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  1. Council covers 18 counties. My District covers 3. Council is on Conditional Charter. Now the Council office is for sale. Most of the DEs, DDs have been let go. Not looking good for the future.
  2. Still, only 6 hours for the badge.
  3. Looks like on the schedule from the Summit, Canoeing is Thursday morning 9-12 and Thursday afternoon 1-4. Maybe you have to do both sessions.
  4. Blue Ridge Mountains Council just sent out word that they are cancelling all Summer Camp sessions at their two base camps and Claytor Lake. However, they said they have made arrangements for any unit currently signed up for camp to instead go to The Summit for a week at the same cost as council camp. Or the unit can move their fees to 2021 and go to regular camp in 2021, but at the cost for 2020.
  5. I understand the cost savings from ending the printing, however there are many volunteers in our council that do not have good or perhaps any access to on-line services. They will be left out. Then there has been the decline in the quality of the publication over the years. Not to justify the cost when the material is not there. Unfortunately, we are seeing the demise of any printed material in many areas. It is always touted that with the change you will see a better quality, more timely content, etc. It's been my experience, with several publications, that they are usually not nearly as good on-line as they were in print. This has included magazines, newspapers, etc. The on-line versions lack a lot of the content that the printed version provided. It seemed that it was just thrown together with cut and paste. Quickly lost interest in even accessing it. Can hope for an improvement!?
  6. Our council was put on Conditional Charter in January, which they said gave us two years to improve. If not then it would go to Transitional Charter, which would be making plans for breakup or merger.
  7. Just saw this article on changes in ceremonies regarding regalia. https://oa-bsa.org/article/oa-ceremonial-update
  8. What they seek is not justice for their clients. It's money for themselves.
  9. There are many plans floating around from many groups. No one can be sure what will happen until July with the vote. The move to change the UMC is coming from some in the USA, while the rest of the world, especially Africa, wants no changes. One of the proposals mentioned would let each conference decide. If that happens, then you will see a split in the UMC. That could get messy.
  10. The ones I've been in, the fan was below.
  11. We had a DE once, who came to our camporee to visit. He was not on the books yet until Monday morning. He went to the office that Monday for a staff meeting. He and the other DEs went to lunch. He left and was never heard from again.
  12. Should have been - That kind of thinking is what is making changes to the OA and is causing many to say "No" when selected.
  13. Welcome to the New OA. The Call-Out only has one Youth who speaks. None of the actual principals are present and of course their names are not mentioned. Candidates will hear those, maybe, at the actual Ordeal ceremony. And while the ceremonies are open to any who desire to observe, some still consider them "secret". Of course, no one can fail their Ordeal, no matter what they do or not do. If they can come to the weekend and sit around and get their sash, that's so much better than having to work and earn it like the many before them. If they are not willing to complete the requirements than they do not deserve the award. But then how many youth are getting merit badges by only showing up for a class. The OA has lost almost all of it's luster, but there is still some shining in places. What has been good for over a hundred years is no longer good, according to many at National and now also many in the local Lodges. We used to have a Lodge Advisor who stated that he felt that once a Scout reached First Class, then he should automatically be a member of the OA. That time of thinking is what is making changes to the OA and that is causing many to say "No" when selected.
  14. As a counselor for Citizenship, I would not count an HOA meeting as public. A public meeting is where the public is involved or informed. This could be City, Town, County meetings or some type of community informational meeting. An HOA meeting does not really involve the public. Notices are sent to members, but rarely is the general public notified. Decisions there do not affect the public, only the members.
  15. My Lodge will be having an Ordeal/Brotherhood weekend this weekend also. For us, those seeking Brotherhood show up on Friday evening and gather as a group. Then on Saturday morning they work together as a clan. Later in the day, they are given a break to study certain things they need to know for Brotherhood. These can be found in your OA Handbook. You also need to have written a letter to the Lodge Secretary expressing why you deserve the honor of Brotherhood. If you satisfy the Brotherhood Master with your letter and needed knowledge, then you would be taken later on Saturday evening for the ceremony. If your Lodge has a website, you might find the info on process there. You should be able to locate contact info for the officers either Lodge or Chapter who can answer your questions.
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