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  1. Interesting and timely thread. My Venturing YPT expired last Saturday, so I needed to take it. My Boy Scout YPT shows as still valid until 2019, I retook it last Summer before Jambo. However, on my.scouting.org, the Take the Course link for Venturing is gone. So I searched through the training portal and found 2 versions of YPT. One said "Mandatory" the other said "Recommended". Since the recommended version said Status: Complete and the Mandatory version said Status: Incomplete, I postulated that the Mandatory version must be for Venturing, So I took it. It was longer, I canno
  2. No OldScout, you are correct, it IS the Scouts troop. Saying it is the CO's troop is akin to me saying the new jacket my son purchased, with money he earned, is MY jacket. Legally it is mine and I am responsible for him, but it is HIS jacket. Or maybe that the group of people he hangs out with are MY friends, because I provide a place for him to sleep.
  3. Heck yeah, and probably a few merit badges as well.
  4. They can use whatever they want. The question is should they? if they do should it be counted towards camping nights? (and I am sure there are a few more questions). I would say if they are going to be 3 days in a state park, they should pitch tents unless there are extenuating circumstances as to why not. I would add, that I would not count that towards camping nights. I can see some situations where I would be in favor of a camper. For example, a group traveling across country to Philmont. If they are pushing very long days driving in order to get there, I can see a camper (we
  5. As for the stoves, I really don't have an issue with that, that basically got what the Scouts wanted but a more durable version for slightly more money. Had I been the Committee Chair or Equipment Chair, I would have come back to the PLC and told them that we suggest the more durable version because it will cost less in the long run. I am sure the Scouts would have agreed. The tents on the other hand sound like adults just running off and doing what they want. That level of equipment purchase is not really in the hands of the SM and ASM, the CC and Equipment Chair should be doing the purc
  6. I would discourage Scouts from refusing to do fundraising because of vandalism. The PLC came up with a different solution for that. But, as a Scout, if we are raising money for equipment, and not having a say in it, I would have a problem. If adults want to take the money the Troops has and spend it, then the adults need to be raising/earning it not the Scouts.
  7. Who authorized the ASM to spend $2,500 of the Troop money? Sounds like a much larger issue. If we’re a Scout, I doubt I would be doing any further fundraising for the troop.
  8. I’m confused, was the a gift to to the troop (you said the SM takes about the “ASM’s present” above) or was Troop money spent on it?
  9. Fair enough and true. So I recalculated. But, since Explorers were effectively split (in this statistical report) with School/Career based Exploring moving to LFL and some staying under Exploring program, I removed exploring altogether. This was to compare apples to apples. Leaving Explorers in, but not LFL, creates an impression that there was a significant drop in participation rather than a reclassification of what was a member. That said, the comparison of the 70's membership drop is still valid and between BSA and GSUSA and both still suffer very equivalent drops. Clearly there were
  10. I routinely hear that the drop in membership in 70's was caused by the program change. I can't say for sure, because I was not involved at that time, certainly not as an adult leader. So I went in search of some numbers. I found some here http://www.allcountries.org/uscensus/443_boy_scouts_and_girl_scouts_membership.html I decided to chart the numbers for BSA and GSUSA. The dates are a bit strange in the spacing 10 years, 5, 5 then one year increments after that. The gaps in the data can hide a few things like actuall peaks and valleys, but the general trend line remains fairly accurate.
  11. It is! I also like crash and burned. Once I said it to a Scout with out thinking really, it’s just part of my vernacular growing up. I looked at him shaking my head and said “you really crashed and burned on that one.” I then wondered if that might not be appropriate for some reason. The Scout chuckled and said “yeah, I did.” Next thing I know the Scouts were using it and coming up with their own spins in it. Some were pretty funny. I think it worked because it really gets the point across that they screwed up, but it doesn’t feel as harsh or judgmental as saying you
  12. This came across my news feed. I have no idea about the quality of this publication beyond reading the article (which clear has factual flaws), but I thought it was interesting. https://hotair.com/archives/2018/02/01/northern-california-magnet-girls-joining-boy-scouts/ And another article came across right after that. https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/02/01/girls-signing-up-in-droves-to-become-boy-scouts-in-northern-california-were-both-created-equal
  13. Oh, I agree, which is why I didn't say they wouldn't be offended. But using the cultural appropriation guidebook them being offended is of no consequence. Just in case anyone isn't paying attention to the whole thread. This is all sarcasm.
  14. Scoutbook (Full) is pretty intuitive, even if it is light on functionality. I have not played with SB Light. The following is about Scoutbook (full) but I am sure it applied to SB light as well. Advancement (MB, rank, awrds) can be entered by the youth, their parents and adult leaders. Merit badges are approved by their MB counselor (assigned by unit admin in SB) An adult leader must do final approval for awards, advancement and MB to be official and recorded. (though I am not sure if awards will be recorded beyond the local level) The unit SB admin assigns who can app
  15. Having been a on the Council and District Training committee and done a good deal of training, I can say far, far fewer than I expected.
  16. BTW - the Dr.s that started the program were both Venturing Scout volunteers. They were and are very much about Scouting and its ideals. They saw an opportunity to bring what they loved professionally into the Scouting world and pitched it.
  17. STEM Scouts are chartered by schools. They are called Labs. The volunteers are registered with BSA and are required to have YPT. The youth are registered with BSA and you will see them listed on membership reports for district and council. They fall outside the "Traditional Program" when referenced in reporting. Their uniform is a lab coat. They do several hands on experiments per year. It is not an inexpensive program approximately $100 per Scout per year. The experiments use a lot of materials and all of the Scouts get hands on experience. In that regard, they are out pacing many
  18. It does. The Oath and Law are very much a part of STEM Scouts. We have. Part of Varsity Scouts was starting and supporting you athletic programs. As well as other Troops and Post over the decades. It is. STEM Scouts is owned an operated by BSA. Councils that are doing STEM Scouts likely have a DE that is in charge of that program. It was started in the Great Smoky Mountain Council by two PhD's from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (which was created for the Manhattan Project). It has been piloted across several councils throughout the U.S. Having seen it first hand, i
  19. Well, based on the current train of thought that the aggrieved party in appropriation are those who were subjected to colonization/subjugation, I think we are in the clear. All of this is their fault, right?
  20. Nope, but apparently we are offending all of the Americans. And since we already "appropriated" Scouting from the Brits I can't imagine they would be offended if we did so with the Knights of the Round Table. But hey......... who knows.
  21. How about appropriate Knights of the Round Table? Scouting started in England, kind of makes sense. Chivalric code and all. From BP's Scouting for Boys “In the old days the Knights were the real Scouts and their rules were very much like the Scout Law which we have now. The Knights considered their honor their most sacred possession. They would not do a dishonorable thing, such as telling a lie or stealing. They would rather die than do it. They were always ready to fight and to be killed in upholding their king, or their religion, or their honor. Each Knight had a small following of
  22. If the Scouts do not want the OA to come, they will not. But if Scout’s wish to join, they should have that option.
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