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  1. My husband, his Dad, was den leader. As we have had no prior experience with Scouting, we each did the basic requirements for what was in the Webelos handbook with our dens. I read your description of what you did with a Webelos/AOL den but that seems to be above and beyond the norm.
  2. My Arrow of Light Scouts never learned to wash dishes with the 3 pot method. This was covered in our BALOO/OWL leader training, but it did not come up in any of the boys' advancement requirements. So, it didn't get done. They had set up tents once, but did not have a lot of experience with it, and they made foil pack dinners once. Just a heads up that the wash rinse sanitize is not anywhere in the Cubs program that I know of, and that most of the time, the newer Scouts will benefit from training and additional practice with these basic camping skills.
  3. That's great, BackPack. Glad you were able to take on leadership positions early. Right now my oldest isn't interested in leadership positions, and he seems to be still working on fitting in the group and learning to follow. His first year in Scouting was a big transition, and this year he appears more settled in the group. He likes the Troop and is doing pretty well on the outings, and we're pleased with how he's doing with that. ETA: My middle son was an Asst. Patrol Leader right away, for two terms, but then his patrol was merged and he lost his job. It seems he would like to be i
  4. Great feedback. Thanks everybody! Still listening if anyone else wants to chime in.
  5. Perhaps passing rank is a stepping stone in the skill building journey. It doesn't end there. Personally, I'm not all that worried about a kid falling out of a boat on a fishing trip with an adult and wearing a PFD, but it depends on the fishing trip, the body of water, and the weather, right? You know what scares me? Falling through the ice. That's very dangerous, and to my knowledge, there's nothing in Scouting that really covers surviving that kind of accident. Scouting can't be everything. It's a foundation and a beginning. In my adult life, I don't go on the water much, not
  6. This depends on the kid, and you'll have to trust me that I know my own kid. He's been in Boy Scouts for 1.5 years, he's a 2nd class, and he has ADHD and is less mature than some other boys his age. He does not have it all together at this point, but we're seeing him make progress, little bit by little bit. He's definitely gotten more experience through going to many troop outings, and that's great.
  7. Agree that there are many different Scouting journeys and that there are many different ways to learn and grow in Scouting. The younger boys, like my 11 and 13 year old are absolutely in a "still learning" phase. This weekend they are going cabin camping on a leadership outing. Now, packing. They have been through packing a few to several times, and I can send them with a list to do their own packing. I can also not check their bags. I can tell you my husband will want me to check their bags, so we'll see how that goes. Last outing my middle son insisted he had extra shoes, but
  8. OK, semantics. You have scout parents. Or, families of scouts. How are your relationships evolving over time?
  9. I'm curious to what you're seeing as the progression goes from new scout and scouting family to a more experienced scouting family one or two years later. How do things change over time? I know that in my oldest son's first year, I cared about advancement and I had questions. I still care about advancement. I think that if we're honest, Eagle Scout is part of the dream or part of the opportunity that we hope for for the boys. Prior to a cooking outing, I was curious if the boys would have the opportunity to get certain parts of their requirements checked off. I was nervous, because i
  10. I'll share that one of the nicest experiences I've had as a Scouting parent was a Scouting families picnic thrown by one of the assistant scoutmasters. It was toward the end of summer or the beginning of the school year, pot luck, hang out in the backyard, kids throwing a football, adults socializing. I loved it because it was a chance to meet more of the families, and have more community.
  11. I'll chime in with the experience of being a newer parent in the Troop. I'm not a helicopter parent, but... I am a parent with a strong interest in Scouting. Some folks may feel that's just as bad, or may as well be the same thing. My question for your friend's troop is -- how are they communicating with parents, and what opportunities are they making for the parents to be involved? An active parent can be a resource for a Troop. Do you need fundraising, a committee position filled, support with rides, etc? Is there any way that you can fit in a helicopter parent into your program
  12. "My" Arrow of Light Scouts crossed over last year. Your Webelos handbook requirements for Scouting Adventure should help a lot. I have fond memories of the boys using meeting time to brainstorm, and debate and vote for their patrol name -- it was not easy for them -- they barely agreed, but finally came up with, the Night Owls. Then they voted for their patrol leader and assistant patrol leader. Then one of the boys made their Den flag and when they visited one of the Troops for a meeting, they had their patrol flag and name with them. They also visited a troop for a fishing outing (day
  13. I think that's possible, with some kind of structure? We can make sure that some materials are available for the Scouts to use, and have adults available to answer questions. It could be like patrol challenges -- here's a ten minute window to prepare -- I'll check back on you and then I'd like you teach me X and Y. I've never seen a merit badge class like that but it could be interesting.
  14. My two sons in Scouting are taking individual swim lessons with an instructor who is a BSA Swimming merit badge counselor. The boys swim at our fitness center pool with goggles. Both boys were able to complete requirements for their beginner swimmer, and are working on their endurance for the regular swimmer designation. At this time, neither boy wishes to swim at camp, they do other things. It working for us, for now. Love the idea to teach the boy who is afraid to jump in to hold his nose and shut his eyes. Hope the boy is able to set his goals and achieve them with support from hi
  15. Hi Scouters, One part of my Wood Badge ticket is to develop and run a Traffic Safety merit badge clinic. I'm just getting my thoughts together and starting to review the material. I know that merit badge classes are not everybody's favorite, and so I wanted to ask, in your view, what would make a merit badge class a strong merit badge course. The general plan is to do a course that is 1/2 day, probably mostly a hands on review of the course material after Scouts study and prepare at home, with small groups of scouts rotating through activity stations. Perhaps we could make the se
  16. Yes, I'm the same person from Bryan's forums. Nice to see you here too!
  17. Hi Scouters, Test... test.. am I really here? I've been reading the Scouter forums for a few months but have had difficulty getting on and posting, so here we go. I'm a mom of 3 boys, a Bear, a Tenderfoot and a 2nd Class, currently working as Asst. Cubmaster and Troop Secretary, and working on my Wood Badge tickets towards a 2019 deadline. Nice to meet you!
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