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  1. Nothing stops us from teaching additional material. First aid was dropped from the most recent IOLS, but we still teach it, along with a few other topics. We should teach Scouts/Scouters what they need to know. Unfortunately, too much is being taught online, which in my opinion, robs participants from some of the greatest benefits - learning from and Fellowship with others, exchange of ideas and the ability to ask questions.
  2. I would think if you can find them (red & whites), you can wear them. Since ANY uniform ever issued is approved for wear, it only makes since old CSPs and Council/Community strips would be approved as well.
  3. Our troop has an annual river clean-up project each year, and a few other Service projects that stay consistent. But the others they vary and change up based on what interests the youth. The great thing is that the Scouts have really latched on to certain service projects and schedule them each year.
  4. Most councils have more than one CSP, if not several at any given time. There may be dozens over the course of a Scouting career. Uniformity in CSP’s is nearly impossible to achieve, let alone enforce. If your council adds 1,000 Scouts per year and changes it’s CSP in 3 years, do ask/require those 3,000 Scouts to change CSPs? In my mind, no. Not to mention, some events ask staff or participants to wear a specific CSP, like Wood Badge Staff or Jamboree participants. Wear whichever ever issued CSP you think is appropriate. I have several uniforms I have collected over time
  5. Tough one. Do you support someone following laws that are morally wrong, for example segregation? Do you support someone for following their conscience even if you disagree with them morally, for example Sharia Law and stoning someone as punishment? In the end, part of laws purpose is to remove the ambiguity and variance in different valeus. I would come down on the side of following the Law but fight like crazy to change those laws I felt we’re morally wrong.
  6. Both our Troop and our Crew have dues. I am not sure how the Troop dues were set, it was done before we joined and has not changed. The Crew dues are being determined by the youth in consultation with the Advisors and Committee. Both units the youth plan the calendar and budget (budget with consultation of Committee Treasure & Unit Leader). The fundraisers are part of the annual planning created by the youth. Though, this past year was the first time the youth did so in the Troop. The youth determine ahead of time which fundraisers will benefit the unit versus the Scout. Usuall
  7. Yes, our SE and DE have a lot of influence (power) because we trust them, mine have earned that. However, if they were constantly steering us wrong, standing in the way of progress or subverting the by-laws they would have far far less power. Not to mention would likely run into so many legal firestorms it would be impossible for him to function.
  8. The nominating committee is appoint by Michel Surbaugh - and he keeps the secret list of names in his safe, inserted in between the pages of his copy of Jedi Mind Tricks for Dummies..
  9. Nope. First, the President, who is elected, not the Exec, apoints the nominating committee. Second, any member of the council can nominate someone in writing, but not from the floor. Third, National couldn’t pick the slates even if they wanted to. Dozens of committees members x almost 300 Councils would be impossible to manage, let alone knowing enough about each person to know who they wanted. Finally, whoever told you that the Councils charter was at risk was bluffing. They cannot revoke a charter for following their own bylaws. And if they try then they put the tax exempt status i
  10. Fair enough and I support that choice. I would support their choice to suspend their charter if they didn’t like the program. But I have no sympathy for them if the CO just does the minimum, does not participate in the district or Council and then complains they have no voice. There is a huge difference in not having a voice and not using that voice.
  11. I had heard rumors about the change more than a year ago. The concept was raised officially at last Spring's Annual Meeting, possibly sooner.
  12. If the Exec in your Council has ALL the power then it is because others have seeded it to him. The Council Exec's don't even have a vote. However, every CO does. In fact if you are telling the CoR NOT to, or even that he does not have to, show up and vote then you are not upholding your end of the Charter. When you signed off on the Charter you agreed that the CoR would represent your organization at District and Council. No I don't know that to be true or false. I am not sure how you know that either. But for the sake of argument, let's say you are correct and most CO's oppose al
  13. Then drain it. CO’s have more power than any single group, if they show up and vote. At a District level CO’ out number all others 4or 5:1, at Council 3 or 4:1. The CO’s absolutely have the opportunity and authority to control how BSA operates.
  14. Wow, that is more than a little over the top. Is there anything about Scouting you like?
  15. My thoughts are simple. Why are adults deciding (not to mention writing rules) on how the troop should operate it's program? First, the Scoutmaster, not the Committee, is responsible for the program. Second, the Scoutmaster should not be deciding either. His job is to guide the troop, through the SPL and PLC. The PLC should be coming up with whatever additional rules they feel are needed on how the troop functions. If they think they need NSP's then they can decide to have them. Same for mixed age, permanent, same age, temporary patrols etc. I respect where you are trying to go with th
  16. Yes, many have issues getting up in front of people and talking. So you are not alone. I personally don't have any issues with it, in fact I am sure some folks wish I would just shut up at times. LOL. But I have trained a number of people that range from uncomfortable to sheer panic and tears. Both youth and adult. I suggest trying to figure out what it is that causes you such anxiety. If you can learn to overcome it you will be a great example to your youth that have exactly the same fears. In fact just the act of trying to overcome it is a great example. Having spoken God only kn
  17. LOL! I am not youthful anymore, but I still cling to my youth exuberance (AKA ignorance).
  18. Okay, maybe I am missing it, but he appears to be saying the 1st class was a requirement for OA and that a loophole in Explorers allowed members that had attained 1st class in Boy Scouts were eligible. Thus Explorers that had not earned 1st Class, be they boys or girls, were not eligible.
  19. My marginally informed opinion is that BSA4G Troops will be formed in late 2018 in time to be ready for 2019 Crossovers.
  20. As I said I cannot and will not fault your for making that personal decision. I will thank you or all you have done and continue to do for Scouting. All the YPT and policies in the world are no silver bullet, there are inherent risk involved in dealing with people of all ages. Today's cultural climate seems to be even more loaded with land mines. I just hope more Scouters than not are willing to navigate the mine field.
  21. And that is Boy Scouting in a nutshell. And Yes is VASTLY different from Cub Scouts, more importantly, it is meant to be.
  22. Questions What concerns the parents about letting their son camp "alone"? And by alone, it clearly appears to mean without them, since he would be with other leaders and scouts. They may have valid reasons, but I would at least inquire. If it is just mom and dad's anxiety about letting go of their baby, well... he has to grow up sometime. I don't think it is out of line for a troop to require YPT for any adult going on an overnight, but being a registered leader is a bit much. Although there are dozens of ways to register with BSA that don't require the "one hour a week" obligation. (my assu
  23. Gender dynamics already exist in Scouting, as we have coed Crews and female Scouters. In my experience neither gender has a monopoly on drama, I have seen it from male and female, from youth and adults. What has changed is the outlook on integrity. Years ago, a person that was seen has having high integrity was given the benefit of doubt. They were innocent until proven otherwise. Unfortunately, a few, and too many, used that position to take advantage of others. So now the pendulum has swung and benefit of doubt is given less freely. Worse, if they are proven innocent, the damage has
  24. You are absolutely correct, OA is Boy Scouts National Honor Society, so I have never understood the argument people use with Venturing. Although I do think BSA muddied the water by allowing Teams. Teams have, or had, elements of Troops and elements of Crews, so allowing Teams but not Crews was a Pandora's box. As for requirements between Troops and Crew, I am going from memory (i.e. I am not going to look it up), but somewhere in officil documentation I have read that most things (there are some exceptions listed) can crossover when it comes to Troops and Crews. Camping, hiking, first aid,
  25. I can see that, particularly in a small council or remote district in larger councils. Ours is a decent mid-sized council and we still struggle with some MB's. Which is one reason we alternate between our council camp and near by council camps of larger councils.
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