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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CUB SCOUTS AND AQUATICS CHANGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( And yes that is me shouting with glee at you! ) When I first heard about the new Cub Scout Aquatics electives, I was stating that under the present G2SS policies, there would be no way that they could be earned except at those councils that provide the opportunity, which mine doesn't.
  2. When I polled my Cubs, these were the overall ratings. 1) Fishing by a landslide. In fact the first year we did the Webelos Woods program, it didn't include fishing. THERE WAS A MUTINY! (emphasis.) They rather fish than do water games. 2) Archery. 3) BB Guns. Archery and BB Guns were close. Some of the boys own their own .22s so the bb guns aren't a big deal. AndI used a 3 man staff for each areas. 1, preferably 2, RSOs a 2nd adult with firearm expereince if I didn't have 2 RSOs ( we got a lot of cops in my district, ) and an older scout to help out.. That's in addition
  3. I met one Sea Scout whose goal was to be a "Triple Eagle" by eanring Eagle, Quartermaster, and Silver. While he was registered in both a ship and a crew, the bulk of his work for Silver was done with his ship as the crew was the summer camp staff. I honestly do not know what to think.
  4. Boy Scout leaders tend to look as me funny when I say being a Cub Scout leader is the hardest volunteer position I ever had. I've been a Cub leader for 6 years now, and I am burned out. I admit, part of it is my fault. In addition to being a DL, I've been day camp PD three times, day camp staffer an additional 3 times, and CS RT commissioner for 3 years. Part of it is the fact that Cub Scouts IS adult leader intensive. We do just about everything for the Cubs. And whereas Boy Scouts serves terms of office as PL, SPL, etc, Cub Scout leaders tend to be there until their sosn age out or q
  5. In all honesty, it depends. When I went to NCS, my camp was a dysfunctional one, despite having a CD for 20 years. While I had a lot fo expereince from summer camp staffing and assisting with day camps in the past, I learned a heck of a lot. Yes I read the books etc, etc. Some of the books were common sense. BUT some of the stuff was down right complicated and legalistic. The staff helped with that stuff. BUT the networking, exchanging of ideas, etc was the real benefit. Since I was the program director, I brought my rough draft of the program for camp for review and improvements.
  6. I hemmed my oldest son's pants high when he became a Webelos I and sold his old uniform to his brother. I've had to hem them thrice in the past 3 years. And they need hemming again! Kid isn't even 12 yet.
  7. I remember sitting on BORs as aScout way back in the day. We didn't the word about the no youth on BORs until about 1992, three years after the switch. Fred, Don't know why national changed the policy. In my troop PLs and membes of the Leadership Corps sat on them up to First Class. After that adults only. I personally thinkit was a good idea because as a PL, I got ideas to improve and what not to do. As an LC member, I got to here where the problems were, and get ideas from the Scouts to improve. Stosh, Me personally I disagree with the PL sitting in, or even the SM, sitting o
  8. Fehler, That's how Tigers initially started in August 1982. It was suppose to be a separate program for 2nd Graders that did their own meetings and Go-See-Its. Tigers initially had their own promise and motto,uniform, and when you completed the program you first wore a square "Tiger Cub Graduate" patch as temp insignia, and later a Tiger Cub Graduate strip. Heck you can still see an occasional Scouter with an service star with an orange backing for their one year in Tigers. No matter what you try to do, it will end up with a Den-Pack meeting focus.
  9. Thank you for the info. To use an infamous quoe in the Star Wars universe, "I've got a bad feeling about this." Why do I have a feeling that national is going to unveil Lions next month or August 1, 2015 when they traditionally come out with new programs. In regards to burn out, as most know I'm a Scouting addict with 32 years in as both youth and adult. After 6 years of Cub Scouts (3 years with oldest, 2 years with middle, and 1 year with youngest sons) I AM BURNT OUT ON CUB SCOUTS! I've already sent in my notice that May 25th will be my last event as a DL, and I'm switching over to
  10. William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt said it best about Scouting with the two following quotes: "OUTING is three-fourths of ScOUTING." 3rd ed. hanbook ( emphasis is mine. Ever sicne the current HB misqouted GBB, I Bold OUTING to show the math.) "ScOUTING IS OUTING!" New Orlean Area Council Scout Show, circa 1990 ( memory is getting to me and can't remember exact yearand emphasis is in original speech.) My son's troop a has tripled in size in the past 16 months. Why? I would like to think we are a "Hiking and Camping Troop." We are far from perfect, heck we "killed" one patient when
  11. Sorry I can't help, but I do have questions. 1) How is Lions working out for you? 2) What is the program like? 3) What are they allowed to do? Not Do? 4) How is retention?
