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  1. Yup. That and the hold back for liability coverage. Explains the increase in fees a great deal. Little having to do with delivering the program to kids; lots to do with CYA from over-investment in The Summit, under-collection of promised funds. Their liquidity is a joke. Looking at the revenue streams makes one wonder exactly how long they can keep this up. They need a serious revenue injection that doesn't come with a bunch of increased liability. Increasing membership is NOT that stream.
  2. Time and effort. Folks are in for the "quick fix" these days. If you can't drop in, do some work and get the bling fast, they think it is too much work. I hate to say it, but many folks thee days just don't like things that take time, patience and effort. They want immediate (or near immediate) gratification.
  3. Don't bother. You will never get folks to take down WB even if they are culturally appropriating something. Go to class and focus on your studies.
  4. That's the point. Either have two-deep adult leadership (no matter the gender of the adults) or require one man/woman if at least one boy/girl are part of the event. As pointed out a few times here, the Venturing YP rules are very good and a great guide to use. It is simple and fair.
  5. Reading the 2016 annual report about income, liabilities and the audit notes are, indeed, interesting. As are the notes from page 17 on the three most important issues facing national and it's finances as of this report.
  6. It is not really a bandwidth issue, technically speaking. The platform suffers from lack of computing power, has some serious API issues, poor coding and design issues, reporting issues and lack of a redundant architecture. It needs a great deal to be ready to server the masses that BSA hopes will use it. It would be nice as a free app but I would not bet my unit on it. Much of the unit admin tools needed are not on the current system, and I would want to see any new release go through a HUGE stress test before moving my unit to it. That's years away at this point.
  7. No. That is what you inferred. I said that the Oath and Law implies we -- all Scouts and Scouter, including national and our national leaders -- treat everyone equally. I also said that while "equality" is not mentioned as part of the Oath and Law, treating people equally and fairly is implied. So, in creating a standard by which female Scouters are treated differently than male Scouters, national is creating a double standard and not treating everyone equally. I also said that we do treat people differently based on needs and certain special situations, in general we should strive t
  8. God forbid they push units to Scoutbook. We use if for our Crew but it would be a nightmare for troop management. It is way too clunky and the app crashes or is slowed down a lot. They have no idea of what a maintenance window is. If all units were to access their current environment, it would drop to its knees and grab it's chest and die.
  9. When male Scouters are treated differently from female Scouters with regard to YPT, that is unequal. And unfair.
  10. Have you not been paying attention to the circus in Irving? There is no girls program in place to date, yet they've marketed a product they don't have. That's evidence plenty. The fact they've announced a new product -- yet to be developed -- and are marketing the heck out of it is proof they are doing this backwards. It doesn't require any inside knowledge. Just read what national has been saying and doing. It is obvious to anyone with any education and experience in running a large organization. No one is arguing that she hasn't been tagging along and doing stuff for years. The point
  11. Now you are mixing things here to make your point. You are mixing R&D with new product development with marketing and advertising. These do have a relationship, but you haven't made your case for how that relates to BSA and the changes they are making. They haven't done any R&D or new product development. They have made changes based on MINIMAL research, no development and have no idea what the new product is they want to sell. What's worse, they spun up their marketing arm to sell something they haven't research OR developed!!! Again, show me a company that does that AND has been
  12. Wait...you are saying that Scouts should not treat people fairly and equally? I gotta say, I am dumb-founded by this thread this morning. Saying that the recent changes to the membership policy allowing "diversity" was not aimed at giving equality to potential members is like saying there's only one reason it rains. In every action/event, there are a series of things that combine to make that event happen. Was the primary reason for the policy change equality? No. Was the primary reason for the change to increase membership? No. Was the primary reason money? No. [Inse
  13. Meh...yes, that's obvious. HOWEVER, there is no successful business that does what I noted above and remains successful. Oh, and the Fortune 500 don't spend as much on new clients as they spend on retaining current clients. Anyone who has been in the business world knows that "marketing and advertising" is just a small percentage of the money spent on clients. Even more money is spent on non-marketing/advertising activities designed to retain CURRENT clients.
