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  1. In response to the information given to me- I do not know if the boy has any (trained) scout titles other than boy scout. During the tin roof situation, the boys were playing together nearby when suddenly they jolted into the woods. I was setting up a tent when I saw them run off and I asked the adult leaders what the boys were doing, they said going on a hike. I asked who was going with them, they said, "the den leaders son, it's okay, he's a boy scout." I then ran off to join them. The cub scout's age ranges are 7-10. The latest occurrence involved the 12 yr old boy scout mo
  2. I am new to the scouts, please excuse any incorrect terminology. A den leader keeps having her 12 year old boy scout watch over a group of cub scouts as they venture off to areas non-visible to adults. Two parents told the leader they were uncomfortable for a child to be responsible for a group of children. The leader's response was that the boy (her son) was a boy scout so it's fine. This is unacceptable to me, so I always tag along with the boys. One time the boys went on a hike and found a large piece of rusty tin roof, a few boys (including the 12 yr old boyscout) began to jump and run on
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