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  1. Thank you all. I appreciate the feedback and points of considerations for COVID. Agree with all - our troop is big on following the protocols and most of the eagles being honored have had to do their projects during the pandemic. All expected measures will be in place for the ceremony. I see many of you mentioned existing scripts can be modified for group CoH but I have not yet seen one. Would appreciate if anyone can find a sample that I can work with for planning.
  2. Thanks. I am looking for a sample script for multiple scouts in one COH. Will you be able to point me to one or share one?
  3. Thanks. Would you be able to obtain a script for such an ECOH?
  4. A quick update - It took a while (about 5+ months from nomination form submission to the council) but we recently learned that my son was selected to receive Medal of Merit. Sharing here so anyone else looking for similar information is aware that it can take a long time for the decision on these nominations.
  5. Greetings! We are one of the largest troop (~100 scouts) in the region. We have always had Eagle CoH in the past when individual families chose to hold one for their sons. Starting 2020, mainly due to the pandemic and partly due to other reasons, we have a group of scouts (6 as of now) who earned their Eagle rank in 2020 but there hasn't been any ceremony to recognize them for their achievements. For the lower ranks, we have had our regular CoH done virtually but the Troop would like to hold a court of honor for these fine young men in an outdoor group ceremony. The question i have i
  6. Thank you. I was trying to see how exclusive this award winner group is. From all accounts including the criteria, it appears that this award is a really rare one but just didn't know how rare. As for national court of honor, some references suggest that award decision from council is forwarded to National Court and that is where I got confused as to who sits on that. I get that the celebration which is the special version of court of honor for national award like this is held at the council or unit level with senior most council representation desired.
  7. This is very helpful and some of the stories I was able to read quickly are very inspiring. They all seem to be for Lifesaving awards though which is different from Meritorious Action award which doesn't necessarily involve the act of lifesaving and putting themselves at risk. I am also looking for information on how the national court of honor works and stats on (average number or specific per year) how many winners are selected each year across the nation, state etc.
  8. My son has been nominated for National Meritorious Action award. I have recently learned about the existence of this award (and a bit more from the form itself) but unable to find details on profiles of past winners from recent history, stats on how many scouts were awarded this honor by year, by council or state etc. I also would like to know how the National Court of Honor works. Some references on this forum for the award are from several years back so not sure where to look for what I described above. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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