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  1. Eagle Project Unsigned

    Tough one. They are not allowed to do more than preliminary planning until all signatures - including the District/Council representative - are in place. The page specifically says that the District/Council approval is last and thus it would not have been provided without the others being present. I say it is a tough one because, based on the information you provided, I would not accept the project. It is a really tough lesson for a Scout to learn but it was his own mistake. His SM or Eagle Adviser should have warned him not to do the work but he also should have read and understood the workbook and known he could not start yet. As for how to handle.... Undoubtedly it will come up (either here or within the unit) that he can just get the preapproval signatures now, allow the work that has already been done and continue with the post-project signatures. In my mind, that is not a valid option - the rules are very clear that work cannot begin until the project is approved. That would be like accepting work done before a Scout earned First Class to satisfy a requirement that says "while a First Class Scout, do..." Good Luck. I look forward to reading other opinions and how it turns out.
  2. L.L.Bean to embed IoT sensors in coats and boots

    Near field communications (NFC) is very short range stuff. This is the same tech that lets you wave your phone at the reader to pay for things. The "small hardware device" will be retrieving the data from your garments so it will be a very intentional thing - not some stealthy thing that you have no control over.
  3. Exactly - and why not. In fact, why not have special events that are open to the public. It is a whole bunch of facility sitting there unused for much of the year. I know Philmont has "autumn adventure" and they offer special hunting packages in the fall.
  4. I chuckled when I saw this too. But if the same offer was made for Philmont or Northern Tier I would have been very interested. Summit (and Seabase) hold no interest for me. They are a different type of adventure than I enjoy. I hope they get good response though. It will help people recognize that the national bases may be expensive but they do provide a top-notch experience for the youth.
  5. New YPT Launch

    Last weekend it was close to 2 hours - there were some performance problems. National is aware and are working to resolve them. It is supposed to take about 1 hour. The bigger difference is that you can't just let the video run and answer questions once in a while.
  6. New YPT Launch

    One of the documents says that the power point is intended for use at round table. It is pretty good but has no presenter notes as I recall. I dont have any other info at this time - I'll share if I get anything.
  7. New YPT Launch

    My field director sent it to me on Thursday evening. The quoted email chain shows that it came direct from the office of the CSE to my SE then distribute within our council.
  8. New YPT Launch

    That was my thinking too. No doubt you could get dropped mid-year but I'd be very surprised if they did.
  9. New YPT Launch

    Ah - yes the new stuff has replaced the old stuff in the training center and from your my.scouting dashboard. Good plan....They say everyone is required to update by Oct but nothing says what happens if you don't.
  10. New YPT Launch

    Is what included - the info about group presentations and youth versions? No. There was a set of documents that came from the office of the CSE. Ive put the files on my google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BXua6tNB3jQ1h8f30SOgRQvltjnmu1KK?usp=sharing Oh Yeah - the kicker that I forgot to mention. From the document: I would encourage everyone to not jump the gun. As council training chair I am getting my folks up to speed first so that when we start promoting it to the unit leaders we can answer any questions they have. Please give your training folks time to get ahead of this so they can support you.
  11. New YPT Launch

    I took the new YPT2 this weekend - though the rules are the same the material in the training is MUCH more detailed. Lots of focus on bullying and on the bad guys being people known to the kids/families. Several people telling (a version of) their story. IMHO neither the content nor the presentation are suitable for kids. The material I received from the office (Im council training chair) said that resources for group-presentation of the training will be available in June and the youth version of the training will be available in 2019. No other info regarding how the youth version might be organized re: different ages or programs.
  12. Streamlined Cub Scout Adventure Plans

    Really torn on this - On the one hand, I applaud your efforts to help others to deliver the program - thank you. And I totally get the challenges you're trying to overcome - busy families, short attention spans, multiple meetings. On the other hand, I hate that Scouts has become a "check the box" activity for so many people and I generally resist things that allow/encourage/facilitate efficiency for that purpose. I believe that Scouting (like most worthwhile things) is about the journey. As you said, the things that you cut out do have value in and of themselves. But there is also great value in the additional time spent together as a den (and as parents). Time together; shared experiences; facing challenges; random conversations - these are the things that build relationships and instill values. There is a third hand though - families get nothing from the program if they dont show up so anything that makes it easier for them to stay involved has some value. As I said, really torn....
  13. Class-B

