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  1. Song - Scout Vespers Sing with reverence. Sing to tune of: "Oh Christmas Tree" Classic Words: Softly falls the light of day, While our campfire fades away. Silently each Scout should ask Have I done my daily task? Have I kept my honor bright? Can I guiltless sleep tonight? Have I done and have I dared Everything to be prepared? Listen Lord, oh listen Lord, As I whisper soft and low. Bless my mom and Bless my dad, These are things that they should know. I will keep my honor Bright, The oath and law will be my guide. And mom and dad this you should k
  2. Most MBUs have become a numbers game. How many can we get through and how many badges. Many of the instructors just talk through the requirements and as long as the Scout sits through it all, they are then "given" the badge. The Scout goes in expecting they will be given the badge. They have been taught this by their parents. Have seen too many youth and adults who fully expect the Scout to get the badge just because they sat in on the class. If the instructor tells them that they will have to do some work for it, then the Scout might start to argue back, but then come the parents.
  3. What I am being told is that realignment of Lodges is still to be voted on by National OA at the end of July, but that any such realignment will be held off until after NOAC next year. Anyone know?
  4. Actually looking for any more info on smaller groupings within territories, not the top positions.
  5. Has anyone seen any info on the make-up of new groupings in the new Service Territories? It does away with the current Regions-Area-Section so just curious what the new breakdown will look like. Lodges will be scrambling to set up new Conclave schedules.
  6. From the Commissioner Newsletter this past weekend: The BSA’s organizational structure will change at the end of this month with the elimination of areas and regions, which will be replaced by 16 National Service Territories. The new structure will be streamlined and focused on supporting our local councils. Unit Service will be an important part of the new structure.
  7. 1973-1974 was a turning point for BSA, especially in my area in terms of desegregation. Until then, there were duplicate Districts and duplicate Lodges. This duplicity ceased to exist when local councils merged. Of course, you have to realize that there was not full desegregation of the schools until 1973-74, when the school systems bussed students to even out the schools. All of this was a reflection of the times then. But let's not ignore what existed then and lose the history. Like it or not, the history is important.
  8. I agree that almost any ECOH script could be modified to include multiple Scouts. When I grew up in Scouting in the 1960s, all COH, including ECOH, were done at the District level. There was no such thing as a COH at the unit level. All ranks were handed out and recognized. One COH had 10 Eagles presented, even from one troop. It was held in a High School auditorium and covered by the local news.
  9. By the way, did you know that a Silver Beaver is a real animal. Back in 1982 I was traveling through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park late at night. There was a line of cars. While there was some fog late at night, the line had slowed. As I proceeded, I saw what everyone had slowed to see. A LARGE beaver ambling along the grass along the side of the road. It appeared silver/white in color. This was before regular cell phones and did not get a picture of it. The next morning I asked a park ranger about it. He said he had also seen it. The coloring was due to its' age, similar t
  10. This is what happens because of the desired numbers for membership. With the joining requirements at 11 OR finished the fifth grade, this will continue to happen. With so many being home schooled they are completing fifth grade at earlier ages. Had this situation several years ago when they first changed the requirements from AND to OR. Then it was changed back to AND. Now with the OR and a desire to increase members you will see younger Eagle.
  11. Had a "ghost" DE once. Was hired, but no one in district met him. He showed up at council office on Monday for meetings and training with other DEs and staff. The DEs went to lunch. He didn't come back. We didn'e even get his name. Have had some great DEs and some bad ones. Now none.
  12. It's not my signature. I'm not the SM. The SM wishes he had not signed or could take it back. It's really a no-win situation.
  13. One of his buyers named him. Several others have fingered him as the go-to for drugs in his school. However, there has been no arrest, but law enforcement is aware. My belief is that the EB can turn him down, but it would be a symbolic gesture. Then council will ignore and he will get Eagle, thereby tarnishing it for others. Unfortunate!
  14. Have been asked to sit on EBOR. Forms have been signed by Unit and SM. Have been informed that Scout has been implicated in drug transactions lately, being looked into. What are the options for board? Know that vote has to be unanimous. With all other things properly signed (SM would like to retract), the Board can turn down, then the Scout seeks appeal from Council. Council is aware of everything and has nothing to say. Any suggestions?
  15. I walked into church yesterday and the first thing my pastor said to me, as she looked at her phone, was that the lawyers for the United Methodist Church were recommending that churches not start any new charters with the BSA. Also, that any that currently have a charter consider not renewing it. I have not seen anything about this, but then I do not see the internal communications. Has anyone heard anything about this proposal? With the United Methodist Church being the largest charter partner group with BSA, this was cause a huge impact.
  16. Sounds like we may be going back to the early days of Scouting in the US. Then each community, where there were units, was a council. Then they later came together to form a new council and the original small councils became districts. In the beginning there were probably at least 800+ councils, now 260+. May soon be back to the 800+.
  17. Then the main lawyers will have accomplished their objective - to see the BSA dissolved and gone. That is what they want more than any monetary gain for them or the claimants. The money would just be icing.
  18. This is my story. I was asked by a friend to help with a troop (his son was a member). They needed someone who could take care of the paperwork. The troop had been around about 10 years and had had 3 SMs. I showed up at a meeting and knew 5 youth and adults. Near the end of the meeting the SM stepped forward with a couple of announcements. The last one - Now let me introduce you to your new SM (me). That was a shock. I had two choices - run for the door on the other side of the room or step up. I stepped up and served as SM for 16 years until the unit folded due to lack of youth (no fe
  19. I stand corrected. My comment had nothing to do with male/female only timing. I messed up the timing. This year has had me all messed up.
  20. I have no problem with a female Eagle Scout. My concern is that if a female only became a member of a Troop in January, how is it even possible to make Eagle this fast. That would not allow for the proper time between ranks.
  21. Our Lodge will be holding a shortened Ordeal event this weekend. Only Friday night and Saturday. Everyone leaves after dinner Saturday. Temps taken for a week before and on site Friday evening and Saturday. Mask worn at all times. Spread out tents. Right now only event scheduled for the year.
  22. Council covers 18 counties. My District covers 3. Council is on Conditional Charter. Now the Council office is for sale. Most of the DEs, DDs have been let go. Not looking good for the future.
  23. Looks like on the schedule from the Summit, Canoeing is Thursday morning 9-12 and Thursday afternoon 1-4. Maybe you have to do both sessions.
  24. Blue Ridge Mountains Council just sent out word that they are cancelling all Summer Camp sessions at their two base camps and Claytor Lake. However, they said they have made arrangements for any unit currently signed up for camp to instead go to The Summit for a week at the same cost as council camp. Or the unit can move their fees to 2021 and go to regular camp in 2021, but at the cost for 2020.
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