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  1. OA does service at most of our council camps. They recently tried an adopt-a-trail program but after it was rolled out never heard anything from them again. Nothing like adopt-a-site in my area.
  2. Yes, they will have to learn ScoutBook. When will it go live? Appears in March some time BUT who knows. The project may get delayed. So I would expect you should train the new person rather than train the person leaving. Planning? I'd train on Internet Advancement now, then everyone will have to train on ScoutBook anyway. The March 1st deadline is for current SB subscribed units. HOWEVER, the rumors out there are that ALL units will be using SB in a "Lite" version shortly there after. Recommendation: Train on Internet Advancement now and make the transition. When SB transitions everyone will have to train anyway. Training on IA now allows you to keep a timeline of your own AND allows for that timeline to continue should BSA delay IA's shutdown. Delaying puts you at the mercy of BSA project management.
  3. In today's environment, I would never assume that. Someone, somewhere will get offended and make a stink and BSA will back down. That seems to be the process.
  4. My experience has been that moms get stuff done...but usually end up taking away a learning opportunity from the boys. Dads do this too, but not with the frequency of the moms. I would think as long as the boys are using the Patrol Method and executing the program -- if that means it is not done to the efficiency of the moms or dads -- then that's what you want.
  5. They've done a horrid job of explaining this whole concept. As I understand it, Scoutbook Lite is the "free" version of SB. Essentially, if you signed up today for your free account you would establish your unit's account...very similar to signing in to Internet Advancement. Once you are validated (again, like you would be if you signed in to my.scouting) it *should* connect your profile with your unit's data. Anyone who signs in to SB would have to create an account, be "validated" and then they could see their stuff online. Think of it like my.scouting and how that works today. The concept is essentially the same, just the back-end database and presentation layer (the application) will be different. Now, that said, I have zero confidence this will go off without a hitch. Why? Because this is the time of year re-charters are being reconciled in the old system. No one in their right IT mind would do a system "cutover" during one of their busiest times. That would be like the IRS doing a system upgrade around April 15th. We have taken an extract of Internet Advancement and pulled that in to TroopMaster. We are also putting a moratorium on reporting to IA until this cutover takes place. Our biggest concern is data/updates getting lost during this cutover.
  6. Scoutbook According to Scoutbook, this is the announcement they are posting: Effective Mar 1, 2018, all units are required to enable the Youth Advancement Synchronization (sync) with the BSA to approve advancements. To activate your unit and Scouts for the youth advancement sync, see the information in our forum thread.
  7. I would focus on the skills that the program asks us to cover, namely the outdoor skills. While they are not necessarily masculine or feminine, they are the core of the program. Focus on the quality of your leadership training. Focus on the quality and depth of your Trail to First Class program. Institute and adhere to the Patrol Method. Emphasize the journey and not the destination. Make sure parents are (silently) involved and not taking opportunities away from the Scout to live, succeed, fail, learn and grow. Provide good adult role models (both male and female). Live the Oath and Law in your events and make things special. Do all of that and you will end up with what you seek.
  8. A local SM retired after 25+ years at the helm. Get got a great picture of Rockwell's "The Scoutmaster" that was framed. Around the border, all the Scouts and parents got to sign special messages to him. Thing was huge (36"x30") and very well done. Nice hardwood rustic frame. Brought the guy to tears. Nice shadow box of patches Scouts donated of various memories over the years was also presented. Total cost was $200 and was paid by parents and Scouts (past and present).
  9. Can we appropriate a myth? Won't someone get mythically offended?
  10. Nope. We take from the Saga of Ragnar. You can't offend the North Men. Can't do anything British because we will offend someone eventually.
  11. Agreed. We actually use the term "controlled failure". The boys get a chance to learn and grow in a controlled environment.
  12. As a descendent of "North Men", I would have no problem renaming it to Order of the Axe, wearing furs and helmets (no horns though) and drinking Scout-approved mead. I promise you I won't get offended...even if some guy shows up in horns.
  13. Yeah, I didn't take it as snarky. I have friends that work in the IT group for them. Also, a bit of easy sleuthing and you can find who they use for hosting. You can also run a few traceroutes and pings (and a few other easy tool tests) and test the reaction and I/O of their servers. And that's just the physical side. Regarding PCI, I don't think SB uses payment processing. At least I have yet to find it on the site. I don't think PCI or HIPAA apply to SB. On the application side, anyone working with the software knows how slow and temperamental it is. It is good for some things, lousy at others.