  14. It is 10 times more expensive to cultivate NEW customers than to retain an old one. Does that mean you don't market to new customers? No, of course not. But a successful business NEVER punches their old, reliable customer base in the face, introduces a new product they know their old customers won't like, increase the price and continue doing all the things that tick off their current customers. NO ONE DOES THAT and is successful.
  15. Certainly you can offer your membership/customers the chance to voice their opinion. The last three membership changes were easy decisions; either you are for them or against them. I am not advocating that national be run by its members, per se. What I am saying is that 1) You should listen to your membership/customers, not people you think will be your members/customers. No successful business in the world does that. 2) If you *do* institute change, and ask acceptance from your members/customers, then you *have to* show change in the way you as a business do things. You don't make wholes
  16. This is a complicated subject. I would wait for a few of our trained EMTs to chime in. They will know the difference in the training. @4CouncilsScouter, does BSA have any say in what is included in WRFA? All I have seen is Red Cross and a few other groups offering it. I am not aware (at least locally here) of BSA getting involved in the actual curriculum of WRFA. @ItsBrian, The only real difference I have seen in y experience is that WRFA focuses on giving aid with the things you might normally have or choose to carry with you in the backcountry. The depth of training can vary depend
  17. Well, maybe BSA could have done something innovative like 1) survey their membership and abide by what the majority wanted, and 2) include membership in the development of any program changes since they will be the ones that have to use them and support them in the field. Part of evolution must ALSO include changing the way you manage the organization. If BSA is going to change so much, they should at least also change how the do things. That should not be too much to ask.
  18. Really? You might want to check out her petition on Change.org. This goes back over two years. Check out all the publicity too. You can't say she wasn't doing this for recognition or was doing this just to be in Scouts. If there were true you would not see even a fraction of this publicity. And when you read all the reasons why she's doing this (crowbarring open BSA), Eagle is one of the reasons. The irony is that the other reasons don't hold water because she could attend Jambo, go to high adventure camps and all that other stuff as a VENTURER!!! So fast forward to today. She's not happy
  19. What insurance does your council provide that national does not? The wording of the announcement seems odd. They spend the first part of the note discussing the rising costs of delivering service, none of which are related to insurance. It sounds more like the $12 is to defray THOSE (non-insurance) costs than anything. Or is the council's insurance going up and they need to recover those costs? It was unclear to me.
  20. @gblotter, congrats to your family. My son was able to have his ECOH last February with my dad and whole family in attendance. One year later my dad is ill and may not make it past March. Looking back I am glad we made such a big deal over the ECOH. It was a great way for my dad to see his grandson make Eagle and his son retire as SM. A great way for him to see his legacy live on doing exactly what he did...serve others.
  21. In the name of complete disclosure. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/cadence13/pantsuit-nation-podcast/e/52933039
  22. ROFL...the impact of being so close to France. [Well done Kestrels]
  23. Having had several kids on the autism spectrum in our unit, I have to say that having involved parents was key. Also, making sure several of the leaders are trained in how to deal with kids on the spectrum was also helpful. If you search around this forum there should be a thread about a pretty good video series put together by a member. This is the council but I don't see the video series they put together there. You can contact them and maybe they can share it with you. Here's another decent link.
  24. Troopmaster works fine. Their web version is easy to use and phone friendly. We also used Scoutbook and found it lacking severly.
  25. OA used to shoot an arrow in to a pile of wood to start a fire...until it got nixed. As I understand it, the big argument is not about the regalia but the total appropriation of the culture. In that there are no "degrees" of indignation. If you appropriate one item then it is as bad as ten items. Or so it should be if we are going to be consistent...and that's my point. If OA is going to be forced to give up the native american aspects of OA then WB should have to give up their "regalia" and "props" as well.
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