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  1. We have a nice solution for maintaining that knowledge/history/esprit de corp etc. Our "Committee" is made up of a large number former course directors. They are not official staff, but they are part of our Wood Badge family and add so much to our courses. They are great as resources for participants, but even more so for the staff. They are our wise sages, advisers, storytellers, song-masters and cheerleaders.
  2. Those are very nice, I have them as well. Mine are from different printings but both are 3rd handbooks. I love the old books and anytime I can find one in good shape I try to add it to my collection. They are full of great knowledge and history of Scouting. It is also interesting to see how things are different and the same. My oldest dates back to 1922.
  3. I agree with some of your post and cannot disagree with some of it. So I'll just make a few points. I use the syllabus as just that, an outline. The syllabus even states the as a trainer we need to fill the gaps. The syllabus actuall covers very little of the real material, most of what is needed is found elsewhere I am careful about who I chose to be trainers, because I am a radical evangelist for boy-led and patrol method. If you are not living/teaching that, then no thank you When I have new trainers, I am always nearby to step-in and assist/set the record straight
  4. I guess it is a matter of perspective. If you know the material then it may seem like a waste of time. For others, there is not nearly enough time. Then I have those who "know all about it", that are consistently wrong in their approach. During my last SM Specific class I had two brand new Scoutmasters, who, by their own admission, did not know a thing. I could have spent two days with them and not answered all their questions. I have also have those that argue with me because "his boys can't handle that much authority and responsibility." I am perplexed at the out of date comment, when m
  5. I am not sure what materials you are referencing, but I have taught SM/ASM Specific using the last 2 Syllabi, dating back to 2010, and the Patrol method is very much a part of that training. In fact, we break the group of trainee's into patrols as well. Then we use the patrol method during IOLS and Wood Badge. The training far too short for the amount if information we are trying to teach, but it is there. And if trainers are following the program, they are teaching it. I keep reading that we do not teach patrol method anymore, but it is just not true, at least not in my Council. And
  6. Safety has not been a specific topic for IOLS since at least 2010, I cannot say before that. First Aid was removed a couple of years ago however. Safety, is a part of IOLS throughout the scheduled training though, just not a specific topic. I do occasionally see classes on G2SS at University of Scouting and other events. I will say that it is difficult to get volunteers to training, so there is a constant effort to reduce the in person training in order to make it more appealing. In doing so, volunteers are offered less and less. But it is a vicious cycle. I cannot not tell you
  7. To you list I will add: Complaining about is problem is MUCH easier than rolling up your sleeves and working to fix it.
  8. I have a few observations: Do not judge the program by a single pack. Units vary wildly. I have not seen you state that you have had a discussion with the Cubmaster. If not, you should. If you have, what was the response? A Boy Scout does not equal Den Chief. Den Chiefs must be selected by SPL with guidance of the SM, and approved by the Cubmaster and Pack Committee to be recommended as Den Chief to the Den Leader. The Den Chief must be a n older Scout (not well defined, but I am not sure 12 would be considered older). Many Troops will not allow a youth to become Den Chief un
  9. My first question is what solution did the Scouts come up with?
  10. The family program at Philmont has been around for a while. And from what I hear it’s been pretty successful and well received. Scouters get to go get some good training and the spouses and children get to have an adventure. <sarcasm> Sounds horrible and just plain wrong </sarcasm>
  11. @Tampa Turtle I’m just sorry I can only upvote once
  12. I cannot say you are completely wrong, though maybe over generalizing. Every district/council has their problem children (errmmm adults). But I am willing to wager that every district/council also has people willing to figure out how to get around the problem folks and make things work for the youth. I hold positions in two districts (my home district and inner city), the council and lodge as well. There are absolutely people that are problems, but I generally try to avoid those folks and work around them for what I need. I can tell you, everything I and those working with me do, is meant
  13. I think it is the other way around. Policy folks seem clear (or at least the ones I talked to), but the all of the online places that show your trained status are not up to date.
  14. (and adhere to the rules) <<<<<<< This part. I would be surprised if Phimont is not teaching them, but for those who have never spent time in the back country it is questionable if it will take root. Not to mention, what they forget about and leave in their vehicles.
  15. I just got of the phone with National Member Services. I was told there is only one YPT going forward, and that I am covered. Even though Even though I have taken the new YPT, online records are not showing me covered for Venturing, just Boy Scouts. It also concerns me that most of the Venturing info was removed. The old Venturing YPT covered info about sexual misconduct between Venturers, the new one doesn't specifically cover that issue.
  16. If you are offended by something that TV sensors deemed non offense 4 decades ago, well sorry. You calling all things District, Council and National bad/evil, is no different than people calling all teachers incompetent or all coaches and priest pedophiles. Painting with such broad stroke gets a lot of people messy that don't deserve it.
  17. There is the dichotomy of the situation. ] You say McMartin Preschool to people of my generation and all we remember are the accusations and think of them as evil people. The false accusations, for all practical purposes, stuck. Then you have Larry Nassar's of the world, where the victims were not believed initially. Accusations need to be listened to and investigated. But accusation do not equal guilty. Unfortunately, there are those, far too many, that believe what they want to believe regardless of any evidence. Some ignore accusations because they think it is impossible, ot
  18. Calling horse hockey and recommending someone find an organization that fits them better pales in comparison. Many of the comments on a myriad of subjects are not descent, they are down right nasty
  19. I was quoting your sentiments, those certainly are not mine.
  20. Well as you say, it is not the Scouts unit it is the CO's. So just make the change, right? Or if the IH prefers Scout then quit being the CoR. Clearly the way BSA operates does not work for you. All things district and council are bad, national are all liars.
  21. Ridiculous horse hockey. But if you believe that perhaps Trail Life or BPSA would work better for you.
  22. I wish we could quote the upvote/reactions, lol. @ItsBrian You gave the post above a confused vote, @.40AET is referencing an old 1981 movie called Stripes. The vehicle in the photo posted by @Jameson76 is the fictitious "Urban Assault Vehicle" from that movie that John Winger (Bill Murray) commandeered to for a joy ride, and ends up Czechoslovakia to save his platoon mates, as well as Sgt Hulka, aka the Big Toe. It's a reference us old farts quickly recognize.
  23. I don't have the James E. West Fellowship Award, and wouldn't wear it if i did. I already do not wear every knot I have. I know a number of West Fellows, the vast majority do not wear them. But I certainly do not begrudge anyone who does wear it. Many of the knots/awards are not "earned." They are recognition for contribution, including the DESA, MOESA, DSA, Meany, Young, DAM, Silver Beaver, Antelope and Beaver. Others are "earned" by doing the job you should be doing, like Den Leaders Award, Unit Leaders Award of Merit, Training Award and Scouters Key. The Boyce Award is often
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