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  1. Awesome, thank you so much. That seemed to work.
  2. Hooray! OK, now how do I update my Pack's info?
  3. I tried 2 browsers, internet explorer and chrome. Neither one is especially locked down, neither one worked. I don't think the solution is to expect potential parents of cub scouts to use a specific "not locked down" browser. The site should work for everyone looking to be a Scout.
  4. I am starting my 3rd year as a Cubmaster for my local pack. We are fairly smallish, about 30 Scouts. I have really been working my tail off the last 3 weeks to try to get more Scouts to join. I have lost 11 Scouts since last year. And I have only gained 6 new Scouts this year. I was talking to my wife about ways to get the word out. And it occurred to me that maybe I should update my Pack's entry on the BSA website. (I know in the past these were called pins.) So I pretended as though I was a local parent interested in joining Scouts. An internet search leads me to beascout.s
  5. I am the cubmaster of a pack with about 30 scouts. We set a date for our pack to go to the local council's resident cubscout pack in July. (3 days at the resident camp.) I have At least 5 leaders going along. As I understand it, the rules for our council are that one adult can supervise up to 4 scouts. So the 5 leaders could take up to 20 scouts. What I have been telling my pack is that if the scout will be a weebelo or arrow of light, they could go without their parents if their parents approve. If the scout will be a bear, wolf, or tiger, they must have their parent or guardian to go scoutin
  6. Thanks for the help everyone. I met with the most interested paresnts yesterday and everyone agreed. We will have some activities, but we aren't going to try to be too regimented. I think everyone understands this is a learning experience for all of us.
  7. Ok, I realized that this is very long. Here is the short version: I am taking my Cub Scout Pack camping for the first time. What advice do you have? Long Version: I am a new Cubmaster this year. I have been in this Pack for five years. I have 4 sons. My oldest is just starting Boy Scouts. I have a Bear and a Tiger, and I have a 4 year old. So I will be around for a long time. I started as Tiger Den Leader 2 years ago. This year I am acting as Tiger Leader, Bear Leader and Cubmaster. I have one other Tiger Leader and 2 other Bear Leaders, so I am not having to do it all on my own. O
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