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  1. n my experience most SMs around here hold the position for around 5 years, 3 to 7 is the main range. Of course there are some that are there for decades, but is less common. Most seem to step down within a year or two of their oldest child aging out for leaving Scouts. They may remain for a number or many more years has Assistance or in other positions sometimes at District or Council level. Longevity is a double edged sword has it can brake system see but can also bring stagnation. A scoutmaster who has held the position for 10 years or more is often viewed as Irreplaceable by others and he
  2. Unfortunately Camp Dietler has been shuttered for the 2020 season. There is hope for a revival in a year or two. Slow registration numbers, increasing costs, and then Covid-19. ­čś×
  3. Actually the fan is located ABOVE the person with the air ducted down the side and under the diver. This also protects the fan from objects dropping in and damaging the motor.
  4. 20 miles is a big ask. Figure 1 to 1.5 miles per hour. I went to Swamp Base this summer, our longest day was the first day, at 19.2 miles and we all were feeling it. The agea of youth were 13,15,15,15,16,16. I would start with a short section the first day, and maybe work up to 10 or 15 miles.
  5. I agree with what was stated by the others. Don't get so focused on rank that scouting is no longer fun. If you really do have Eagle Scout as an important life goal, talk to your scoutmaster, or other adult leader about it. You have enough time, but you are right in thinking you have to focus and get things signed off. One of the best things you can have is a mentor who will help you plan your path, and keep you going. Best of luck to you, and keep having fun.
  6. sounds to me like a local tradition. Nothing wrong with that. When it comes to necklaces and add-ons there is quite a bit of we went. The main rule is don't overdo it and don't have it be distracting. @MikeS72 that is a good rule of thumb, but just don't tell anyone in micosay that they can't wear their necklace, unless you want a big fight. Now there are quite a number of things that cannot wear on the uniform, including Eagle mentor and parent pins. These are specifically stated in the guide as non-uniform pieces. You cannot make special color loops for your epaulets, custom or spo
  7. I agree, that it is largely the adults telling scouts that they want dining halls. I think it is more for their own comfort than what is in the best interest of the youth.
  8. A quick search shows that the camp in the article is being sold. Too bad. Rickenbacker´╗┐ Side, ´╗┐Bear Creek´╗┐ ´╗┐Scout ´╗┐´╗┐Reservatio´╗┐n´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ (´╗┐´╗┐TX) has only 6 of its sites for patrol cooking and troops have to plan meals and bring their own food.
  9. Your from Texas, right? We get a lot of troops from Texas coming to Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch. I think many are from the north end of the state, but we get troops from all over. You are always welcome.
  10. Unfortunately I have seen that a lot from adults in the past several years at several troops. Camp Dietler gives scouts a great experience, and highly recommend it or other patrol-cooking camps that may be closer to you. At Dietler the scouts get to know the staffers as they rotate, eating meals with patrols. Yes even the camp director eats what 11 year old scouts cook. Patrol method summer camps is not about the number of merit badges one can earn, it is about growth as a team and as individuals. Too bad so many people don't understand that, and focus only on how many merit ba
  11. Few CORs have much involvement or understanding of the troop, so the lack of urgency doesn't surprise me. I have been in similar situations, and there is no easy or clean solution. Good luck.
  12. Put them on the right or left sides as specified. Exact placement is up to you. Those I have seen place them around hip to waist level on the front. If you have numerous ones that go on the left, I have seen them wrap around the side and up. I think one criteria for placement many women use is place them where it does not draw attention to areas you don't want guys to focus on.
  13. All adults and youth staff have meals with Patrols rotating through. My Council does five per year. Typically we have had around 20 youth staff and 11 or 12 adult staff for each week. Yes it is a bit staff heavy, found some attempts are being made this year to reduce somewhat.
  14. I think thee most important of the 8 is whichever one the unit is ignoring. Often this is Adult Association, which is probably the least understood of them. They all should be balanced for the unique needs of each scout.
  15. One solution yes have some other guy or you offer to be scoutmaster for the girls Troop.
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