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  1. hikeoholic

    One of my new favourite scout photos

    The adventures with the challenging adverse conditions are the ones they will always talk about years from now.
  2. hikeoholic


    Yes, there is Boy Scout Volunteers https://www.facebook.com/groups/boyscoutvolunteers/
  3. hikeoholic

    Help clarify a position question!

    The Latin Scout, according to the Lodge planbook "Each Chapter Adviser shall appoint a minimum of three (3) Chapter Associate Advisers in consultation with the District Executive and the District Camping Committee." and these patches can be purchased through our Scout Shop, they will just ask you for what Chapter.
  4. hikeoholic

    OA Adviser Insignia?

    The Chapter Adviser patch would be for the Chapter Adviser, they have Associate Chapter Adviser Patches for the other Advisers. Which our Lodges plan book states that each Chapter Adviser should appoint a minimum of 3 Chapter Associate Advisers in consultation with the DE and the District Camping Committee.
  5. hikeoholic

    NATIONAL POLICY: AOL and Crossover Ceremonies

    I agree that the provided ceremony has no connection to the OA whatsoever, this is a script that the pack leaders or any Troop could carry out. The only part I like about it is that at least 5 of the scouts have a part in it.
  6. Have a good time. Lucky you; you only have to travel to Oso Lake. We are always out at Lost Valley where we will be doing our Ordeal Weekend next week
  7. My scoutmaster always said if your scout book did not fall apart you were not reading it enough.
  8. hikeoholic

    Eagle Scout Application Filing Fee

    OCC's Weekly Guide to Scouting just came across my inbox with their different alternative.
  9. hikeoholic

    Eagle Scout Application Filing Fee

    I am in OCC and our district Advancement Chair sent this out to what I am guessing all Scoutmaster's and Committee Chairs or maybe just his Advancement Committee. We were on an outing when our Scoutmaster read the email and shared it with the Committee Chair and those around. Everyone's reaction was pretty heated and the BOD should drop the idea of even evaluating charging a fee now. Instead they can charge the fee to the board of directors for their spot on the board to increase profits.
  10. hikeoholic

    Eagle Scout Application Filing Fee

    According to an email sent out Saturday, Jan 20th from the a District Advancement Chair of OCC it is to go into effect March 1st. I hope it is a miscommunication within the district not that you just haven't heard the news yet. Here is what was in the email Effective March 1st. The Orange County Council will be assessing a filing fee for Eagle Scout applications. The fee will be $120 with applications to defray the costs to the council to file. The logistics are being worked out as to who will be collecting. You will be receiving the Eagle Scout gift set with this fee. Please pass this along to your respective troops.This information was passed along to us today at the Top Hands Meeting at the council. YIS,
  11. Our Council just announced that they will be charging a filing fee for Eagle Scout Applications, is there is any other council charging a fee to file an Eagle Application?
  12. hikeoholic

    Patch Souvenir for Sacramento River trip?

    By BSA I am assuming you mean the 50 Miler Afoot/Afloat Award. Have you checked the Golden Empire Council High Adventure Team's Awards? http://www.gec-bsa.org/training/high-adventure-training-hat/hat-awardspatches/river-runner/66361
  13. With much of the Sierra still snowpacked it is looking like our planned trip to Emigrant Wilderness trip will be getting a new location. Anyone have any ideas of backpacking areas that offer fishing opportunies outside of the Sierras. Preferably something within 500 miles of Southern California.
  14. hikeoholic

    Should The Adult Step In or Stay Out

    No you are not wrong to be concerned over this. If the youth leadership is taking care of things the only need for an adult to butt in is if there is a safety concern and yelling at a scout is not the method to use, although we all can lose our cool at times. I would definitly try to avoid taking that adult to camp again untill he gets some training.