  14. Exactly. One thing our unit never really seemed to do was the awarding of mentor pins. Not sure why but in my years with the troop I think I've seen less than a handful given out. When my son's ECOH came, he wanted to give out 15! You read that right, 15. His reason? He struggled as a youth and was lucky to have several teachers and other mentors (Scouting and civilian) who, without their help and belief in him, he might have not ended up as fortunate as he was. He called them all on stage and awarded them their pins. He didn't care what anyone might have thought. He wanted to show them that their hard work and investment of time and effort had paid off. Proud moment as a parent watching him pay back those folks in his own way. @ItsBrian, I'd recommend taking time to do something like this. From family to friends, to teachers and religious leaders, acknowledge those who have helped you. I promise you it will be a moment you will never forget.
  15. I have seen units just ask the Eagles to stand. Others have taken select attending Eagles and asked them to be part of the honor guard escorting the candidate to the stage. Others have called all the Eagles to the stage to take the Eagle Charge and "reaffirm" their oath. As @TAHAWK says, it is a personal choice and up to the candidate and his family to choose.
  16. He thinks training is useless as long as you're an Eagle? Sounds like someone misses his Boy Scouting days and wants to relive them by agenda pushing. I feel for ya. This guys appears to have not learned a thing as an Eagle or as a "trained" adult. I feel mostly for the kids because they are not learning a thing. Check that, they are learning the wrong things. Keep plugging away doing what you are doing. Someone needs to be the voice of reason.
  17. Exactly. Our local nation not only approves of what our local units have done, they help to train them on aspects of their culture so that dances, regalia and even words used are appropriate.
  18. If only Scoutbook kept decent back-ups themselves. Their current disaster recovery model would not make many troops happy if they had a power outage or data loss. To be a mission-critical app like you suggest, SB would need near real-time back-up that is geographically remote from the primary data source. Otherwise **POOF**. A Scout Handbook, an iPhone and Google Drive can help a Scout keep his primary source, and a copy in the cloud (and phone). @Hawkwin, if you don't have Internet or wifi you cannot do anything with SB. It would be better if there was a client app that synced for offline use. It's current model is limited.
  19. Sometimes the use of degrees seems like the Scouting equivalent of knots. Doctors I get. Pharmacists I get. Even lawyers I get. Professional certifications I get. But in general, if I see someone with "John Doe, BS, MBA" I think "Wow, look how many knots he has." In the consulting world it would just be saying "Look at me...I have an MBA." The irony is that most people do but don't put it down.
  20. Is this the same hands-on ASM you have spoken of previously? If so, I guess no one is surprised. If not, it really does seem like you have a few of these types, no? Not sure what you can do other than to 1) continue to support the PLC and SM, and 2) continue to play devil's advocate about why adults shouldn't step in.
  21. Wow, that's a split hair. I didn't realize there were degrees to which cultural appropriation was offensive. Is wearing a Mexican hat (but not imitating the behavior of Mexicans) okay? You can't be a little bit pregnant here. Either one is culturally appropriating or you are not. It is either fine or it is not.
  22. You may by some. However, a Scout forum should be about discussing the program. Maybe long ago the I&P section was a good idea. But now it is just a polarizing place where no minds are changed. I am sure I am not alone in this. @EmberMike and I disagree a great deal. I suspect if we discussed only Scouting program stuff we'd likely agree on much more. I think we are all guilty of eating too many chips from the I&P bowl. I'd like to say I have willpower to stay away, but it's just too tempting to show you guys where you are wrong (joke). From the posts in there I know I am not the only one who suffers from this. Maybe it's time to sunset I&P and focus on why we are all here.
  23. Nice idea. But it's like eating potato chips: You swear you will just have one, then you have two bowls full. You swear it off for a while, but then someone brings in "crab chips" (cue thread-jack) and you are back eating more. I have to agree. Why can't we just get rid of it. It seems that the mods spend a great deal of their time refereeing discussions (fights) that end up "agreeing to disagree". If it really takes away from the forum that much -- and costs us time away from the real reasons we come here -- then why have it at all? I'd vote for taking it down and just being a place where we focus on program delivery, not I&P.
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