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  1. I don't see any reference to the Chartered Organization Representative in this discussion. It might be easier and more productive to help guide and train your COR. Here's a link to the COR guidebook (it's rather short and easy reading): http://scoutingwire.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Chartered-Organization-Representative-Guidebook.pdf To be sure, working with your COR to attract and train your leaders is right in line with the COR's responsibility. Moreover, developing a good relationship with the COR will undoubtedly give you leverage with the Scoutmaster. Together, you and the CO
  2. THIS. I believe the problem lies in BSA's loss of focus on its primary mission: Character development through application of the Patrol Method. Outdoors, primarily, but also via service to others (which may or may not be outdoors). But ALWAYS character development through the Patrol Method. I'm certainly proud of my Eagle Scout son's accomplishment, but I'm also proud of his former Patrol-mate and fellow Philmont trek-mate, who never made it past 1st Class, but who wore his uniform - by then 2 sizes too a small - proudly to my son's Eagle ceremony. I don't see how a separate all-gi
  3. Outstanding thread. I'm really looking forward to everyone's thoughts as well as contributing my own $.02 worth. Unfortunately I'm on the West Coast, where it's a little before 9am, and for some reason my client expects me to WORK rather than do Scouting ... ya just can't satisfy some people. (Meantime I'll keep a screen open and lurk...)
  4. I was enjoying this thread and the variety of opinions right up to the snide swipes. Nothing to learn from that.
  5. According to Wikipedia: "In the 1920s [Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.] made huge profits from reorganizing and refinancing several Hollywood studios". In 1929, by then presumably a titan, his son joined and would go on to become our first President who was a Boy Scout: https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2013/11/22/remembering-john-f-kennedy-the-first-president-to-have-been-a-boy-scout/
  6. Valid points, Col. Stunning, in fact. Somehow I had the impression that Mr. Stephenson had announced things were on the upswing. Alas, after a cursory Google search ["Boy Scouts", membership, Stephenson] I found several reports and presentations for the past year, but none championing a rebound of membership or funding. Unless I missed something, I have to accept your assertion. I don't suppose you'd concede more time is needed to allow corporate stewardship to fully re-engage?
  7. Perhaps it's neither about empowering girls nor about increasing membership; perhaps it's simply about money. Does the BSA foresee additional coffers becoming available as it embraces inclusiveness?
  8. That road leads to anything being possible (awarding Eagle to someone over 18yrs old, etc.). Girls (or their advocates) aren't going to stop until they can be officially recognized as Eagle Scouts (on college applications, for example). Consequently I don't see Venturing as the solution to any of this. An aside: While I'm not surprised that this issue is getting a lot of attention, I have to admit I never saw the BSA's "making scouting accessible" rationale coming. On one had I'm impressed (BSA agreeing to the girl advocate's objectives not only without having to accede to their overall
  9. "Co-ed" doesn't ruffle my feathers, as long as they have their own Troop - or at least their own Patrol(s). I don't see how any of the aims or methods of Scouting are threatened. "Family Scouting", on the other hand, really gets me irritated. That's a direct assault on the Patrol Method and, as HashTagScouts points out, above, subverts Leadership Development.
  10. I follow a couple of other forums, both powered by another provider [simple machines forum - SMF]. The SMF follows the 'facebook' protocol: - "Thumbs up" (Like) is the only voting option (no thumbs-down option and no "arrows" of any color) - Similar to this forum, each post provides a "Report to Moderator" link (similar to our "Report"). I like the "Report to Moderator" terminology as it's a little clearer to me. Perhaps I've become brainwashed by facebook and SMF, but as was pointed out by MattR yesterday, facebook (& SMF) allow only "thumbs-up" for good reason. FWIW, that's my p
  11. Thanks for the clarification, Sentinel. Since you have kindly opened the door, I'll add that on most boards I have used I've never been limited to the number of "up-votes" or "likes" I could assign. I was certainly surprised when I slammed into an apparent daily limit on my upvotes. I'll risk going too far when i say that I bristle at such restrictions - it smacks of the kind of paternalism that makes me feel like some kind of lesser minion that needs to be micro-managed by a big-brother system. Free the restriction! ... Free Tibet! ... Free Willy! Rant over. Carry on.
