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  1. Thank all, I have contacted National regarding this, have not heard back yet. I am sure it will take some time. Unfortunately, we don't have any details, troop #, year, etc. Had a few conversations with him about Scouting and how different it was when he was a boy, very interesting. Wish he was still here to see his Great Grandsons carry on the tradition and become Eagles. They both have set their sights on being able to say "I am a Eagle Scout" Makes me pretty proud. Attached is a fun magazine cover a friend did for my oldest Grandson, she is a pretty good g
  2. I am an Eagle Scout from the Mid 60s here in Southern California, I believe I earned it in 1967. We would like to find the records about my Father-n-law. My Father-n-Law earned his Eagle Scout somtime between 1920-1923 in Claremore OK. John’s birth date is June 21, 1908. We currently have two grandsons in the Scouting Program that want to carry on the family tradition and become Eagles. I would like show them the records for their Great Grandfather. Does anyone have a source that I can research this? Randy
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