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  1. OK, but what does that have to do with opening membership? If BSA, including Venturing, is currently losing members, then it does not follow logically that by being more inclusive, more members would leave. It isn't as if boys have been avoiding Boy Scouts because of girls being included. They obviously left for every other reason as girls being included was not even an issue (and not even in Venturing as they could simply join a regular troop). I don't deny that BSA has a growth problem but that problem is highly unlikely to be related to the current discussion. No one avoided joining Cub
  2. OR, LDS has already told BSA that they are on their way out and this is viewed as a way to help offset that loss; as you are probably correct in your assumption that if LDS were to leave over this, adding girls won't offset that loss.
  3. On that we are in agreement - but I imagine such research, typically performed by random survey, would have a significant margin of error. If we look at other polling/surveys of what people think they will do at some point in the future based on a policy that has yet to be implemented, the results are often significantly different than reality. Additionally, such a survey would have to include both current members (youth - which surveying is problematic), parents, adult leaders, and everyone that might join due to the change. That is a pretty big poll of survey recipients. I am not sur
  4. I have to say as a dad of a Brownie that got turned away from the entire district due to the three Brownie Troops being "full" thus being forced to be a Juliet for a year (when we could have just quit), nothing sucks more than being told we don't want you in our troop. It would seem that it is in the best interest of GS to work with the leaders and the parents to find a way to include all interested girls, even if that means recruiting more parents (like a willing and dedicated dad) to take on more troop responsibility to help the leaders.
  5. Finally found a troop last night for my GS so she has a new home for at least this year. Maybe she will be one of the first girls to earn both the Eagle and the Gold.
  6. No, not forgetting, I simply disagree with your assumption that more boys would leave over the inclusion of girls than girls that would join.
  7. *Chuckle* Perhaps you should have said Mars instead of the moon since we found a way to go to the moon. The beauty of this change is that BSA would not have to implement anything - simply leave it up to the council and individual chartering organizations. More difficult to mess something up if you delegate the authority. To continue your space analogy, the failures of SpaceX are not directly the fault of NASA. Edit: I would also add that failure is always an option and the potential for failure should not be a cause for us to avoid change. A good life lesson for all scouts.
  8. From reading the article, it appears that it is clearly about family camping with no association or commentary on scouts. I didn't find any mention of troops, packs or dens and in fact, the article makes many comments about renting equipment, making reservations, etc - all things a scout organization would not have to do, nor would a family have to do that decided to attend a scout camping event. I think you may be making way too much of that article. I don't see how it is in any way a reflection of how scouts may or may not be changing in the future. If this was an article about co
  9. Campfire got back to me, no clubs anywhere near me. Oddly enough, I finally heard back from our local GS council and was told that a leader would contact me today regarding a slot in an existing troop. Still think it might be too little too late but at least she will hopefully have a home for now.
  10. I just emailed our state Campfire USA org. Will see what they say about clubs in my area. I did notice that they specifically stated that they are not currently permitting any new clubs - which I would think is not a good sign.
  11. Funny that you mention that as when I was a cub scout in 1980 in conservative rural Tennessee, my mother was my Den Leader. She still has her Den Leader dress. I realize everyone's experience is anecdotal, and I am not overly concerned about MY experience - but to turn away a girl scout because all troops in the area are full just blows me away.
  12. No, I've been primarily focused on the organizations that have the broadest base of support and activities. The one thing that GS has going for it that is significantly better that BS is the amount of ancillary activities we can do that are organized at the council level. We typically go all over the state to various GS supported activities all on our own. I don't know but I doubt AHG or Campfire has that level of ancillary activities.
  13. This issue is that currently, there is NO ALTERNATIVE for girls that would prefer BS activities so they end up in GS. Once BS opens that door more than Venturing, GS will no longer have their exclusivity. Girls will be free to join the program that interests them (and their parents) the most. As a parent of a GS and a BS, my anecdotal experience is that GS are going to lose quite a few girls that want to join their brother's organization.
  14. I am a Girl Scout Dad - "Man Enough to be a Girl Scout" is the term we use. I've been the sole support for my daughter in GS since first year Daisy. She is now (attempting) to be a Junior scout. After her first full year of Daisies, her troop folded. All the leaders quit. All the leaders were brand new to GS. The second year, we were given brand new leaders again, and they quit six months in. Thankfully, another parent took over - but she quit at the end of the year. The third year (1st year Brownie), we started the troop over, yet again, with new leaders. I begged and pleaded with
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