosh, I cannot possibly convey the amount of hurt this has caused. The Scouting community is small. My son has been verbally abused in school by boys from the old Troop. Now I fear his reputation in the new Troop has been tarnished. He is 'that boy' whose parents went to Council. Thankfully we have spared him the details of all the lies told. He does not need to know the extent that adults will go to in order to protect themselves.
  8. @ krikkitbot - No, he is not that old. Time is not a concern right now. He is happy in the new Troop. If they want another SM conference and BOR for this rank he will do it.
  9. The Council has been actively involved, and the members whom I have spoken to have seemed truly sympathetic. They hold the opinion that he earned the rank and would like the new Troop to submit the paperwork. However, I am getting the sense that the new Troop wants nothing to do with this, and I cannot say that I blame them.
  10. Unfortunately this issue still has not been resolved. The original Boy Scout Troop now contends that his Board of Review NEVER took place, despite the fact that the Committee Members signed his book. I am absolutely flabbergasted by the lies and behavior of these adult leaders. Their actions are so far out of line with BSA guidelines and expectations. I am sorry to say that we are seriously considering leaving Boy Scouts.
  11. Thank you all for your responses. To clarify here, the reason he was asked to leave a camp out had nothing to do with violence of any kind, weapons, fire, profanity, drugs or alcohol. He provided an honest opinion and it was not appreciated, that is all. My Scout would just like the rank that he earned months ago and will forgo the COH. Not looking to get anyone in trouble here. Would just like to move on...
  12. @@Oldscout448 - he was asked to leave a local campout.
  13. @@krikkitbot - My son was asked his opinion on a camping related matter - that is all I can say without going into detail. One of the ASMs could not believe he was being asked to leave over it. @@NJCubScouter - The last thing I want is for the new Troop to be involved. This is absolutely not their problem.
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