  12. Parents, especialy the helicopter variety, ARE part of the problem. I've encountered too many parents who only want their sons to Eagle as soon as possible so that is checked off the list of to do things. One year we had a MB weekend instead of a camporee. All of the scouts I talked to hated it, but a lot of the parents loved it. Thankfully we never had a second weekend 'cause word got back to the PTB that the Scouts wanted competition, not classes. And I also put some of the blame on MBCs who aren't trained, and do not know what is actually expected of them. I admit I've done 2 merit badg
  13. Maybe it's the the fact that my son's troop is old school, but he got 18 days of camping in 1 year. Grant you 6 of those was summer camp. And he would have had 21 days if he hadn't of missed 2 camp outs. So 20 days is not tough IMHO. But then again, when only 4 camp outs are needed for Journey to Excellence, I think more OUTING in ScOUTING is needed.
  14. Peri, Youth can also serve as staff for NYLT. You you would need a total of 10 areas. Male Youth Participant <18 Female Youth Participant <18 Male Youth Staff <18 Femail Youth Staff <18 Male Adult Participant 18-20 Female Adult Participant 18-20 Male Adult Staff 18-20 Female Adult Staff 18-20 Male Adult Staff 21+ Female Adult Staff 21+ Me personally, I'd recommend the 18-20 year olds to take Wood Badge as I am told the courses are almost identical. Only difference is the ticket for WB.
  15. Understand completely. "ScOUTING IS OUTING!" Going to play Devil's Advocate on the waterfront MBs. Betcha b/c it's a council level event, they need a n NCS certified aquatics director to run the show. Had our council commissioner approcah me about how many CS packs are using the brand new boating facility at the local camp. He was surprised when I said "None because the Guide to Safe Scouting doesn't let allow boating except at council events with a aquatics director."
  16. After what heppened with my son and one MB he took at a local MBC, I understand why some SMs want to be "gate keepers" and make sure the Scouts are getting quality MB counselors. Son took a MB at a MBC that the MB Counselor not only used out of date requirements, try about 10 years out of date, but the Scouts didn't do all of the old requirements even. As a Scouter, I could do nothing about it, he "earned" the MB because it was signed off as completed. But as his dad, I talked to him, and made him realize why it's important to do all of the requirements. Maybe I was wrong in letting work
  17. Under 18 Male, Under 18 Female, 18-20 Male, 18-20 Female, 21+ male, 21+female for sleeping. Hopefully your camp has individiual bathrooms.
  18. DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen troops in the past, and am seeing one now, that does not use the Patrol Method. This despite the fact that multiple folks tried to smack the SM upside the head [figuratively, not literally (unfortunately ] with the importance of using the Patrol Method.
  19. Lt.Gen. Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller and Gen. James N. "Mad Dog" Mattis come to mind as examples of the former. I cannot think of any well known examples of the later.
  20. I said it then, and I'll say it again. Switching the loops from red to green as well as the unit numbers was the most idiotic thing. And to make it worse, saying Cub Scout Leaders and Webelos wearing weaing the tan and green still need to wear red numbers is pure stupidity. At least the powers that be decided that anyone can wear the tan and green or tan and red trained strip. Although I love how the G2AI has that as the last sentance of the sentance regarding trained strips. FYI, According to the info on the Centennial Uniforms that came out, all uniform items of the ODLs are compatib
  21. I said before, switching districts may be feasible. I just remembered how two little towns got absorbed by my district 30 years ago. The 6 units in the two towns had to go through my district in order to get to the rest of their district, It was just how the road infrastructure was built up. But rarely will councils give up units or territory. Even when it geographically makes sense. The Lake Pontchatrain northshore in LA is more aligned to New Orleans than it is Baton Rouge. But it is in Istrouma, not New Orleans Area Council. And there is a part of New Orleans Area Council that, in orde
  22. Yep had to use the HB to fix records. We had an SE in my old council that had enough of the complaints. he made it his goal to get the records correct. While he wasn't 100% successful, the records problem did abate alot.
  23. I hear ya. Worse part of Scouting is the paperwork.
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