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  1. According to the "Interplanetary Chief Astronaut", in 1961 such a suit cost $18,000. But then it did have "two pair of pants". [sketch below from "The Ed Sullivan Show", portions of which featured in "The Right Stuff", book & movie]
  2. You've put your finger on a larger issue than boys vs. girls ... re: my comments at bottom. Bingo. Four years ago I'd just taken a troop that hadn't been to Camporee in over a decade. The PLC agreed to send one patrol as a "test", and our next-to-youngest patrol was registered. Our scouts took to heart the Campmaster's instruction to "enjoy the experience" and my ASM and I left them alone. Agreed, they weren't one-month-fresh, but they certainly were among the least prepared. This as opposed to other troops' patrols, which annually take the whole thing so seriously they hold "camp
  3. Ooooh, thanks SO much for reminding me. HUGE SAFETY TIP: Nestle unfortunately packages the Nido whole milk so it's nearly identical to their baby-powder. DON'T CONFUSE THE TWO !!
  4. Nice tip about the Knorr sides, @mrkstvns ; thanks. Yes, our troop has hit on the backpacker's shepherd's pie as well. Our scouts call it "cow-in-the-cloud". The one tip I'll pass-on is this: "Nido" whole-milk powder. You can typically find a large canister of the stuff at Smart-&-Final, which is just fine as you'll use it again and again. Unfortunately the usual-suspect grocery stores (Ralphs, Vons) carry only the non-fat powdered milk, which is unusable for our purposes. But the Nido whole-milk powder is perfect for adding to morning Oatmeal or to evening dessert (just-add-mil
  5. So this past weekend both of our troops (boys & girls) held their March overnighter at a nearby US Forest Service campground. The two SPL's asked my cohort SM & me for advice on where to emplace the patrols of both troops. Seeing an opportunity to work-in some European history and Norse mythology - as well as avoid the awkward "male patrols" & "female patrols" monikers - I suggested they might "place the Paladin patrols in these campsites and the Valkyrie patrols in those campsites". After some quick explanation, the boys' SPL seemed agreeable with the comparison to Charlema
  6. Very interesting topic. Thank you @shortridge . My $.02: Biggest problem with youth skills instruction. For me, it's First Class Nature; specifically 5a): 5a. Identify or show evidence of at least 10 kinds of native plants found in your local area or campsite location I interpret "kinds" as "species" within the plant kingdom. I'm terrible at it. I find guidebooks difficult. What I need/want to do is get a local botanist to really train a few of us adults in the field so that we can in turn train our senior scouts. After that it's purely monitoring/mentoring as the scouts
  7. Here's a useful and to-the-point video on the "Turk's Head Woggle":
  8. No, no, I think you read it correctly. I'm being loose on the definition of "his own patrol". While some troops I've seen are rather strict in their construction of patrols (duration, age-group, etc.), others I've seen are so loose as to cobble them together almost ad-hoc for every outing. My own troop is somewhere in the middle, with established patrols supplemented by temporary "crews" for high-adventure summertime activities. Accordingly in this instance I imagine the SM cobbling together an ad hoc "patrol", including himself, for the benefit of the scout. Admittedly mine is a loos
  9. I may be whistling past the graveyard, here, but I'm hopeful the introduction of girls into Scouts BSA will spark a turnaround in Venturing. As Cub Scouts have sub-segments of Webelos, Tigers, etc., it's always struck me as odd that Boy Scouts (now Scouts BSA) ran from ~5th through ~12th grades without sub-segments of its own. Even G2SS discourages tent-sharing among scouts > 2-grade-levels apart. Alas, before girls were able to join as scouts, promoting a follow-on co-ed Venture crew - where late-teen boy scouts, but not the girls, could continue to pursue Eagle - always seemed awkw
  10. Oops. My mistake. I was going off of here-say and I should know better. Here's an apparently official GSUSA document that includes shooting sports (p.139). My apologies: https://www.girlscouts.org/content/dam/girlscouts-gsusa/forms-and-documents/cookie/Resources/GSUSA_Safety-Activity-Checkpoints_2018.pdf
  11. Moreover, her comments were charitable. GS/USA restricts range activities to archery only. Shooting of guns is not allowed. My earlier post, in italics immediately above, was incorrect. Here's their version of Guide to Safe Scouting: https://www.girlscouts.org/content/dam/girlscouts-gsusa/forms-and-documents/cookie/Resources/GSUSA_Safety-Activity-Checkpoints_2018.pdf Ref. p. 139
  12. I agree - it's the MB Counselor's call. I take a different view. For the purposes of this campout, if I read the OP's scenario correctly, the group for which the scout prepared meals WAS his patrol (even if it included adults). Agreed. Gotta love any SM who's looking to set scouts up for success as opposed to nit-picking requirements in search of technicalities to use as road-blocks.
