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  1. Jeff1974

    Girls in the BSA

    No intention on my part to rekindle an argument about the merits of girls in Scouts BSA. I find the numbers of initial signups very encouraging. As a Scoutmaster (with less than a year on the job) of my son's Troop, and the father of a 2d grader girl in Brownies/Girl Scouts, I am supportive of both Scouts BSA and the Girl Scouts. If the numbers are there to form a troop, and adequate parent volunteers exist, go for it and more power to you. What I find troubling is the continued pushing from our council on this issue. We are a small, but growing troop that is making the transition to a boy-led troop. The ranks of our parent volunteers are not deep. When myself and a few new ASMs stepped in, whether the troop should be folded into a neighboring troop was on the table. We elected to push forward and move towards a boy-led troop. Difficult, but rewarding, and working. Our small community also has a rather vibrant Girl Scout program, with a lot of overlap between scouting families. Our committee discussed the issue, and owing to a lack of capacity from parents, the absence of any expressed interest from girls in the community, and respect for the existing GS organization in town, elected not to actively recruit the formation of girl troop. If a quorum of girls comes forward with interest, with appropriate SM/ASM support, we would not turn them away from linking the Troop or sharing the parent committee between the Troops. We just are not actively recruiting girls to join Boy Scouts. I had a discussion with our district rep about the issue, only to have a council rep follow up. I have had to justify that decision on a repeated basis. The continued pushback is growing tiresome. I feel as if the agenda being pushed ignores there is no one size fits all answer for existing troops, the troop committees and the COs. Thanks for allowing me to vent.
  2. Jeff1974

    Dishonest scout

    Good afternoon, As a new Scoutmaster, many of my scoutmaster minutes have revolved around the Scout law. For a Scout is honest, I asked the Troop to provide their own working definitions, so as to delve a little beyond "a scout tells the truth," and then told a story of personal experience about how a dishonest individual lost trust, credibility and had a hard time keeping all of the false statements consistent. This allowed for a personal lesson to be offered, without casting aspersions at any Troop member, or for other members in the Troop to start thinking that one among them had engaged in that conduct. Best of luck!