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  1. OK, following a train of thought here. if Down Arrow = un-kind but un-kind is not verboten, then un-kind is not verboten, which means water guns are ok! I move that we settle this and all future disputes a 20 paces with Super Soakers! Can I get a second?
  2. “Demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath and Scout Law.” I have always interpreted that to be something that must be shown, not tell someone about. The telling of how the Scout fulfilled 4 points of the Law was more for the Scout benefit, sort of a self awareness of how he was living the Oath and Law. As far as demonstrating, to me a big part of that is how the Scout interacts with his Unit. Is he helpful, does he participate cheerfully, is trustworthy and friendly towards other, etc. Perhaps I read it too literally, but that has been my understanding. But each si
  3. That begs the question. Is calling someone un-scoutlike because you disagree with them, well.......un-scoutlike.
  4. Cooking MB teaches you sort of an urban survival skill - hopefully you learn enough to not starve if you cannot eat out every night. Though some Scout will take it to higher level. It does not teach you to be a Chef any more than Swimming merit badge teaches you to be an Olympic swimmer or Chess MB makes you an Grand Champion. It may spark the desire to achieve those things, but it is just a starting point for most Scouts.
  5. Is anyone from the Forum headed to NOAC this Summer?
  6. I swiped this fron LeCastor's post in another thread.
  7. Thanks! I am going to still that link in put it in the thread I started about best practices.
  8. Ooooo, down votes, I haven't seen them used before in the forum! Am I the first?!?!? Did I win?!?!?
  9. Good for you, we are all entitled to our opinion. Based on the comments and tactics of the Ireland's, I don't think it unreasonable or un-Scoutllike, to be circumspect of the request for special considerations. If it is then I will gladly wear that mantle. Enough of this nonsense, I need to go do that Googly thing and figure out what a Linked-in is and what a resume if for.
  10. Well, if they couldn't then they didn't learn them very well. But, If they earned their ranks through First Class under the current SM, they could tie knots and do first aid.
  11. Those requirements should be easily repeatable. If not then they didn't learn them very well in the first palce. If if BSA were to allow them to transfer, it is still at the discretion of he MB counselor.
  12. I hope his son or daughter know first aid. I think he just broke his arm patting himself on the back.
  13. Then there is silliness in the other direction. A troop requires ILST for its leaders. (Fair enough) A young man is asked to be the OA Troop Rep. He is told he needs to take ILST again but cannot make the training the weekend is offered. The potential rep has held several troop positions, including PL, ASPL and SPL twice. He has taken and taught ILST, He has taken NYLT and is staffing it. He has taken and taught OA's LLD and taken NLS training. He has or currently holds Chapter officer, Lodge Officer and Section committee chair. But it is suggested that he is not qualified
  14. This! I can see certain things occasoinally fulfilling requirements for MB but should be very limited. And if I were to err, I would err on the side of no requirements transferring.
  15. I will continue to beat the drum that if you want more merit badges, do more activities and fewer (or no) classes. Get on a river or lake and show a Scout how to canoe. They will meet the requirements with a few exceptions. (And that is true for most merit badges). They will engage because they are having fun, if they want the badge it will be easy enough to earn. If they don't then they will still have fun.
  16. Maybe I am wrong. But I am basing my assessment on what she has said in numerous interviews. Time and time again she has referenced wanting the Eagle Scout award as her motivation Please read her and her fathers own words.. Mind you, Mr. Ireland claims to be a Scout Leader (SM I believe), to teach other SM's and staff NYLT. Given that, some of his statements are puzzling. As for showing Loyalty, I would look at those comments and ask Loyalty to whom or what?
  17. If you are talking about perceived "prestige" and brand recognition, then you are correct, the Summit does not measure up to the Eagle. That is understandable. The Summit is less than 5 years old, the Silver, it's previous iteration had near a half century gap where it did not exist. The test of time is, in part, what helps create the brand recognition and "prestige". The current award did not exist when some current Venturers first joined the program. It is virtually impossible, and silly for anyone to think, the Summit Award would be able to match the Eagle in those perceived values in such
  18. In some ways Venturing feels pure. Much like what I imagine it was like in the early days of Scouting. The focus is on the activity and less about the formal advancement.
  19. I think most join to have fun. Hopefully we can instill the character and purpose of duty to God and country and helping others. If they earn their Eagle, then good for them. As for how I divide my limited time. If a Scout has a singularity of focus, I tend to divvy up more of my time first for those that focus on service, second for those that want to have fun and lastly for those whose singular focus is Eagle Scout. Fortunately, most Scouts I meet have a reasonable balance of all 3.
  20. You have mentioned NESA a few times lately. It has a very negative vibe when you do. Beyond that, why should NESA broaden it's scope or go away? It is after all, the the National EAGLE SCOUT Association, the alumni group for Eagle Scouts. Bring other awards under that umbrella does not make sense. It would be like the Stanford alumni association promoting Duke alumni. OR closer to home the Philmont alumni association promoting Northern Tier Alumni. By it's very nature is outside their scope. There is nothing wrong with Silver/Summit award, I would be proud if my children earn it
  21. Seeing how as the Patrol is the fundamental unit of Scouting, that the Patrol Method is the only method and that today in Scouting we do not see patrol method being used enough or very well, I thought I would start a thread on Best Practices. Not just how to define what patrol method is, but what adult leaders can do, and maybe more importantly what they should NOT do in order to create an environment where a true boy-led patrol method environment takes hold. I'll start with a few: A gang of boys, friends, with common goals and interest, that work together to have fun and accomp
  22. I would love to, I just have to convince my wife now! Maybe, I could take her on that trip to Ireland she wants and arrange a SLIGHT detour for a day of Scouting Adventure, lol.
  23. Ohh, my (not so) inner Scout nerd is going bananas. I would LOVE to make that trip.
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