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  1. Hi SummerFun, so sorry for what you are experiencing. It sounds like the organization is set in their ways and it is doubtful that you will have much influence on your sons' troop --- but, thankfully you have influence in your family. Can you help your sons do things the right way and learn the merit badge material the way it should be? Is lone scouting an option? If advancement is messed up where you are, then perhaps the boys can continue their work independently of whatever the troop pushes on them. You should be able to reach out to real merit badge counselors -- does your council
  2. Play nice. You don't need to take down people who disagree with you. Stick to the ideas and don't make it personal.
  3. My objection is to this hanging Bobcats upside down for pinning their patch nonsense. I understand it was done long ago, but I'm glad it's gone. It was interesting that someone mentioned it, I had never heard of it before. Given that the BSA has discouraged the practice and it hasn't been around for more than 20 years, it's not really a problem. As far as being a new person to Scouting, yes, it's not the 1990's anymore. That's where I was going with the touching -- the holding kids upside down -- that's no good. Don't approve, BSA got it right.
  4. Focus on your den. I hope you have a good den leader. Enjoy that group and just leave the Pack alone.
  5. First, here is a discussion about it --- very old, from 1997 -- that covers a lot of the topic: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/rec.scouting.usa/DXEr2AotQiw Second, look at the news right now and inappropriate touching. Society has changed since the 1950's. There is to reason to physically manhandle a kid at a Pack meeting and it's wrong. Not everything about the good old days is good.
  6. How about those who prefer leaders keep their hands off the kids? Given the number of kids with sensory issues, and the number of kids who aren't participating with two parents, etc. I don't see any value in the custom.
  7. Stosh, what decade was that? I found an article on Bobwhite Blather: https://bobwhiteblather.com/stop-flipping-them/ I'm glad that packs aren't doing it anymore.
  8. Holding a scout upside down during an awards ceremony????
  9. There are plenty of opportunities in life to learn and practice conflict resolution. It's not like this was the only moment in time when they'll ever have the chance.
  10. Did you get it worked out? I imagine that even if a pet store does not need volunteers,they are public and you can visit their reptile section anytime...
  11. They look nice. This is small stuff.
  12. I always feel bad for the kids. Sounds like the decision to remove the family is already made, but if you want to or can offer to have the boy continue if the mother agrees to limit her participation, then you may have a win. I wonder if the mom has some mental health concerns, but that is not anything that you can do anything about. If you cannot manage the mom situation then it sounds like you are set on the path to removal. If you can work with the mom to have her just focus on her son and getting him to and from the meetings, and attending his den meetings, then that would be a nice re
  13. Good information. Our cub Pack is usually camping the day of Jamboree on the Air and I think the Troop camped the same weekend this year. If setting up a ham radio is easy, then it seems like it would be a cool thing to get into. I don't know any ham radio operators, but I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to find someone.
  14. Is it possible to involve parents and families on an occasional basis? I don't get the impression that parents and siblings want to do every activity and trip, but maybe show up once in a while. At Troop meetings, we have a group of moms and younger siblings who hang out down the hall while the boys meet in the gym. That's not interfering. My husband is an ASM and goes to summer camp and says with the same breath that he does nothing and that what he does is important. This year I almost went to camp to do nothing too but the schedule did not work out. I don't see the big problem if I
  15. OK, I need to clarify because Tampa Turtle mentioned quality control in regards to an upcoming AT hike and how to (discern? manage? control? decide?) who should go on an advanced hiking trip, and whether any parents or younger scouts should be allowed to join. I also made note of the phrase, "the best scouts" as in, the best scouts might be leaving (paraphrasing there). I don't know if that kind of thinking works IRL or not, but it sounds like the more skilled and older scouts are more... needed in the troop? Anyway, that's the context, TT, please chime in to clarify i
  16. Here's a follow up question --- what is quality control in Scouting supposed to look like? Is there supposed to be quality control? We have adult leader training and the handbooks and the publications -- is it supposed to go beyond that and if so, what does it mean and look like in action? (This may be straying off topic, or not!)
  17. When people have more enthusiasm than experience, I can understand it's frustrating. I am high enthusiasm, low to moderate experience with the BSA. There's a lot to learn. That said, enthusiasm for the program and for the outdoors is a good thing if it can be guided appropriately. I don't doubt that the AT is difficult hiking. My Wood Badge staffer who was with our patrol wants to hike the AT but he came home from his trip with an achilles injury, and he's a very experience hiker. In your troop's parents shoes, I would be comfortable with an explanation that training and conditioning
  18. Here's another idea, just make some shorter hikes that are prerequistes to the big hike for new hikers, so -- in order to sign up for the AT, parents and Scouts at whatever age or level need to complete the following pre-AT hike events, at whatever training mileages are appropriate for beginners. The hiking merit badge has hike length intervals that might be perfect for the AT pre-training. I think you can work it out -- don't lose your positive attitude! ETA: As for differences between moms and dads, of course there are differences. It seems my husband goes alo
  19. Here's while I'll pitch in with individual perspective. 1) You have older boys who want to go on a big AT hike. Cool! 2) You have parents of younger boys who want to go on an easier AT hike. Cool! This doesn't sound too difficult. The older scouts can plan their big hike and with the Scoutmaster, decide their expectations for the trip. If the end up saying something like, we're doing XXX miles and this hike is designed for very experienced hikers, then that would be a great way to position the event. For the parents of younger scouts who want to do
  20. Oh, I agree the list is very limiting, but also, I think generally the spirit of these requirements is that Scouts build a variety of experiences. Someone should request / recommend an update of this badge, but that doesn't help you right now, Hawkin. Do you have any offbeat places in your home that need curtains, like maybe a garage window or a basement window? Think about every room in your house. Otherwise, I think it's totally fair to ask your counselor if you can repeat and see what s/he says. Good luck!
  21. I think the world is a better place because of Scouting, and the world would be noticeably worse off without it.
  22. I have my sons' backs, of course. Right now there are no girls in their program. We will see how it goes, but if girls join the program we'll take it one day at a time. FWIW, my oldest loves girls and his friends are girls more than boys. He's preferred the company of girls since kindergarten. I wonder -- for his First Class requirement -- could he invite a girl to a meeting? But no, it's not the right thing to do yet. Both my boys have worked with female merit badge counselors and they were both great. Their camping experiences are right now, all with guys, so I'm not going to cro
  23. BackPack, I don't remember where you are in your Scouting experience, are you over 18 and done, or still in the BSA youth program? Did you have any female merit badge counselors? Just curious about how it worked out for you. Of course there are some things that are very personal and private and there are some topics that I would share with only a select few, and I may prefer a same-gender person to talk with. That's normal. But, say the Personal Fitness merit badge -- or any merit badge -- could be counseled by a male or female. For example, at the fitness center where I work,
  24. Having a different perspective is not disrespectful. I am a mother of three boys who will be in the program over next 10 years and I care about them very much. I disagree with the assumption that adding females makes the program mediocre. I am making the case for girls in Scouting (I have neutral feelings toward it and will go with the changes as they happen). You are entitled to sharing your point of view, but not entitled to shutting down mine. As for working with youth, I have some experience too! We all have different things to bring to the table.
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