  13. Of course there is! Here's my quote (with emphasis): For most parents that will be enough to assuage their need for involvement. If you feel you can go farther, you can train for the Scoutmaster Corps. BTW, I'll fix my quote to read "the PLC with support from the Scoutmaster Corps will take it from here."
  14. Agreed. The question is, why? Some would argue this is purely due to human development during Jr. High / Middle school. I say its because quality scout units successfully ween over-indulgent hyper-involved Akela's from their newly minted Scouts. I see the same thing, but I draw a wholly different conclusion. During Webelos, if not before, we should be marketing Scouts BSA as "break time" for Akela's Give these parents the "well done" thank-you's and then invite them onto the Troop Committee, but emphasize that activity involvement is the role of the SM/ASM's and the PLC, with supp
  15. Love this idea. Agreed, Jameson76. But how do we "laser-focus" without some kind of metric? I'm a big supporter of JTE, but I think it needs to measure scout-lead outdoor activities. Our district is chock-full of adults who are focused on completing "Merit Badge Packets" but who couldn't "Go Do Stuff" to save their lives. If our girls-in-Scouts-BSA is to be successful. We HAVE to have metrics that accurately identify and discriminate the Green-Bar-Bill units from the posers. From your words to God's eyes. Amen.
  16. Like DuctTape, I too agree with your observation that the methods are largely complimentary. However I subscribe to the notion there's one common denominator: The Patrol Method. Clarke Green over at scoutmastercg.com posits one can reasonably derive the others from this one method, but not necessarily vice versa. If not the primary method, I would at least consider The Patrol Method the first among equals. Clarke similarly finds "Character Development" as a common denominator among scouting's Aims. Here's the link to his podcast where he says it much better than I: https://scoutmastercg.
  17. Agreed. We're all adults (not to mention volunteers & teammates) and should behave as such. It's one thing to approach adult personal behavior In General as an educational opportunity - of course we should all be students of the scout oath and law (though, alas, I personally require repeated instruction). It''s another for any of us to appear to call-out the behavior of other adults under the veil of championing those values. No one appointed any of us Lone Ranger.
  18. Qwazse: I follow your posts and appreciate them as coming from a good egg. I expect you'd be the kind of person to take any constructive criticism well. My guess is that if I heard you say something that really offended me I'd have the confidence to approach you personally and mention my discomfort, knowing that you would appreciate my sharing my feelings. If her relationship with the potty-mouth is secure, I'd advise Wisconsin Momma to similarly make mention of her feelings one-on-one. If it's not, then let it go. We're here for Scouts' character development, not that of Scou
  19. WisconsinMomma: Keep your focus on Scouts, not on adults. You don't have time for this rabbit-hole, inviting the risk of being seen as a moralizer or a prude, etc. Of course, if this language is used in earshot of Scouts that's a different matter. Adult-only committee meetings? Let it go.
  20. Thanks to all ... I'm really getting a lot out of this thread. I'm encouraged by my younger patrols - they're exhibiting high enthusiasm for what I'll call "vanilla scouting": Patrol method in the outdoors. They're engaged and reasonably attentive at PLC's, they have fun with one another, and the more advanced of my younger scouts exhibit care and concern for the youngest - taking them under their wings and helping them with skills, advancement, etc. Perfect! My struggle is with my oldest scouts. I hate to "write them off", but I'm just there with them. I've concluded that my pr
  21. I really like ParkMan's "stages". Parkman may not have served, but I was an active-duty regular US Army officer for several years, and Parkman's model works into my thinking. But I guess that really shouldn't be a surprise given Scouting's development. Arguably it was Baden-Powell's Boer War leadership skills that gave context and structure to the wonderful outdoor experiences which Beard and Seton were introducing to the youth of their day. I gather the "problem" we're trying to solve here is the Patrol Method for "Stage 3" or thereabouts within the upcoming G2SS. I'm envious of thos
  22. I've begun floating to my Troop Committee the idea of establishing one or more Venture Crews for our older scouts. I'd avoided it previously because I foresaw the boys continuing to work toward Eagle while any girls who'd joined didn't have that option. Moreover there didn't seem to be all that much that a venture crew could do that a scout patrol couldn't. Now with girls able to pursue Eagle, as well as the murky G2SS impending requirements, it's dawning on me that Venturing will be my Underground Railroad to freedom for my older scout patrols. Such a transition might be a little
  23. Anything in particular regarding his vision that you're comfortable sharing?
  24. I think they do, too, which is what scares me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a closet atheist - far from it - but I do agree with the earlier posts that Duty to God is redundant given our other values. Moreover, singling that duty out from the others (and without providing additional training or strict limitations on how to discuss that duty), is an invitation to our more fervent scouters to infuse their beliefs into other aspects of the program. My District has already had to remove one Eagle BOR chair for his grilling of candidates' beliefs. With National's doubling-down on the policy
  25. Queue Clarke Green at Scoutmastercg.com https://scoutmastercg.com/category/patrol-method/
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