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  1. Take a little of my cola and a little of your whiskey...
  2. Perhaps Cola. "Coca Cola" started it all but it wasn't long before there were other "Colas" like Pepsi, RC, and others throughout the world. While Coke can claim ownership of Coca Cola and Pepsi can claim ownership of Pepsi Cola, I doubt anyone would face serious legal challenges to simply offering a generic "Cola" or perhaps a more accurate of a comparison, "Cola BSA."
  3. So when talking to a group of boy scouts, your going to say, "hey BSA for boys, let's gather 'round to..."?
  4. Still would have the issue of what we call the sc@&ts. Sure would be interesting to hear just how close, or how far apart, both orgs were when they were originally discussing some sort of joint action that might have avoided all this. Cue Rodney King...
  5. I watched that, and it does, a little. Again, it might be me being a curmudgeon but civilians actually forget all the time. There is almost no national awareness that troops are still dying in active hostile engagements in various conflicts. Some stranger telling me to "never forget" still begs the question a bit. I lived it; of course I will never forget. Perhaps if they said instead said "[I will] never forget." I didn't get that implication when I watched it live but perhaps I missed it. I might have to think on this a bit. I've long known that I didn't care for the practice but
  6. I don't know if I am atypical in this but I don't even liked to be thanked for my service. 1. It is rote and meaningless in most cases. 2. I didn't really do it for them. 3. I don't feel like I actually did anything that was of service to the person making the comment. 4. I feel like it obligates me to respond somewhat in kind like with "you're welcome" which compounds my weird feelings on this practice. Maybe I am too much of a curmudgeon when it comes to this topic. Tangent: I don't say "[God] bless you" when people sneeze either. What a weird practice considering the fact t
  7. How about something rather unique that combines both the utility of a hat and a neckerchief? My daughter likes to wear a "buff." I had not thought of this before but a buff could be class A headgear and class B neckwear and it could also provide much of the same utility of a neckerchief. They could be both uniform and unique (could add patches or other ornamentation to them). I did a quick search and it appears the scouts of South Africa already do this: https://www.scouts.org.za/2014/10/13/get-original-ssa-buff/buff-female-image/ I think I am going to pa
  8. Absolutely. But, there is no reason for the kids to love their parents any less over it. I don't get my scouts involved in picking sides in this dispute and my daughter is in both organizations.
  9. As someone that opposed any name change, that ship has already sailed. We can't go back short of a court order forcing us to. To go back while under a pending law suit would open us up to any potentially frivolous lawsuit that anyone else could consider. Certainly would not feel brave if we buckled under this little bit of pressure. There is no going back while under threat. This is the hill we die on. Certainly GSUSA and BSA could have held these sort of discussions privately (and they may have) but now it is too late to try and find some negotiated new name change.
  10. Ya, I get that. Don't really care though. They can sue me. I will await my Cease and Desist.
  11. "Here in "Scouts BSA", we have girls only troops and boys only troops. Either way, your child will be joining the largest and oldest scouting organization in America." Other than during recruitment, would there be a real need to tell someone you are talking about a girls troop vs. a boys troop? Even if there is a need, I am not sure there is a need to refer them as a boys (scout) troop vs a girls (scout) troop. It should already be clear that you are talking about Scouts BSA.
  12. As a DL for a female den, I try to never use gender terms. My girls are "scouts." If I start to say, "hey girls" I quickly correct myself and call them "scouts." Using gender terms is a crutch I, as an adult leader, need to learn to overcome. No reason for either boys or girls to think of themselves - or to hear others refer them - as anything other than a scout.
  13. From the article: Looks like BSA lost that case. I don't see how stare decisis would be ignored when GSUSA tries to take a second bite at the apple.
  14. Maybe not so regional. From today: https://www.npr.org/2018/11/06/663112361/luring-more-women-to-fishing-in-the-upper-great-lakes Snip: In 2016, about 14 percent of Americans fished, and most of them were men. But a recent study on the Upper Great Lakes indicates female participation is on the rise. It found that fishing license sales increased among female anglers by about 4.5 percent between 2000 and 2015. That's an additional 43,000 female anglers. --------------
  15. Both in cubs and scouts, booth sales have always counted in the same general manner as door to door. In some cases, total booth sales for the day were divided up between the scouts in attendance that day, sometimes the entire weekend (if they had a booth set up for two days at a grocery for example), at least one time divided up for the entire year (total booth sales divided by total scout hours x your scout's hours worked) and most recently, by the exact sales that you booked during your hours worked (so you were incentivized to sell more during your slot and not rely on the sales of others).
  16. Honestly, I would take a sash over the 3XX smock I see most of them in. How is anyone supposed to look neat in article of clothing that hangs from the shoulders with no connectors in the middle. Every time I see an older girl in one they look sloppy. Since Scouts was modeled on the military, it makes complete sense to me that we have a dress uniform (class A), a field uniform (class B - a shirt with a place for official rank and not much else), and for those troops that want such, a troop specific athletic uniform (class C) that is a tshirt. Leave the dress uniform at home whe
  17. Hey Eagle, is that posted to the facebook group or someplace else? I would be interested in seeing where my council, Crossroads, ranks in our region as well as total number. Wild to see that some have 10 times as much, or more. Hopefully there is something that can be learned from their experience as simply warm weather cant account for the difference between Florida and Southern Louisiana.
  18. Ha! almost mirrors my son's experience last night exactly.
  19. What a roller-coaster ride these last two days were. We went from my son quitting scouts on Sunday night to him "having fun at a meeting" during a troop visit last night, and him committing to join the new troop before we even got home - all in a 48 hour period. I am an emotional wreck! Rather than continue this story in the previous thread: I thought, in light of what is in all reality a positive end result, to start a new thread that isn't burdened by all the heartache of the old thread. While we will miss the scouts of the old troop, as well as some of the scouters, I am sure we
  20. District is well aware and not happy about it but nothing they can easily do as I understand it. If the CO doesn't object, then the only recourse to my knowledge would be to pull the charter. If we do find a home in the other troop, the most effective thing WE can do is for my son to be an outstanding Den Chief for the local packs and help recruit them to his new troop instead of letting them go to his old troop.
  21. Heh. I have the impression that the other troop we are considering will not present an issue with a signed off SM. Edit: Oh trust me, I have been brimming with snark for two months over this issue (and it has occasionally spilled over) but I had to keep reminding myself that this is for my scout and anything I do that is NOT IN SERVICE to the aims and methods of what he is trying to accomplish simply benefits me and not him. If I had to grovel and look meek to placate egos, then so be it.
  22. 12, First Class. I am hopeful we can find a home in the other Troop but if not, we might have to wait for Venturing age. No Sea Scouts in our area.
  23. Long overdue update. The committee meeting was interesting. Felt like my own board of review (or military promotion board in reality - felt like I was trying to make Sergeant again). It was me, surrounded by all the members of the committee while they all argued against me. I won't elaborate further other than to say it was a less than pleasant experience - with no real result. The only concession I was given, almost as an after thought, was that I was offered the opportunity to recraft the rules and send them to the incoming SM for his consideration next year. I gladly accepted the oppor
  24. Well, with all due respect, there's your (their) problem. I have little sympathy for parents that are not willing to put in even a marginal amount of effort to make things work. Find an hour, even an hour at their local library, to take the class isn't asking for too much.
  25. Sounds like a problem for the Council or the District, not your troop. I would refer them to the appropriate entity. I have an AOL daughter in the same predicament and I continue to work actively with the local district to find her a troop in February. I don't harass my son's troop (or their CO) about it but I have asked them what they plan to do.
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