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  1. Patch Souvenir for Sacramento River trip?

    By BSA I am assuming you mean the 50 Miler Afoot/Afloat Award. Have you checked the Golden Empire Council High Adventure Team's Awards? http://www.gec-bsa.org/training/high-adventure-training-hat/hat-awardspatches/river-runner/66361
  2. With much of the Sierra still snowpacked it is looking like our planned trip to Emigrant Wilderness trip will be getting a new location. Anyone have any ideas of backpacking areas that offer fishing opportunies outside of the Sierras. Preferably something within 500 miles of Southern California.
  3. Should The Adult Step In or Stay Out

    No you are not wrong to be concerned over this. If the youth leadership is taking care of things the only need for an adult to butt in is if there is a safety concern and yelling at a scout is not the method to use, although we all can lose our cool at times. I would definitly try to avoid taking that adult to camp again untill he gets some training.
  4. Half Dome Hike

    We did a hike in Yosemite in 04 that included Half Dome. We started and eneded at Tuolumne Meadows camped at Upper Fletcher Lake, Merced Lake, then there was a camp at a trail junction between half dome and cloud's rest (We side hiked Half Dome that afternoon), We then climbed over Cloud's Rest and camped at Sunrise Lakes then Cathedral Lake and hiked out to Tuolmne Meadows the next day.(This message has been edited by hikeoholic)
  5. USA Today

    ozemu "We don't actually have a BOR. When the Scout has passed all required tests they get the awarded level. Duty to their god and oath and law are included in the badges required at all levels" A BOR is also included in the badges required at all levels except Scout. So are you saying you reward the scouts before they have completed all the requirments for the badge?
  6. District Camporee / Council Fees

    nldscout, If you cancel an event just because council wants to charge a fee who are you really affecting? Not the council the council will just go on with business as usual. the only ones that will be affected is the young man we are in the program for.
  7. Philmont requires H&S?

    What is H&S?????? I've seen this posted on the Philmont Mail List and someone asked the question but the discussion then turned to wilderness first aid.
  8. Summer Camp schedule-fill it up or leave free time?

    if i was put in charge of the troops summer camp organization i would make sure the young men are occupied the good part of the day but have enough free time where they can choose to do something totally up to them. If they are in activity sessions all day all week it will get boring and seem just like school.
  9. 2006 High Adventure

    CA_Scouter, Sounds great, we did a Yosemite hike from Tuolumne Meadows in 04 that included half dome and Cloud's Rest. The scenery was great unlucky for me I had my digital camera and its bag which just had a velcro lid and the camera ended dropping of of the slope while i was climbing to the top. Make sure everyone secures their gear on the way to the top inside a a pack that zips shut, lesson learned hard.. Have a great trip
  10. 2006 High Adventure

    DugNevius We are located in Southern California and you guys? How did your guys like Zion? Our troop did Zion in 2003, I was not on the trip as I was still in college. I recently took over as the backpacking coord. when I finished up college and one of the young men who was on the 03 trek requested another trip. Last one they got snowed in while they were at sawmill springs and had to hike out in one day from sawmill springs after the unplanned layover.
  11. 2006 High Adventure

    What is your troop high adventure plans for 2006? I will be taking my troop on 2 weeklong backpack trips this year, in a couple of weeks we will be going to Zion National Park hiking from Lee Pass to The Grotto. This summer in July we will be taking a trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park where we will hike to the peaks of all 4 types of volcanos in the world. We have a trek going to Philmont in 07 and will be looking for ideas for a spring trip for next year soon.
  12. Revoking the Eagle rank

    Miami_cheif, Instead of wishing someone wasn't an eagle we should wish they would of continued too live by the scouting principles and encourage them to re-discover the scout spirit and live up to the ideals of what an eagle scout is from here on out.
  13. Recruitment

    I am an eagle scout from a troop I have recently come back to assists as an adult leader after graduating college and been gone a lot other then returning during the summers and semester breaks. The troop has had a drastic fall in numbers due to a weak meeting program where it was just a social hour where the boys got tired of it and left. We have now and continue to improve the program and I think it is time to do some proactive recruiting instead of using our low numbers as an excuse not to do our annual fundraiser. I was wondering what methods of recruitment have you used and what has worked or not worked. The other adults in the troop seem to automatically think just of webloos crossover when it comes to recruitment.
  14. Back to the Future

    not to bust up all the fun of the imagination but here is the technical answer... The date on the computer that is hosting this website is used for the dates shown.
  15. Lightning Patrol - cheer help

    for anyone still reading this or clicked here for advice on the same issue..... cheer and yell are two different things a cheer is a like a short song and a yell is something short like the zap,bang suggestions. the song suggestion whom one commented on being to long the boys would never memerize it i disagree it is a great suggestion about the right lenght for a cheer and it gives the boys something to work on that will help their memorization.