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  1. THe "Unread Content" link and the "Show unread since last visit" dont seem to be working. Both show me no new messages, but if I set the filter for "last 3 days" it shows me messages with activity that is minutes/hours old - much more recent than my last true visit. It could be because I leave the tab open and Chrome does something to make the site think Im "visiting". If so - that is new behavior since the update.
  2. jjlash

    Is WFA worth it?

    The curriculum is standardized (available here: https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/training/wilderness-fa/). I have taken it through both ARC and ECSI and their courses both (mostly) follow that document. The delivery can vary significantly due to instructors though. One time we mostly sat at the table and talked through everything - very minimal hands-on practice. Another time it was put on by a Crew who specializes in wilderness medicine. Most everything was a hands-on scenario.
  3. jjlash

    You CAN Take it with you . . .

    Hardback copy of one of the Harry Potter novels - on a one-night backpacking trip.
  4. jjlash


    No - you're supposed to round up the whole Troop and get someplace safe. At our camp we now have concrete, wind-rated storm shelters near each campsite. Prior to building these, the rule was "hit the ditch". In fact, I would never go to our dining hall for a severe storm because it has high ceilings and lots of glass.
  5. jjlash

    High adventure photos

    Looks like an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing!
  6. jjlash

    Obsolete Parches/Belt Loops

    Maybe take them to a roundtable and let folks take what they want. There are likely some collectors in the council - probably someone at the office can put you in touch. Check with someone from the OA lodge. This also seems like a good opportunity to bump this thread:
  7. After SM minute and recap of upcoming dates, we say the outdoor code then retire flags and dismiss.
  8. jjlash

    Philmont Announcement - March 27

    Humor aside - maybe I should have elaborated for those who maybe dont understand the significance.... Traning center weeks 3 and 4 were scheduled for LDS leaders / sessions only. Late last year the church announced that they were discontinuing their annual conference on Scouting at PTC (https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900004968/lds-church-discontinues-its-annual-leadership-conferences-at-philmont-scout-ranch.html). This left the entire PTC empty for those two weeks except for a session of Leadership Challenge being held at Rayado Ridge Leadership Camp.
  9. jjlash

    Philmont Announcement - March 27

    I was only half listening but yes - it is through PTC, not through camping HQ, and it sounded like no training course is required. And did anyone notice the dates....June 23 - July 7. Weeks 3 and 4. The weeks that were traditionally LDS weeks but quite suddenly became empty weeks this year. No surprise that they are trying something to recoup that lost income.
  10. Paying it forward.... I've got a bunch of books accumulated over the years that are looking for a new home. Mix and match however you want. Im just looking for a couple bucks to cover shipping. https://photos.app.goo.gl/EthHY7Ql1Kr8fMEA3
  11. A buddy of mine also attended in Sept 2017. I attended in Sept 2015 - one of the best things Ive done in Scouting.
  12. Anyone going to PLC or SLC this year? I see there are two sessions at Philmont (July and Sept), one at Summit (July) this season. Has anyone attended recently? What was your impression?
  13. jjlash

    Supplemental Training for Youth Leaders

    I like that order better too - Simon Sinek would be proud ;-)
  14. jjlash

    Supplemental Training for Youth Leaders

    Along the lines of what @ParkMan said. Cover the "what" and "why" rather than the "how". Why do we put things online (several reasons) and what should be put online to accomplish the desired "why". The "how" will be different for different units and most youth can figure that out very quickly when they understand what they need to accomplish.
  15. Yep, that is the one. Done mostly at Rayado Ridge Leadership Camp with a hike and overnight at Zastrow. Uses geocaching, low COPE (challenge events), wilderness first aid and SAR activities as context to practice WB leadership skills.
  16. jjlash

    Eagle Project Unsigned

    Tough one. They are not allowed to do more than preliminary planning until all signatures - including the District/Council representative - are in place. The page specifically says that the District/Council approval is last and thus it would not have been provided without the others being present. I say it is a tough one because, based on the information you provided, I would not accept the project. It is a really tough lesson for a Scout to learn but it was his own mistake. His SM or Eagle Adviser should have warned him not to do the work but he also should have read and understood the workbook and known he could not start yet. As for how to handle.... Undoubtedly it will come up (either here or within the unit) that he can just get the preapproval signatures now, allow the work that has already been done and continue with the post-project signatures. In my mind, that is not a valid option - the rules are very clear that work cannot begin until the project is approved. That would be like accepting work done before a Scout earned First Class to satisfy a requirement that says "while a First Class Scout, do..." Good Luck. I look forward to reading other opinions and how it turns out.
  17. jjlash

    L.L.Bean to embed IoT sensors in coats and boots

    Near field communications (NFC) is very short range stuff. This is the same tech that lets you wave your phone at the reader to pay for things. The "small hardware device" will be retrieving the data from your garments so it will be a very intentional thing - not some stealthy thing that you have no control over.
  18. Exactly - and why not. In fact, why not have special events that are open to the public. It is a whole bunch of facility sitting there unused for much of the year. I know Philmont has "autumn adventure" and they offer special hunting packages in the fall.
  19. I chuckled when I saw this too. But if the same offer was made for Philmont or Northern Tier I would have been very interested. Summit (and Seabase) hold no interest for me. They are a different type of adventure than I enjoy. I hope they get good response though. It will help people recognize that the national bases may be expensive but they do provide a top-notch experience for the youth.
  20. jjlash

    New YPT Launch

    Last weekend it was close to 2 hours - there were some performance problems. National is aware and are working to resolve them. It is supposed to take about 1 hour. The bigger difference is that you can't just let the video run and answer questions once in a while.
  21. jjlash

    New YPT Launch

    One of the documents says that the power point is intended for use at round table. It is pretty good but has no presenter notes as I recall. I dont have any other info at this time - I'll share if I get anything.
  22. jjlash

    New YPT Launch

    My field director sent it to me on Thursday evening. The quoted email chain shows that it came direct from the office of the CSE to my SE then distribute within our council.
  23. jjlash

    New YPT Launch

    That was my thinking too. No doubt you could get dropped mid-year but I'd be very surprised if they did.
  24. jjlash

    New YPT Launch

    Ah - yes the new stuff has replaced the old stuff in the training center and from your my.scouting dashboard. Good plan....They say everyone is required to update by Oct but nothing says what happens if you don't.
  25. jjlash

    New YPT Launch

    Is what included - the info about group presentations and youth versions? No. There was a set of documents that came from the office of the CSE. Ive put the files on my google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BXua6tNB3jQ1h8f30SOgRQvltjnmu1KK?usp=sharing Oh Yeah - the kicker that I forgot to mention. From the document: I would encourage everyone to not jump the gun. As council training chair I am getting my folks up to speed first so that when we start promoting it to the unit leaders we can answer any questions they have. Please give your training folks time to get ahead of this so they can support you.