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  1. The charter organization owns all Pack assets, so if she leaves and takes the trailer she is breaking the law. Of course, unless there is a way to prove the Pack paid for the trailer (or was with Pack money) you might just be pointing fingers. There are a few lawyers around here who might be coerced in to providing their thoughts.
  2. While this is a very cool experience, there are still dangers at base camp. I've seen rattlers and bear in camp, and bear protocol in base camp is required as a result. I think it was 2016 they had to put down 3-4 bear that year, one of which was a repeat offender (I think it was the old 3-legged bear) that kept coming in to base camp looking for freebies. I would hope that the families get the same training (and adhere to the rules) that the visiting crews do. Otherwise I think I just heard BSA's insurance rates going up.
  3. Yes, you said it quite well. I guess I thought that was evident in my post but you spell it out more succinctly.
  4. Giving away clean needles, condoms or breathalyzers aren't breaking any laws either. HOWEVER, they are within arms length of people violating state and/or federal law. So assuming your litmus test is that they're not doing anything illegal, then the options I put forward would be equally as ethical and ok for Scouts to do. The issue is about exposing kids to potential illegal activity, or benefiting from said activity.
  5. So just because the Federal and state law enforcement groups are at loggerheads, doesn't mean that an organization that prides itself on character should be making money off of the controversy. In fact, they should be staying as far away from this type of controversy as possible. What's next? Handing out clean needles to addict as a service project? Condoms outside of seedy hotel? Breathalizer tests outside bars? Common sense would tell most rational parents that being around such places is not something to expose young children to.
  6. Like the LDS did? Your points on Venturing are somewhat true. Girls tend to have less experience outdoors and with general leadership, whereas the boys tend to have more leadership and stronger outdoor skills. In my experience (and this will get @Stosh happy) the girls tend to be better at management, rather than leadership. So managing the Crew tends to get picked up by the girls pretty well. Leadership, during the activities and events, tends to be more the boys area. I agree in lowering the age. I would have much rather seen Venturing be the program to bring coed Scouting to a larger age group, rather than girls in Boy Scouts.
  7. No, but you have seen Sessions act on this issue rescinding the Obama era attempt to legitimize it. Fact is, it is still illegal under Federal law. Good primer on it here. So what other things against Federal law should Girl and Boy Scouts be allowed to do?
  8. Right. For those of us on the ground we see the issues with recruiting and keeping volunteers. Now BSA wants COs wishing to roll out Coed Scouting to have *TWO* units with two leadership teams? Or were they thinking that the already overburdened Boy Scout leaders would simply sign up to run the girl's unit too? Who knows.
  9. Why would you assume that? BSA has just created a competing product. So when we have been recruiting this year so far, all my Crew has been hearing from girls is either 1) No thanks, or 2) I am going to join Scouts to work on Eagle. That's what's really happening, as opposed to what BSA thinks will happen.
  10. It was pretty clearly noted here (in the forum and in the media) that the implementation was to be "separate but equal" with regard to Boy Scouts and the implementation of coed. If this message is being changed now it may be that BSA has heard what many of us were saying originally, that the building a totally separate coed program put too much of a strain on already strained unit resources. I wonder how long it will be before they realize they are cannibalizing Venturing crews too? However, it is 180 degrees from what they were trumpeting this summer in order to sell this to the opposing rank and file.
  11. I would imagine that the use of a camper is similar to the use of a cabin. There'd likely have to be a clear adults area and a clear kids area, with all the requisite YPT considerations thrown in. As pointed out, it would not count toward OA or Camping MB or TFC.
  12. Right. I makes them poor planners and leaders, but not liars.
  13. Which is a problem all boy troops struggle with today with the helicopter gunship parents & leaders.
  14. First, no one is saying it is wrong. What I am saying is that true philanthropic giving does not come with the expectation of receiving anything in return. Second, and several have pointed this out already, knots are for achievements. When you allow someone to buy a knot you really do water down what they are supposed to mean. Imagine a Scout being allowed to buy an Eagle palm or World Conservation Award through a charitable donation. If BSA wants to recognize folks for giving, then why not a pin or plaque or patch that is distinguishable from those earned through achievement? Their very own West program provides for this. Give a patch that says "1910 Society" or something which is worn in the temporary patch location; not a knot. Lastly, let's not obfuscate the issue by comparing donations from commercial venues to charitable events. This is done by these businesses to promote their business in hopes of increasing profits while at the same time giving them a tax write off. This is the OPPOSITE of philanthropic giving. So if you truly want "baloney", that's where you'll find it.
  15. I will add that our PLC runs a gear drive once a year to collect gentle used Scout uniform items and gear, which we donate to the district to disperse to disadvantaged units (cannot recall the official name BSA uses for this effort). District does not have an official (working) program of such. Neither does council...at least not one that is readily discernible from anything I have seen or heard. We also have an outreach program, run by our Guides, Den Chiefs and a few ASMs, that help local packs with anything they might need. Guys get service hours for this and the packs get Scout help. Again, nothing I have seen the district or council do really.
  16. Yeah, we have you already beat at this game. Cookies -n- adult malt beverages and doughnuts -n- adult malt beverages. Coincides with unofficial "folks who like adult malt beverages and just happen to be assistant scoutmaster night"
  17. I will add then, that our troop sent our OA ceremony team (in regalia) to cross the Scouts over...even those not coming to our troop.
  18. We had four zip lines coming in from the cardinal points. Dads on ladders with multiple arrows per zip line (12 kids, 4 lines, 3 arrows each). Name called, arrow let fly. Oh, one dad was able to rig a small blower in the back of the fire place. When the arrow made contact with the fire the blower let out a little "puff" which, aimed upward, cause the fire to roar. Cheap special effect but it was pretty cool.
  19. Arrow on a zip line in to the fire. Still used by many council camps so if they can do it, why not a unit?
  20. I would hope that trained adults would push back on the SM and MEET with the Scout instead of being so hands on. This is where I think we fail the boys. If we know better, why even go to the Librarian's house UNLESS you are going to walk him through what to do? It's okay for adults to say "No" to the SM and tell him why this is a bad idea.
  21. Who knows. Maybe they didn't know the activity was going on. Maybe they would have said no. The point is that having the parents there helps to cover the leaders since their presence makes them complicit in any activities their child participates in.
  22. Very sorry to hear that. I amend my previous statement: I would advise my guys to leave for another troop. This one is clearly adult-led and has not plans on changing in the near term. I'd want my boys to be able to learn, fail and succeed. Sounds like you want that for your kids and everyone else. Sorry your good efforts are falling on deaf ears. The boys will appreciate your efforts as they get older.
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