    Yep - and the generic fleur de lis is BSA trademarked (has to do with the specific shape, i.e. the New Orleans Saints FDL is a different shape) so any design that uses it will have to be approved by BSA licensing. It is not a big deal and a licensed shop will take care of it for you. mashmaster is right that local shops probably wont worry about licensing, but "A Scout is trustworthy and obedient" so we should worry about it. I would throw out a recommendation for Advantage Emblem in Duluth MN. Ive used them for years and had nothing but outstanding service and quality. Bonus - they are a full-line operation. In addition to shirts they do embroidery on hats and patches and vinyl stickers and parade banners. I find their prices and minimum quantities very reasonable.
  14. Im the council training chair. Up to now we have never charged people to attend basic (position-specific) training. I have recently been told that the training team needs to "break even" financially. We will be able to cut costs but we we will still need to add some income. As we discuss adding a fee to sessions, we would love to hear how other councils do things and what lessons-learned you have. If your council charges for basic training: * How much? * Do people get something (i.e. a book) which adds perceived value? * How do people feel about being charged? * If charging for training is fairly new, has it impacted attendance? Thanks for the input.
  15. Great list @Col. Flagg - I thank you for taking the time. Though they are "one mans opinion", Im happy to see that we are better than most of your points. Traditionally we have printed lots of pages for some of the sessions. We will be going to a PDF emailed in advance with only a few packets printed to accommodate walk-ins. We have an awful time getting folks to pre-register and we dont want to turn anyone away. We do run 2 sessions of BALOO/OWL and IOLS each year (one in Oct/Nov and the other in Apr/May). The big challenge with running more sessions and spreading them around geographically is staffing. It takes a bunch of people to commit 1/2 day or more to pull them off. Not impossible, just a challenge.
  16. THis is exactly my concern. On the one hand training needs to break even. On the other hand training needs to get more leaders trained. I anticipate folks to respond with "why would I pay for that when I can take it for free online". My answer is "then why havnt you taken it online already?" Yep - every group is expected to break even. I do not get charged for using the conference room at the service center. But I do get charged for using a building at camp. And the cost (even as another "department" of the council) is higher than what it would cost for me to rent a building at a nearby county park. BALOO held at camp is very often the first time Cub parents-become-leaders have been to our camp. We want them to come to camp. We want that first experience to be in one of the nicer buildings. But I need to charge $30-$40 each to cover the cost of the building instead of approx $10 each to cover copies and lunch. That argument has gotten me nowhere towards reducing my costs for camp rental.
  17. Patrol Method - Best Practices

    Very timely given the weather we're having....Im an ASM (though pas CC). Whenever a parent calls/texts me "Are we having a meeting tonight?" Before I answer, I ask if they have asked their Scout and remind them that he should know a) that we are not because we've been announcing it at meetings for several weeks b) that we are not because school is out/out early _due to weather_ c) that we are because A and B are not true d) to call his PL (or SPL if cannot get ahold of PL) if there is still doubt
  18. Good advise @LeCastor.
  19. Free is my thought too - because they are already giving their time, plus certainly spending their own money supporting their unit. It is not the BSA doing this. National has created the online modules. And we promote them but we still offer in-person training several times a year. Hm - maybe I need to approach it as the small cost of in-person training being a better use of time. Take the online training to "check the box". Take an in-person session to meet some new people, ask questions, get answers, get info beyond the bare essentials and have a snack.
  20. Great info, thanks. So far it matches with our discussions. Yes, most of the classroom, position specific stuff is online and is pretty good. I expect folks to complain about "paying a few dollars to take it in person when they can do it for free online?" Of course, my response will be "then why havn't you already done it online?" I agree that in person is better so you have the interactions and organic discussions. But my biggest complaint with the online stuff is that it is buried - I would love to have a simple, direct link that I can put on a flier or mention in roundtable. Trying to talk someone through the eLearning Center is a pain. I would be okay charging $5 for a session with some handouts or $10-$15 for a session with handouts and lunch. My challenge is that our camp is also trying to break even so everyone (even other council groups) get charged for using camp facilities. Thus - in addition to a few bucks of copies I have to cover $100-$200 worth of building usage. I would have a hard time charging enough to cover my actual costs. Still exploring ideas - it is much easier to add a few bucks to a longer session and a more active session like BALOO or IOLS. I also need to do some checking because WoodBadge financials are separate from other training. I dont know why and I dont know if WB has any excess that should be going back into the training budget.
  21. Favorite indoor cabin games

    Chess and Monopoly are favorites with this particular group. A few years ago the big favorite was Apples to Apples.
  22. Alcohol Stoves

    I went through a phase of building pop-can stoves. Went back to the whisperlite. Here is what the G2SS says about stoves and fuels - emphasis is added:
  23. Creating a Wood Badge troop scholarship

    I would commit doing that but would definitely not actually give the money to the Troop. I agree with RememberSchiff that I would choose who receives the assistance - I want someone who will gain the most and who will give back the most, not whoever got there first. I take a slightly different approach. If someone is on the fence - probably they have been encouraged by several people but but are unsure of the value or hesitant because of the cost and time commitment. I tell them to take the course, to go with an open mind, to do the work. And if it is not the one of the best things they've done in Scouting I will pay for the course. Ive never had any one take me up on the payment.
  24. My question was really about using difficulty of the trek as a measure of which trek they would prefer. Difficulty is so subjective that I dont think it really gives your Scouts any useful information. You can certainly choose routes that are longer/shorter and more/less rugged at each place. For me, "difficulty" determined almost entirely by how much physical training I did before the trip. Regardless, I can say for sure that any Scout that enjoys a good adventure will enjoy both places. But maybe for different reasons.
  25. Im curious about why you phrased the question as "which is more difficult"? Do you intend to use our opinion of relative difficulty as part of the research that you present to your youth? Will the more difficult choice make them want to do that option more or less? I suggest that the better way to present the differences is by describing the experience. In fact, if you can find some youth who have been to each, invite them to talk about their experience. I love Philmont and believe every Scout/Scouter should go at least once. But, I tell my Scouts that Philmont is kind of like hiking from summer camp to summer camp. You dont go to Philmont for the backpacking, you go for the program and the Scouting environment / history. If you want backpacking in the mountains you can do that somewhere else for a whole lot less money. On the flip side, you dont go to BWCAW for the program because there is none. You go to BWCAW because it is the real wilderness. If you go through NT you'll have an interpreter along for the whole trek and (the good ones) add a great deal to the experience over self outfitting. Just my $0.02 worth.