  12. Hi, Col.: you're quite right that I forced an answer with the way I structured the question. However, I wasn't getting at "whether" to incorporate girls into the BSA, but rather "how". I'm assuming that decision is a fait accompli, as girls like Sydney - and their supporters - won't rest until girls are able to wear an Eagle Scout badge. My expectation is that Dallas sees only upside as current registration numbers suggest the exodus predicted during the earlier contretemps hasn't materialized. I'm pleased that sst3rd and you have taken the time to reply to my comment - and I respect a
  13. I just returned from a week of backpacking in the Sierras which included several younger (~13-yr-old) scouts. During a layover day we discussed the issue and I posited three "models" of co-ed Scouting: 1) girls sprinkled in all patrols throughout the Troop, call that "full integration"; 2) girls in the Troop but contained in their own patrol(s), call that "girl patrol"; and 3) girls in their own troop, call that "separate charter". I'm curious, sst3rd, if either the "girl patrol" or "separate charter" options would fly with you or the volunteers in your area (as I assume "full integration" wo
  14. I replied in the GTSS thread, but to cover all bases: I tried the link, but it took me to a blank page. Bad link, or did BSA pull the item?
  15. I tried the link, but it took me to a blank page. Bad link, or did BSA pull the item?
  16. Congrats. Purely recreational, here: AYSO Advanced.
  17. In my other volunteer life I'm a soccer referee. I carry a Fox40, but my favorite is a Tornado T-2000.
  18. Hi, Eagledad/Barry: This may require its own thread, but I'd like to challenge your assertion that "if the pack program fails, the rest of scouting fails". A recent ScoutmasterCG.com podcast addressed recruiting: http://scoutmastercg.com/scoutmaster-podcast-342-recruiting-scouts/. In the episode Clarke Green shares his experience that bridging Webelos correlate less with program retention than does having been asked to join by a current Scout or Scout parent. I'm not challenging your 95% of troop membership figure; I'm inclined to agree with it. But it doesn't follow that if the pa
  19. Love all the tips. Good stuff for Scoutmaster's Minute. Here's one I've used (all too recently, unfortunately) from Clarke Green at scoutmastercg.com http://scoutmastercg.com/talking-with-scouts-about-tragic-events/, in addition to his own comments, his post includes this timeless quote from Fred Rogers (of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood): "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.†To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember my mother’s words and I am always com
  20. Thanks, CNYScouter; I hadn't seen these official BSA comments until your post. Soapbox time: IMHO the worksheet project is one of the most infamous examples of "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". Soon after following my son from his cub scout pack into his troop, I felt like I'd discovered a gold mine when I found the cache of online worksheets. Everything in one place and up-to-date, formatted consistently across all worksheets - wonderful! Clearly a labor of love, I felt the author of the worksheets was a hero. But over the years as I've seen them in practice, I've
  21. My only worry with two-man tents has been odd-numbered patrols. Allowing two-scouts to sleep in a 3-man tent is easy, but squeezing three scouts in a 2-man tent is tough. Allowing any scout sleep alone just spooks me.
  22. Couldn't agree more. We've been using Kelty Gunnison 3-man tents for two years now and the Scouts LOVE them. In addition to the reasons you state, the rear of the fly unzips as a "hatchback" and the scouts find unique ways of erecting their "porches". Question for you, Rock Doc: We're a backpacking troop and are searching for a more backpack-friendly case for our Gunnisons than the bulky roll-top carrying case provided by Kelty. Are you familiar with suitable after-market cases or sacks?
  23. That's a common misreading. As written, the rank requirement says "Since joining the troop and while working on the Scout rank, participate in a Scoutmaster conference." As with all SMC's for this and subsequent rank advancements, the SMC can be held at any time during the period which the scout is working on his next rank.
  24. Col Flagg: the highest compliment I can pay to your posts is that you're making me think. Courses titled "... for LDS" (insert "Cub Scouting, "Boy Scouting") offered at Pow Wow's and the like give me the feeling that special accommodations are being made to LDS units - which at the least leave me feeling separated and at worst leave me wondering whether the LDS church's membership policies have resulted in their gaining a disproportionately louder voice within the BSA. Your earlier posts on this thread give me the impression you're willing to accept the "tail wagging the dog" because the
  25. I'm a little more optimistic about this idea. A few thoughts: Defining "classic" scouting is key. Develop a kind of "classic scouting manifesto" (perhaps through voting on scouter.com?), featuring several "classic scouting principles". Here would be my first contribution to a manifesto of such principles: "Adults do not speak unless first spoken to by a Scout" Establishing another "order" within scouting already has a couple of success models: "Order of the Arrow", of course, for individual scouts, but also among troops we often see institutional-level instruction. My own council often
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