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  1. jsychk


    Respectfully...means I respect his brief/opinion, although it is different from mine. It's okay that we can have different opinions because we live in America, not China! Like you said, we come from different backgrounds. Living in this country, I want this country to be strong and great. IMO I don't think PC helps with the cause. Instead of avoiding the topic, why don't we just tell the truth & teach the reality to the kids?! Men & women are indeed different in so many ways but we can be complimentary to each other. Each gender brings unique strengths & abilities to the world
  2. jsychk


    Pale Horse: I am not here to argue about the political correctness. I am sorry! I don't believe in it. elitts: You do speak what I mean to say, too.
  3. jsychk


    Pale Horse: Is it mandatory for parents to retain full control over the scout's account by the BSA? You have a good point that the parents can edit advancement and the DL/AC reserves the right to approve it. However, I respectfully disagree with the sexist part because the quality of a strong male leader is very different from the same of a strong female leader. That's a fact. Let me put it that way. Men & women are never equal, ever. We are definitely wired differently. Men & women process different unique abilities. Just like my situation, when problems happen, I want to talk abo
  4. jsychk


    FireStone: You have to have the Pack Admin key to edit the Connection Manager. Or, you ask the Pack Admin to give you the permission.
  5. jsychk


    Firestone: Yes, you can set up to allow the parents to view but not edit. Thank you so much for everyone's input. I guess I will just give him the pins in the next Pack meeting then.
  6. jsychk


    To tell you the truth, I just think our den lacks of a real male leader, which has been all along. Currently, our tiger & wolf dens have 2 strong male leaders each, they are doing great with a huge number of scouts! Our bear and Webelos I dens have 1 strong female leader each, they get by with few scouts. Last year, the Webelos II had 19 scouts because we had 1 strong dad who took the responsibility of leading the boys and providing a rich program. Because of that, the den drew more scouts to sign up and more dads to assist at the end. Moms were there to support by decorating the B&G
  7. jsychk


    qwazse: what I mean of "he knows better how to go about" is...everyone needs to chip in and does a little to bring a quality program for the boys. He was a Boy Scout, definitely has more knowledge about scouting than this mom who knew nothing about scouting to begin with. The dad is also working on his Ph.D. so I think his ability to process English is way better than me when it comes to understand the requirements. Our new CC is just sent to Middle East. Our CM is extremely busy with his district attorney job. He always told us that he hadn't slept for days to prepare documents for the co
  8. jsychk


    Thank you! I was wrong. It's not because of the year tab. I really think the dad was lying because I talked to him at the pack meeting tonight. I think he wants to get all the elective pins for his son so he casually went through them, checked the boxes & called it good. For example, for the scouting adventure, it requires a troop meeting AND troop outdoor activity/camp out. He & his son attended one day of the campout (they didn't camp). That only counted for the troop outdoor activity but not a troop meeting. Then, he said he did the troop meeting before the break. I asked him
  9. jsychk


    I discovered something! On the Advancement page of Scoutbook, there are 3 tabs (top) for years: 2010, 2015, 2016-20. What are these years for? For my kids, if I press 2015, they completed 98% but if I press 2016-20, they completed 91%... I wonder if the dad changed the selection of the year so he just checked all the adventures again?!?!?! Now, I can't view his year selection because his son has completed the AOL. When I got his 19 adventure pins, some of them looked familiar. But still, no way he can do the patrol method on their own. Although the dad said he set up 2 troop
  10. jsychk


    I have an issue with awarding. Our Pack allows the den leaders and parents to enter the scout's adventures into the Scoutbook. I have one Webelos II who will get 19 adventure pins this month. Some of them deem questionable because he can't do the patrol method alone to meet the Scouting Adventure requirement. I have a concern that the dad (who was a Boy Scout) may abuse the honorary system of entering the achievement as a parent. What should I do? Thanks!
  11. Actually, I think I am that middle person right now. Last night, cub master talked to me about the membership coordinator stepping down. He kinda wanted me to contact the popcorn kernel and talked to her about it. I texted her, and she called me. I told her that she's overwhelming us, coming on too strong or with tons of emails/texts. However, her explanation makes sense to me because it's really nobody is stepping up and leads. I basically see both sides of view. In August, we had a scheduled activity that was totally missing because nobody was in charge. I don't think I can even be that
  12. For us, the cub master, treasurer/assistant cub master, advancement chair (me), chairman (left) are the committee members. I guess the COR should be the committee member, too. Long story short...we couldn't find any church/organization to charter us after the change of the BSA rules. Finally, we found this local business organization that is willing to sponsor our Pack. However, they don't get involved at all. Their representative did't do the online training. They did one fundraising for us, which I think it's more for their business' public relation. The CC (mom) left because she coul
  13. Hello! I am with my Pack for 7 years. We used to be a strong pack because the cub master was very strong, dedicated but a bit demanding. Some adult volunteers got ticked off and left. The staying one argued and fought with him at the leadership meeting. However, the program was rich for the boys because the cub master made things happened. Now, we have a similar issue with the popcorn kernel who does more than a popcorn kernel. She means well. Her hard work helps the dying pack to gain 10 members and possibly volunteers. However, she is a bit aggressive, talk over people, has h
  14. Correction: I checked my title, which is Committee Member, not ASM. Sorry! qwazse, The troop chairman advised that if my boy plans to be in scout in LONG haul, I should do the WB. If not, that's ok. This troop expects every parent to be involved and work together, like a triangle (troop, scout and parent all work together). I was asked to do the WB training in October, but I can't so he said I can do it next spring (around March). I don't mind learning something new. My oldest son doesn't think I am able to get the WB, so maybe this is an opportunity to show him! I hope the
  15. awanatech, Both troops are great troops! I believe the differences are the involvement of the parent as well as the relationship with the troop leaders. I don't think my husband had a good relationship with a few of the previous troop leaders due to his lack of communication skills. As I am more involved with the current troop, I have to become the ASM (8 hours of training) and I am also expected to get the wood badge training soon. Right now, the troop leader knows that I am the committee member in cub scout for my other two boys so he seems to give me a break. I think after all my bo
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