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  1. Even without cell service, your typical smart phone can determine GPS from sat coverage. There are a number of free aps where one can do such. The language of the requirement 4b doesn't seem to convey the need to learn long and lat, much less magnetic declination. It would appear that as long as a scout can use a smart phone (specifically mentioned in the requirement) to get from point A to point B, that the requirement is met. 4a is more about map and compass work.
  2. Ya, we had to step outside our district, again, to find a home. At least this troop (unlike her pack) is a much closer drive (less than 15 minutes). We were working on trying to start a troop in our home town but the leadership, both within the brother troop and the district just didn't seem to have any sense of urgency. It was May and they hadn't even set up an information night (and school is out in May) so we had to find a troop before summer if I wanted her to be at all active during the summer. She got to go to a 1st Class day camp with her troop and gets her Scout patch on Sunday.
  3. I've been asked to be the CC for my daughter's new Troop she joined last May. The current CC is the Advancement Chair (AC?) of the "brother" troop and she wants to step down from trying to do two roles (and who can blame her). I was originally asked to be the AC but have recently been recruited to step into the big shoes. I can log into myscouting and go through the training to learn what I need to do but we all know that such training can never really prepare one for the role so I am seeking the advice of other CCs (and non CCs) here. What do you look for most from your CC? SMs, wha
  4. Curious; anyone know why it is referred to as the "field" uniform? In my military experience, the "field" uniform is the one you would wear when "in the field" and it would generally be absent any awards. The field uniform WAS/IS the activity uniform. The BSA "field" uniform is anything but that - and is also probably why so many have come to call it the "class A" since it more closely resembles, and is more accurately worn and used in a similar manner. What is the official terminology for how to distinguish between the "field" uniform and what I most often hear as either the "full"
  5. No, two different issues and policies are being conflated here. The rules that allow for work done in a foreign scouting organization to be considered existed before the creation of the Temporary Transition Rules and are found in the GTA (https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf),, page 38. The Temporary Transition rules (https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2019/02/Implementation-Details-for-Scouts-BSA.pdf) apply to the extension allowed to scouts that join now who are over 16 but under 18. To summarize the two differe
  6. You are quoting from a section not relevant to the topic. To quote: This issue isn't about work she did as a tag-along with her brother's unit. It is about work she did while a scout of a foreign troop (not at all mentioned in the transition document). The Temporary transitions rules don't really address this issue at all (outside of the recognition section - which I fully support).
  7. And yet again, you imply less than honorable motivations behind her actions. This isn't about agreeing to disagree, this about not disparaging a scout and a minor. To quote our Moderator, "we don't do that." We can discuss the proper course of action without dragging in assumptions about her motivations. AND, I am sure I have stated that more than once as well.
  8. I don't think that is valid. Are suggesting that a Canadian female scout from Canada that completed work equivalent to First Class in 2018 would not be eligible to have that work considered if she moved to the US in 2019? If so, is there some verbiage that would support that interpretation? I am open to being incorrect but I've not read anything that would suggest that. Thanks. Let's please not infer something sinister about her motives, please.
  9. The biggest reason to deny is based on the applicant being too vocal? I know you have your own female troop but man, that reads like saying she "doesn't know her place" or that she should "sit down, be quiet." I really don't think you intended it that way but to suggest BSA make a decision based on how vocal someone is smacks of an arbitrary decision.
  10. The only way to accept that rationale is to believe that the authors of that section intentionally wanted to provide foreign citizens of foreign scouting troops more avenues for advancement in BSA than US citizens of foreign scout troops. I don't think that was their intent and I think the wording of this section was simply an oversight. The fact that they allow for someone living abroad this option clearly eludes to the intent to recognize advancement for US citizens in foreign scouting organizations. Where someone is domiciled at the time of membership seems a trivial technicality and an ove
  11. So to confirm, it is your belief that the authors of the GTA intentionally set out to create a policy of advancement that was only available to non-citizens? Do you think a US citizen that lived abroad temporarily and joined a foreign scouting association should be allowed to have that work considered when they moved back home?
  12. Is it your contention that the intent behind the GTA was to disadvantage US citizens? Or, was perhaps the language used simply not inclusive enough to consider all the potential variables (in other words, an oversight)? Do you really think BSA set out to tell a US citizen that they are prohibited from some tools of advancement that we offer to Canadians?
  13. The GTA is not clear on this point. To quote: If progress from a foreign Scouting association is to be considered and applied to BSA requirements, then the foreign Scout must meet in person (or over electronic media) with members of the council or district advancement committee, along with at least one adult leader or committee member of the receiving unit. Previous advancement work is reviewed to determine the BSA rank—up to, but not including Eagle Scout rank—the youth is qualified to receive. The question is whether or not citizenship limits that ability or not. My contention is
  14. I don't think that is true. Per my reading of the GTA, the local Council gets to decide if her work outside of BSA counts. In other words, if you disagree with her wearing Life rank, then your disagreement should be with the council, not her. She certainly can't wear something not awarded by the adult volunteers.
  15. Interesting. My daughter now carries the hand-me-down from my son (full suit but they don't usually take the pants). No noticeable wear or tear on it. Perhaps older versions of this product were not as good? The one they use is probably three years old and bought from the scout shop.
  16. Agnostic is not the same thing as atheist. And while there is a requirement to be faithful in religious duties, BSA does not define those duties. I would say that the goal in this situation would be to help this agnostic scout discover ways in which they can perform (I will use a different word), spiritual duties. "Religious" implies a set of organized dogma and I really don't think such is in keeping with the intent. A parable: God and the devil were walking down a path one day when God spotted something sparkling by the side of the path. He picked it up and held it in the palm
  17. I carry one of the various plastic ponchos you can buy for less than $1. Not going to find something lighter or cheaper. My kids take a Frogg Togg top. Amazon has them listed at about 5-6 oz and for as cheap at $15.
  18. https://oa-bsa.org/article/2018-membership-update
  19. Suggesting that he "greesed the wheels" is to imply he did something less than ethical. It calls into question his character and motives. Another comment (not from you) stated that he was a "rich lawyer" (class envy?!?) and that he "shamelessly exploited loopholes." Again, impugning character. I think we can discuss the merits of her situation without calling into question the motivations of her father or herself for that matter.
  20. Can we PLEASE get off this kick of trying to impugn her father, and by extension (and sometime outright) the scout? It is really really ugly and I would hope we are both better than that and that we can discuss our positions intelligently without turning to logical fallacies about a person's perceived motives.
  21. Again, my reply was in support of her being recognized as having completed the work for 1st Class. I stated nothing about Eagle - and the G2A seems rather clear on that point, regardless of citizenship or prior service in any other organization.
  22. What you quoted is not contrary to what I quoted. She must complete the requirement of Eagle after achieving the First Class rank as specified in G2A. I post in support of her council recognizing her prior work in granting her First Class.
  23. I think people are conflating different portions of the G2A. I will quote the individual sentences in order. Youth From Other Countries This section clearly allows for non-citizens to join BSA. This section clearly states that prior progress made in another scouting organization may be considered and recognized by the council (note, this is not a call made by Nationals - the authority to recognize resides with the council). The G2A never envisioned the idea that a US citizen would have foreign scouting experience that they would want to apply to BSA so the la
  24. Weird! The link from my order history is a completely different color (and is clearly tan on my son's uniform). I didn't notice such because I simply copied the link without revisiting the page. The seller must have changed it instead of making a new listing.
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