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  1. The real problem is that the work was not done while she was a member of Scouts BSA. Since she could not have joined the troop before Feb. 1, then any work that was done does not count. It would not count for anyone, male or female, as the rank requirements state "Since joining Scouts BSA". To allow her to count work done elsewhere and while not a member is a disservice to any youth who has joined since Feb. 1. Those are the rules and everyone should abide by them. They are there to ensure that everyone is on the same level. If National allows it to be bypassed by one then they will have to allow it for all. Lessens the award, no matter the rank.
  2. Actually, the picture does tell you that things were altered. The Life rank could only be earned as a member of a Troop and at the time of the picture, girls were not allowed to join Troops so how could she have earned the Life rank? As I understand it, her family is involved in Scouting, with parents being leaders. She apparently spent a lot of time with the family Scouting and was rewarded for that time with ranks, etc. that could not have been earned properly.
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    What would you do?

    Happy no one was hurt. Good suggestions. A few years ago, district next door had a camporee and a couple of Scouts played with fire. They set the field on fire along with a small shed filled with hay and a small tractor. No one was hurt, but there was property loss. Never did hear the full extent of the results beyond apologies and some restitution. Several years ago we were in the process of changing DEs. The new one was in the area, but did not start until Monday morning. The district had a camporee the weekend before he started. He came by early on Saturday and then left. The local fire department had a truck on hand for a demo in the morning events, but they left at lunch. A couple of young Scouts from one unit were told to dispose of ashes and they did - right onto broom straw which flared up and spread up a hill, headed toward the port-a-pottys. Quite a sight with half the adults trying to hold the Scouts back, the other half trying to put out the fire and move the port-a-pottys. Someone made a call and the fire truck that had left and was almost back to the station turned around. The fire was out when they got there. The local Fire Marshall came. He had a chat with the Scouts and had each write an essay about what had happened. Great way for a DE to start and he wasn't even there.
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    Tap Out Question

    I am a member of Tutelo Lodge. You will need to contact the Lodge Advisor. I can give you that contact info if you want to contact me off-line. Since the lodge had to cancel it's most recent function, I suspect there could be an accommodation made because of that. The next Ordeal function will be June 1-3.
  5. If the name does change to Scouts, what happens to the Congressional Charter for Boy Scouts of America?