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  1. Girl Scout sold cookies outside Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    Must have been mine as it was deleted. I asked if someone was willing to have their son sell popcorn outside the gentleman's club. Why it was deleted is beyond me as long as we are dealing in hypotheticals and trying to determine just where the line of acceptability is going to be drawn. Heavy-handed moderators at their best.
  2. So, how will your Pack handle recruiting girls?

    The first thing you need to do is have a discussion with your CO and find out if they support inclusion of girls in their unit. Any activity before that is potentially a waste of effort.
  3. Do Tigers bite?

    Ditto. Went to the school one day for something and it was lunch time. I got waves and high fives all down the hallway.
  4. Arrow of Light Ceremony - Flaming Arrows!

    Most AOL ceremonies at B&G tend to drag on and bore the audience outside of the families of the boys receiving it. Candle after candle. Then add on the bridging. Removing neckerchiefs, walking, pausing for photos, putting on new neckerchiefs...ugh. Now, AOL and bridging combined together in itself is not a bad idea IF the logistics of Packs and Troops works out. Watched a simple night outdoor AOL ceremony (5 min) with symbolic arrows and the AOL sign. Just the Webelos and their families and some Troop leaders. Then it was time for bridging. The boys walked across a land bridge (~100 yds) between ponds with torches on alternating sides. 12 of them. Can you guess the next part?. Next to each was a Scout holding a sign of each point of the law, announcing it as they passed. The parents watched their sons disappear into the night one by one as the Scout Law was repeated for each one. Very symbolic and touching. And yes, there were a few parental tears, but the right kind. When they joined their sons on the other side, it was to see them being congratulated by the Scouts and already wearing huge smiles.
  5. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    You make it sound as if those who DO volunteer have ample time on their hands and few outside interests and lives of their own.
  6. Girl Scout sold cookies outside Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    So popcorn sales outside a liquor store, smoke shop, or adult book/movie store would be good in your book? Legal commercial activity? Yes. Fitting with the program? No.
  7. Cubmaster Retiring

    We have done items like this in the past. Having other leaders and scouts sign it on the back adds a special touch. Plaque ideas
  8. Pack YP equal or double standard

    As simple as that sounds. it is evidently not.
  9. Pack YP equal or double standard

    It is one thing to disagree. It is entirely another to be purposely obtuse merely to further one side of an argument. As leaders I expect a bit higher standard than I have seen on display from some here. If this is the future of Scouting, I am deeply saddened.
  10. Pack Coed Campout

    Are they doing a wholesale replacement of management at National?
  11. Streamlined Cub Scout Adventure Plans

    Maybe it's just curious timing, but I thought that things weren't going to change once girls came aboard?
  12. Girls still want to be girl scouts

    Someone needs to turn on their sarcasm detector...
  13. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    This might carry weight if none of the rumors ever came true. But they continually do. So to say those who hear and pass along rumors are not trustworthy is a non sequitur.
  14. Camping vs. Sleeping in a Cabin

    Just one of the program areas at Camp Dilly Dilly.
  15. It's also possible that it is a long-running game between the two other Scouts. Who wants to stop down their grudge match?! More tact could have been used in their response if that was the case, but it's still a possibility.