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  1. Col Flagg: the highest compliment I can pay to your posts is that you're making me think. Courses titled "... for LDS" (insert "Cub Scouting, "Boy Scouting") offered at Pow Wow's and the like give me the feeling that special accommodations are being made to LDS units - which at the least leave me feeling separated and at worst leave me wondering whether the LDS church's membership policies have resulted in their gaining a disproportionately louder voice within the BSA. Your earlier posts on this thread give me the impression you're willing to accept the "tail wagging the dog" because the
  2. I'm a little more optimistic about this idea. A few thoughts: Defining "classic" scouting is key. Develop a kind of "classic scouting manifesto" (perhaps through voting on scouter.com?), featuring several "classic scouting principles". Here would be my first contribution to a manifesto of such principles: "Adults do not speak unless first spoken to by a Scout" Establishing another "order" within scouting already has a couple of success models: "Order of the Arrow", of course, for individual scouts, but also among troops we often see institutional-level instruction. My own council often
  3. I agree with EagleonFire's approach. Our Pack went to one-den-meeting-per-month decades ago. The pack meets monthly at our church's parish-hall and a couple of weeks later or so each den meets at different cubs' home. This scouts-every-other-week approach, coupled with rotation of den-meeting venues, mitigates burn-out and promotes family buy-in. At least it seems to work for our pack. As for recruiting, our charter-org is associated with a day-school and we've been blessed with Heads who have been strong supporters of scouting. We haven't tackled Lions, but the Tiger program has been
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