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  1. You are under the false impression that all regalia, dances and songs are religious on nature. Some are and those should be avoided by the OA. The OA officially discourages the use of such items and urges lodges to work with local Native Americans to understand the differences and be respectful of the cultures. OA routinely host seminars that help Arrowmen understand the difference. Last summer there was a national seminar held at Philmont called Wachipi, many if not most, of the instructors on hand were Native Americans. My son is in charge of a lodge Pow-wow this Spring and is working w
  2. I recently attended a Pow-wow that was co-sponsored by an OA lodge and a Native American organization. While eating at a nearby restaurant I couldn't help but overhead a woman ranting about the "Indian costumes" the people were wearing. While she was going on about "that's not how Indians dress or how they dance," I was thinking she has no clue. Many of those in "costume", or regalia, where actually Native American, and the regalia was mostly very accurate to the nearly 200 year old inter-tribal tradition of Pow-wows. And while you will hear the terms tradition, honor and respect spoken often
  3. Is it? What does it really mean? How many different definitions are there of cultural appropriation? To whose definition should we subscribe? What if a small number of a gorup are offended, but the broader group is neutral or even supportive? Is it still wrong? What if the people that are mostly offended are not even part of the group they they feel is agreived. I heard an African American minister refer to that as "appropriating my moral indignation." I think we can all agree that being hateful and derogatory toward someone or degrading them is well out of bounds and wrong. But the "cult
  4. Influence is one thing, vetoing is another altogether. But even influence has its limitations. Most professionals are there for a few years at most. "Up or out" is what I frequently hear them say, which appears to hold true, as I have seen a number of close friends move on to other areas. My experience is that good execs move on to other councils/national or they find new careers (with a few logical exceptions). The nominating committee and other volunteers, live in the community. They have friends, relatives, customers and neighbors that they must live and deal with for as long as t
  5. Any what do the bylaws say about the SE's power to veto?
  6. Sounds like a great plan. Best of luck!
  7. Well, depending on where you live, WFR may be an option for a squad to pay for. Or perhaps you could talk your council into sending your to WFA instructor and wrangle WFR in the mix somehow. Or it might be useful if you planned on working at Philmont or NT for a Summer. There are a number of ways you might be able to make it worth someones while to pay your way. Your an Eagle (almost) if you put your mind to it, I be you will figure a way.
  8. I did not remember the price, but no, it is not inexpensive. That is another reason my son has not taken it yet. He is busy earning money for other things like Philmont OATC, NOAC and a car. But, depending on your future plans, it could be a skill worth investing in.
  9. It would be a good one from what I understand from talking to the instructor. Much more rigorous and in depth. Also, you are out in the woods in real life simulations of emergencies. My son took WFA and wants to take WFR. I would love to take it, but it isn't that easy to find a two week block left over from other Scouting activities, without completely neglecting my family.
  10. Yes, Wilderness First Responder is 2 weeks (80 hours) of class time. WFA is 16 or 20 hours, I forget.
  11. I have taken WFA. For a layman, it is a bit of a fire hose. Even with a very good. working knowledge of first aid you cover a lot of material, in depth, over a short period of time. The material is contextual to being in the wilderness where you are more than a couple of hours from professional help. Basically, to keep the person alive until help arrives or you can evacuate. There is a Wilderness First Responder class which I think is a 2 week class. I was told it is the equivalent to EMR but again, with a wilderness context.
  12. I don't believe trying to run any organization by a consensus vote of the entire membership would work. If A and B are the choices, people would scream about not having C and D as an option. There will always be those that want E and F as well. Give more than 3 options you might get a plurality, but rarely, if ever, a majority. Any more than 3 options and you are unlikely to even get as strong plurality. not to mention, current members are not the only ones that are the target market. The membership is involved in developing programs, I have seen it first hand. But there are millions of u
  13. I have avoided commenting in this thread due to my contribution to the closing of a previous political thread. But, what the heck.... The question was asked if this is real news or fake new. My question is, why is this considered news at all? Nothing here really rises to the level of news worthy. We have a "news organization" with a less that sterling reputation, using unnamed sources. The article uses dozens of one to three word quotes (no real context) with only a couple of lengthy quotes. One could make the breakfast menu a Shoney's sound controversial doing that. W
  14. But the concept of the necker and the Stetson campaign hat both came from FRB. BP adopted them from Burnham, because of their utility, during their time together in South Africa. Culture is not purely ethnic. The western (cowboy) culture is one that, I hear, is or was popular in Europe and Asia. My point is the race to be the "more aggrieved" party is a fools folly. With thousands of years of human history where an how do draw lines of what is and isn't cultural appropriation. More importantly it appears generational in some cases. One generation of a particular group being offended
  15. Scouts! The Rise of the World Scout Movement Produced in Canada I believe.
  16. And put out a call to the rest of the world to drop the campaign hats and neckers as well. For that matter, probably a good many Scouting skills as well.
  17. Just for the record, Alvin York was a Tennessean. I have been camping up near is birth place and there are markers everywhere.
  18. I didn't need to, it had already been done before I came to my current lodge. As for other lodges and what they are doing it is difficult to say. Lodges can be involved with individuals from the tribe, representative, governing bodies or Native American associations or nobody at all. I do not know how many Lodges have the official approval of any particular tribe.
  19. At the Council level the registrar validates that the MBs are in the system and that the rank dates matchup, but shouldn’t take but a few minutes. Then files the signed EBoR form. The rest is done by volunteers. The cynic in me say the throwing a outrageous figure, so they can look good when the lower it to what the think it cost them. The sad thing is this will make it more difficult for kids, particularly those living in depressed urban and rural areas, to obtain their Eagle. Im not a fan, the Council needs to find another way.
  20. Actually, the OA Legend draws heavily from the works of Cooper as well as fictional writers, including Longfellow. Regardless, lampooning, as you demonstrated above, is the act of using sarcasm to mock someone. The OA has never sought to mock anyone. The use of Native American culture was meant as an honor, in fact one of the founders was honored by at least one tribe for his efforts. While individual members, chapters and lodge are not perfect, the OA strives to be respectful in it use of Native American imagery and lore and encourages working with local tribes. We tend to hea
  21. Was James Fenimore Cooper lampooning when he made up the characters and legends in Last of the Mohicans?
  22. I have an opinion but given some of the reactions I suppose a little self censorship would be appreciated.
  23. We have heard this rumor in various incarnations before, and it has never materialized. That said, I have no doubt there will be a very concerted effort to do away with Native American references to almost any degree within a few years. It saddens me greatly, but there are too many that are too loud in that very vocal minority that wishes it to be so.
  24. For the record, I was clowning around about the Super Soakers at 20 paces. I thought it was funny. I guess I was wrong.
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