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  1. numbersnerd

    Oh Shoot, Worksheets in Cubs

    Webelos are getting to the age where they should and need to be able to plan, write, and do some simple documenting. It's preparing them for Scouts, middle school level work, and life in general. If a kids bucks at doing this type of stuff, it says more about him than a DL using this to keep a handle on things. To be honest, it's just a larger format of what's in the book. I'd rather use these than haul the book everywhere. I do these kind of sheets with ours as a review, they can fill in the answers as they discuss as a group. It helps to have this stuff on hand as we sign off in the book later.
  2. numbersnerd

    Fees? What are packs charging?

    We raised dues for the first time in YEARS due to the latest fee increases. Used to be $100, now it is $115/yr. This covers all national/council/insurance fees and all other activities the Pack does as a whole. This includes A fund that is reimbursable to the den leader of any expenses incurred for activities up to $10 year per boy (craft supplies, materials, etc). Advancements and other recognition items Class B t-shirts, custom unit number All fees for campsites for the two Pack-wide camping events, Maintenance and upkeep of Pack assets (PWD track, water jugs, tables, etc), Materials for other events (regatta, PWD kits) Blue & Gold catering and decorations Recruiting (fliers, e-fliers, materials) If we do well in popcorn sales, we do an end-of-year event for the boys. In other words, pay that one fee and there is no nickle-and-diming throughout the year. There have been a few that pause when hearing the number, but after explaining the numbers behind it there has been no problem. We have absorbed the previous couple rounds of increases, but the latest one was too much if we wanted to keep providing the same level of program. We also added a service fee ($3) if paying by CC via Square to cover service charges and we had an even greater percentage than before pay via that method. I guess points/miles are worth it.
  3. Yeah, that was my point. I think the thought was it would keep older boys coming to campouts. But forcing teenagers into something like this only breeds resentment and lower participation. You might get them out there, but not for the right reasons. Band aids, not solutions.
  4. This policy could likely have the unintended effect of older boys only attending a campout for the purpose of a SMC. Then they disappear until they need another one. Force a teenager into a contrived activity? Not really a recipe for trust, cooperation, and success. That could then spawn a "needs too attend consecutive campouts" policy to secure a SMC. That might be an avenue of discussion to take to helping them see their choices are band aids, not solutions. I feel for you. Not a comfortable situation.
  5. I too would be dismayed by such a policy. If not explicitly adding a requirement, it certainly places an arbitrary barrier in the way of executing a timely SMC. I also agree with others that the 'why' of this policy is important to determine before tackling any effort at change. Good luck.
  6. numbersnerd

    BSA Executive Salaries

    So true. The only time we hear from our DE is when he's trying to drum up registrations or rather, trying to get US to drum up more registrations. Sure, what volunteer doesn't want to do FOUR rounds of membership rallies every year? 🙄 Dude can't even get flyers printed properly for us. Go away. It's that or to schedule a FOS presentation.
  7. numbersnerd

    BSA Executive Salaries

    Maybe some deeper self-examination is necessary. You may be joking, but that IS the impression made by the 'professionals' time and time again. WE can't help it that quite often the only ones signing up to be paid Scouters are a bunch of bumbling fools. Is that a fair assessment of all of them? Hardly, but you form your opinions based on what you have experienced. What we volunteers can do is often ignore the interference and idiocy and deliver quality as opposed to bureaucracy.
  8. numbersnerd

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    I've lost count of the number of times I've assisted someone in random situations. Out shopping, in the office, etc. All because I always carry a pocketknife. Always. And it's usually the BSA camping knife given to me over 40 years ago. Quite often the response when seeing the logo on the knife is along the lines of, "Well of course you're ready to help, you're a Scout aren't you?"
  9. numbersnerd

    BSA Executive Salaries

    I think we're going to see a lot of troops go to that mode of operation with the recent changes (if they aren't already doing it.) Both Pack and Troop I'm involved with largely do this now and will likely scale back any district/council participation back to the minimum required. Why? Membership changes and policies are one element. Another is that there is very little value-add involving them in the program we offer. It works, boys are learning and having fun. As a unit, we're increasing our numbers because of what WE do, in spite of the noise and interference from above.
  10. numbersnerd

    Summer camp - too many adults?

    I guess I should have clarified. I meant OUR (adult) schedule and where everything was located for our own reference. Something that I don't recall from my time as a Scout that we have to consider as adults is medications. Depending on the camp, either we can do it or it has to be administered by the camp staff. Another wrinkle to iron out. Although I can foresee some first-year campers needing some guidance if they are having to go solo to their first activity site. They will be coached on asking who's going to the ABC Area next and partnering up with others for those walks. You never know who you're going to meet at camp!
  11. numbersnerd

    Summer camp - too many adults?

    Luckily we have the opposite problem. Well, maybe TOO minimal adult coverage. Only 2 for 18. And I say possibly too minimal in case of an emergency where two-deep would be impossible. I guess if it comes down to it, our senior Scouts will get some OTJ training on how to handle the logistics of an emergency situation. Actually, we are looking forward to it as somewhat of a vacation after the Monday rush to activities and figuring out the schedule and lay of the land. The acting SPL will get a good taste of the role as he's wanting to run for the position the next rotation and his experience and performance should prove his worth. We'll have a backup framework of course, but it's his show to run this year. I'm looking forward to seeing how ALL of them do!
  12. numbersnerd

    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    I would go back and re-read what he wrote then. Nowhere did he say "Firestone hates god" or anything like that. Fighting irrational with irrational doesn't really work.
  13. numbersnerd

    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    Facts are just that and I said they should take precedence (ie, back seat) over opinion. Interpretation is influenced by the opinion of the interpreter. A very subjective outcome. I notice throughout this thread lots of mention of 'interpreting' things. Is there something offensive about facts and objective statements that makes them so discountable?
  14. numbersnerd

    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    Revisionist musings will, and should, always take a back seat to facts. Anything ascribed to B-P with a leading, "I think" is meaningless.
  15. numbersnerd

    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    So if someone can't express themselves in a manner that conforms to your style or sensibilities they shouldn't be allowed to do so. Doesn't sound very inclusive.